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  1. Hi, I purchased something via credit card costing approx £90 several months ago and the company is dragging its heels sorting out a refund as the product is not fit for its purpose/requires modification to fit (its a part for my car) which it does not state on the instruction would be reqiured. I know that when purchasing things using the credit card extra protection is provided from visa, under one of the terms etc, but cannot remember what is called. can someone help... so i can read more about it and pursue a claim through that method. thanks Neil
  2. I live with my uncle, and am worried he may have got into debt, resulting in bailiffs visiting. Can they take my property which is kept in my unlocked bedroom, items such as laptop, hi fi etc. thanks
  3. Hi, hope someone can help me, can I claim the cost of obtaining statements which have not been provided under the S.A.R. due to the microfiche argument.
  4. received offer- although on the letter they included court costs in the amount they would repay, but not on the acceptance form where i sign. i amended it to show this £30 of course.
  5. bump with link to abbey findings - any help would be appreciated. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/38333-information-commissioner-finds-against.html i have tried to search and read, but there is too much information out there.
  6. received notice they are going to defend the case yesterday. do i just wait now or do i need to send anything or prepare anything. i.e details of my case.
  7. hi, just completed mcol against capital one. was a little apprehensive, however reading some of the success stories on here gave me the willpower to go for it. thank you wish me luck.
  8. Hi all just to let you know where i am at, basically did Data Protection Act, received some and a letter bout microfiche etc, having read some of the topics, i phoned them and agreed to pay £3 per stmt hoping i would find a goldmine of charges, unfortunately all i found was a poxy £70, having paid approx £148 for stmts. anyway, they have intially repaid the difference between £12 and the charge for those stmts sent originally, but as the microfiche took ages i did not claim for them. can i request the statement charges i have paid on top of my charges at the moneyclaim stag
  9. neilk

    Partial Offer

    thanks, should i amend the LBA letter suit then, as it was due yesterday if i keep to the procedure. i was thinking of sending this ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxxxxx Thank you for your letter giving me a “Goodwill Gesture” refund of £48. However, please note that when the ruling was made by the OFT, they suggested a charge of approximately £12, however they did state that it would be for the courts to decide. Therefore, I reiterate as per my previous letter, that the regime of 'fees' which you have been applying to my account in relation to, exceeding credit limits and so forth ar
  10. neilk

    Partial Offer

    Hi all in my claim against barclaycard, they have offered the difference between £12 and the charge at the preliminary stage. I know i can reclaim it all, however, someone drafted a letter on here stating that they have misunderstood the OFT ruling, and that the charge was only a suggestion, but should be determined in the courts. I have spent nearly 4 hours going through posts and using the search facilities trying to find it. I am hoping the poster can repost it here please, or if anyone who remembers the thread can direct me to find it as it was a really good letter. thanks
  11. hi, i have accepted a settlement from HSBC in respect to my current account, and signed a form saying i accept as full and final settlement, however, does this mean i cannot reclaim my charges levied on my credit card
  12. thanks for your help people, time to send the prelimnary letter.
  13. hi, just put my brain in gear, and found that the online banking system on HSBC allows me to go back 6 years (doh). anyway, do i reclaim all the charges or only the proportion over £12. before, anyone says read around, i have, but there is so much information that it is impossible to read it all. although i have read alot and the faqs and cannot find anything bout this in there. sorry if this has already been asked. another question before i start the process, 6 years ago i removed myself from hsbc as my main bank, and incurred more charges dating back 6 1/2 years ago. is i
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