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  1. Hi takeback I realised that thread 'Mortgage Express appoint LPA receivers Walker Singleton' is doing pretty much the same thing, hence deleting Kind regards Mungos mum
  2. Hi patrickq1 Thank you so much for your thoughts and ideas I echo chillinlongs comments in as much as your thoughts are a completly different way to attack. I suppose from my point of view, I wouldn't have thought to do as you have suggested ie; hold back rent etc, as I would expect the lender to attack back so strongly that they would 'crush' us. We have plenty of 'fight' in us but very little legal knowledge and cannot afford to instruct decent solicitors/barristers. What would you anticipate the lenders (& LPA receivers) response would be to this line of attack? Up to now they have ignored most of our letters or have replied with letters basically saying 'this is what/why we are pursuing this line of management and there is nothing you can do about it' We know that we are trying to fight a massive company that is now owned by the government.....it does make us feel very small. Many thanks Mungos mum
  3. Hi Good boy gone bad When first appointed were the receivers called Stephenson Alexander and have they now changed to Templetons? If that is the case I can give you some numbers which may be helpful, inc mobile number of David Burgess, one of the directors. If you have a different receiver maybe someone else will be able to help with numbers. Hope I'm not teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but if poss try to record all calls with receivers and with MEx, if you can't record then make detailed notes of the conversations...they are all totally untrustworthy and will often deny (when it suits them) any agreements you may have had with them. Did either of the receivers or MEx inform you that the receivership had changed? Don't forget, these are MEx's receivers not yours, you did not appoint them and they do not manage the properties in a way that is in your best interests. They manage (badly) the properties for MEx, with a view to selling them out as quickly as possible to reduce MEx's mortgage book. They have recently sold a few of my properties (neither MEx nor receivers have informed me, I found out through another source) leaving me with a massive shortfall. When you do a Subject Access Request, try to do it on both lots of receivers and MEx all at the same time. You will find template letters on the forum that will guide you through the process. Don't forget to send them recorded delivery. They have 40 days to comply with your request and will use all sorts of delaying tacticts to hold up the process. There are certain things that they do not want you to have, this will be a fight. With regard to you selling your own properties, there are posts on here (from Bona I think) that explain how you can apply to the courts for the right to sell the properties yourself. From what I have read, different people have had varying degrees of sucess with this course of action. Please do keep us updated as to how you're getting on, Good luck Mungos mum x
  4. Hi Good boy gone mad, I agree with Meerkat, if you can give us some background info it will be easier for those of us who are maybe one or two steps further ahead in our fights, to tell you how we handled various situations. As you've probably already seen, there are quite a few of us at various stages of fighting these 'slime balls'. Hopefully you will get enough replies that you will be able to then decide the best way forward for you. If you post up any letters,deeds, docs etc don't forget to remove all personal information, 'slime balls often trawl these sites looking to see if they can find out who we are and what steps we intend to take next. We WILL win against these mindless, faceless bullies, there are too many of us now fighting to give up without one hell of a battle. Best wishes Mungos mum
  5. Hi Blackpool landlord As you have probably gathered there are quite a few of us who are also having problems with MEx, we are all at various stages of fighting them and have had different experiences with various receivers and MEx. What we all know is that now MEx have themselves in effect been 'possessed' by the Government (us the taxpayers) they have been told to wind down their mortgage book and get the money back to the government as quickly as possible. Of course they are taking a very short term view and not understanding that if the property was managed properly (as you or I would have done) then the money would be returned much more quickly to the government and we could wait for the markets to come back, sell the properties at a reasonable price and hey presto, we'd all be happy. You say that you had a court date for 26th February, what happened? did the court hearing go ahead or was it postponed? If it has been put off until a later date you may be interested to learn that we have heard from several other people who have also been in front of a judge regarding MEx, in those cases the judges appear to have been quite supportive towards the borrowers and have allowed them as much time as possible to sort themselves out, whilst reprimanding MEx for their unreasonable actions. You will definately get some good advice on this site from people who know what you are going through. I know that this is not much help to you at the moment but if we can all help each other and maybe try to work together then we do stand a much better chance,as a group, of beating this faceless group of bullies who have absolutely no idea how to manage the properties properly. Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on Best wishes Mungos mum x
  6. Hi good boy gone mad I'm really sorry to hear that you are also having problems with MEx and their receivers, as you can see there are plenty of us out there with similar problems. How long ago did they appoint Templetons? Would I be correct in guessing it was around Sept-Dec 2008? It's just that was the time when most of us with the same problems had receivers appointed. You do not have to pay £10 per account for a Subject access request, it is £10 per person. MEx told me it was £10 per account but after a quick call to Information commisioners office I found out the truth. MEx also like to come back saying that they don't have to provide everything you require due to the Durant v FSA case, this is also untrue. If you need any more help, or just want to let off a bit of steam then please don't hesitate to ask, we're all in the same boat and there's normally someone about to bounce ideas off on Good luck MM x
  7. Hi Chillinlong As you say, they are the property experts! Have you heard of the defination of 'expert? X (ex) is an unknown quantity SPURT (pert) is a drip under pressure. I think that just about sums up their expertise. MM x
  8. I agree, these people are bullies of the worst kind. What makes it laughable is that they just have no idea of the law pertaining to tenancy agreements and sections 8 & 21. They pretend to know what they are doing to frighten away our tenants. Would your tenants be brave enough to allow WS to carry on with the section 8 & let WS take them to court? It would make WS look very silly indeed in front of the judge!
  9. Please beware. My husband has just been victim of an on line [problem] from a company called; N.E.L CATERING FOR FOOTBALL. The company that deducted money from his account are called; SPORTSBOOKINGS LTD. Hopefully we'll be able to get our money back as it was paid for with a Visa debit card. These guys are a real nice bunch. Reading on some other forums they have scammed people buying tickets for all sorts of events, people have said that when their tickets didn't arrive in time for concerts they were taking their kids to, they 'phoned to enquire where the tickets were,they were told to go to the concert, given a mobile number (07766 040003)to call when they got to the venue and then they were supposed to have been given the tickets; of course no-one was there to give them their tickets. I hope this at least helps some other people from falling victim to these ****. Mungo mum x
  10. Hi dubire There are a few things that would be helpful to know, I wouldn't want any of us pointing you in the wrong direction. 1; Do you have a 'buy to let' mortgage on the property or a residential mortgage? 2; How did you find out that your property had been put into LPA receivership? Did the receivers write to you or your solicitor informing you that they had taken over the management of the property? 3; Who is the lender? I realise that these details may not seem particulary important but the answers will dictate the best way to proceed. Pigland is right, If you look on the Information Commisioners Office web site or give them a call they will tell you everything you should expect to receive from a subject access request, they will also tell you what to do if the info isn't forthcoming. I have found them really helpful. It may also be worth doing a subject access request to your lender at the same time, I've found that sometimes I've had certain info from one and not the other and you can use this to play them off against each other and challange what you haven't received. Do make sure you send everything recorded delivery, they are bu**ers for saying that they haven't received your request. You will find a lot of info on this site regarding what data they should send in response to your request and the tricks both receiver and lenders use to try to get out of providing you with the information The main one I have come across is that they state they do not have to send you everything you request due to the durant v's fsa case. This case is no longer applicable, the ICO will confirm. Kind regards Mungos mum x
  11. Had a letter from our local council today saying that as a property I own has been sold they will not require payment from me for the council tax! This is the 1st I'd heard of it, I didn't know it was up for sale, let alone sold. Contacted MEx who told me to call receivers...I explained, yet again, that receivers are not responding to my e-mails or letters and that I would not deal with them on the 'phone in case conversations are misinterpreted. I was told by the person I was dealing with that they could see the information regarding this property on the screen. I asked for a copy of all the info on the screen...oh no I have to do another subject access request and wait for the usual 40 days (if I'm lucky) for them to comply. I've asked what other proprties he could see on the screen that have been sold....."very sorry" he said "I'll have to get authorisation from someone higher up to divulge that information". I'm afraid to say that by this time I was so cross that I shouted at him saying that it's MY information & then hung up on him. Not a sensible thing to do I know, but I'd just about had enough of listening to the garbage coming out of his mouth. Still I suppose I'll find out about the next property that's been sold by someone such as our local milkman! Sorry for rant but I am so fed up with dealing with all of these crooks, that I'm getting to the point of just wanting to walk away, let them take everything and then spend the rest of my life on benefits. I really can't see much light at the end of the tunnel at the moment. MM x
  12. Hi Meerkat One I agree, as the owner I should be told what is going on. Unfortunately this seems to be normal conduct with both MEx and the receivers. I am having a row with 'Templetons' LPA at the moment trying to get information out of them as to whether or not they have insured a property. It has been wrecked by water damage from burst pipes during the very cold weather. The ceilings are down, flooring has lifted, the new kitchen is totally destoyed etc. My arguement is that I would have had to have the property insured and I would have claimed under the insurance. I am begining to think that they did not have insurance (even though in their letter of acceptance of receivership they state they will insure the properties) they are very coy about providing me with the insurance details. I was under the impression that under the terms of the mortgage contract the property had to be insured for the life of the mortgage. On a slightly different note, we believe that we may have something to challenge both MEx and the receivers regarding their contracts. It's not about securitisation. I know it may seem as though I'm being paranoid but I don't really want to go into too much detail here. I have been in touch with Bona who has given me the details of a good contract QC they used a while ago to successfully challenge MEx albeit on a different contract matter. I'll p.m you with more details later in the week once I've hopefully had a chance to speak with the barrister. Mungos mum x
  13. Hi Meerkat One I think everyone making a complaint FOS at around the same time would be a really good idea, at least then FOS may be able to 'join up the dots' and see a picture emerging. I wonder if we maybe should also all write to our MP's, again I don't expect much to be done but if across the country they were all individually made aware of the situation then our situation may be raised when they are having drinks together in their private watering holes, and there is an election looming! You are correct in your understanding, I received no notification of a sale. All I have ever received is a redemption statement and then yesterday a letter telling me how much I now owe due to the shortfall. I don't know about you but I am pretty sure that much of this has to be airing on the side of illegal, what I don't know is how to go about fighting any of this and good solicitors are just far too expensive at the moment. We could do with some sharp youngster who wants to make a name for themselves on the legal front who will put up a fight and then charge us when the fight is won. I've spoken to firms who occasionally do 'Pro Bono' work but they are not interested.
  14. Hi chillinlong I was 1st made aware that a proerty was about to be sold when I received a redemption statement from MEx, I called to ask why they'd sent it & was told that the property was being sold. I found out that the others were up for sale (all with agents local to the properties) when I looked on the web site for Sequence & Fox & Sons. We have contacted LPA twice now via e-mail & recorded delivery letters asking for details of pending sales, copies of 3 valuations, HIPs reports, insurance details, details of viewings etc....the list goes on. I don't think any of you will be surprised to know that I haven't had any kind of reply. I asked dear old MEx what was going on...usual reply, 'we don't know, contact receivers as they are your agents' yeah right! Regarding form n244, I have read through loads of posts both on this forum & in general on the web & it seems as though people have had limited success getting a court to agree to letting the borrower sell when a receiver is in place. I will pm 'nukum' to see how he got on, but in the meantime does anyone have any personal experience of success or failure in going down this route? Thank you for your support, how are you getting on with your fight?
  15. Just received letter from MEx telling me that they have sold one of my properties leaving me with a shortfall of around £60k. This is the first of quite a few they have up for sale. As they have emptied the properties of tenants and let them fall into various states of disrepair all are up for much less than I owe. I am still waiting for a reply from the receivers regarding claiming from their insurance as at least 2 of the properties have been totally wrecked by pipes bursting during the cold spell. Caro do you have any idea how we could go about petitioning a judge to put a temporary halt to furture sales? I really do need to buy myself some time before they sell all my properties, leaving me with nothing worth fighting for. Many thanks MM x
  16. Does anyone know if we report MEx and/or the receivers to the F.O.S, whether repossessions and further action by MEx have to be put on hold until F.O.S have completed their investigations? I know this happens with banks but I'm not sure if it applies in this case.
  17. Hi sky blue heaven Chillinlong is right, they will try to hide behind the Durant v's FSA case. I 'phoned the information commisions office and was told that Durant v's FSA was no longer relevant and that if they failed to comply with my request I was to inform them. Make sure when you make the request that you send them a cheque for the £10 fee, again they may try to tell you that you need to pay £10 for each account. This is not the case, it's £10 per name. We were also advised to write in bold letters that we want this treated as a request for information and that they are NOT to treat it as a complaint. I was amazed at how many stalling tacticts these cowboys use. You will find somewhere on this site a S.A.R's template you can download, fill in your details and then send off. Someone else on this site also suggested requesting info from all parties involved at the same time ie; MEx, the solicitors you used when purchasing the properties, the LPA receivers and the solicitors who are now pursuing the money. This way you can compare what they send you, it can make interesting reading as well as sometimes tripping them up. Hope that I don't sound as though I'm teaching my 'Grandmother to suck eggs' but don't forget to send everything recorded delivery. As you can see there are now quite a few of us sharing info and drawing strength from each other. Our situations are all slightly different but the main objective is to stop these 'bully boys' at MEx and the receivers from draging us all down. Let us know how you get on Mungos mum x
  18. It now stands at £70k and it was for our business, does this make a difference?
  19. Hi Sorry to hi-jack post. We had loan with Lloyds about 2 years ago and we signed absolutley no paperwork or agreements of any kind. Lloyds have agreed that they have no documents with our signatures. In fact the manager was so slap dash we never had any paperwork of any kind, just statements. We are in the middle of an investigation by banking ombudsmen service as we have complained about the appalling service we received from Lloyds. The first person we spoke with at the ombudsmans service told us that it didn't matter that we didn't sign an agreement and that we would have to re pay the loan, but that they did uphold our complaint against Lloyds and went as far as saying that the manager clearly had acted unprofessionally. Due to the complexity of this, the case is now being investigated by a senior ombudsman and we have been told that our case is not due to be investigated until at least the end of February. Basically my questions are; if agreements are not signed, are there circumstances that are not covered by the c.c.a, ie; business/personal loans, size of loan etc? Many thanks Mungo mum
  20. Hi diddled Sorry to be dumb but can you explain again how you got your Subject Access Request data via FOS? I'm having a blonde moment!!! x
  21. Hi Guys We did SARs request to MEx last year, they also tried to hide behind the Durant v's ? (fsa I think). After quick call to Data protection office I was told that the Durant case was no longer applicable & if MEx did not comply I was to refer back to them. MEx did eventually comply, all be it on the 40th day. I'm still not sure we received all the information. I need to do another request as receivers are now in place so there should be more to look at. We have also just made SAR's request to the receivers. When we requested info from MEx last year we also asked our solicitor (the ones we used when we purchased the properties) for copies of all our paperwork. That made quite interesting reading as it seems as though MEx were doing so much work that they sent the solicitor wrong documents etc and generally got themselves in a right old mess. It may not be of use to us at the moment but we may find it usefull in the future.
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