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  1. Cheers ims, I didn't think of that, I've been looking for over an hour!
  2. Thanks ims! I was hopeing to make a donation to the site as I wouldn't have done it without you, but I can't seem to find the donate button. I know there used to be one on the front page, can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  3. Wow you're fast. I wouldn't be able to get another card as I'm on disabilty. A balance transfer to the CO is something like 20% APR, were as the interest on the OS balance with them now is higher. it would have given me a little more breathing space. If pushed I'll just have to use it on the Virgin card (the one I wanted to transfer to the CO card) which is much higher.
  4. No, haven't heard anything from them and it hasn't been repaid to the card. I just wasn't sure how to use the PPI money. If I use it on the Capital one card and there's a chance they close it I'll be screwed. I'll just have to wait until I hear something I suppose. It's a pity if they do as CO is the only credit card company I haven't had any problems with.
  5. umm, if I'd have know they would cancel the card I'd have taken the bu**ers to court for the rest of the charges. You live and learn! thanks for the replies.
  6. Hey, if they refund the charges to the card the OS will be around £3500. I didn't think they could cancel it like that, so didn't give it much thought.
  7. Just a quick update. Lloyds have now put the money into my bank; it’s finally over!! Many thanks to everybody that has helped me with this, I will make a donation shortly.
  8. Hi All, sorry I should have posted this before I signed anything. Anyway, I have accepted an offer from capital one for a refund of charges going back 6 years, however on the form I had to sign, it said something along the lines of… the refund would be used to offset any outstanding balance once the credit facility had been revoked. Does this mean they’ll be cancelling the credit card now? I was hoping to use a PPI refund to pay the card off, and then transfer the balance from a higher interest card to this one, so the interest I am paying is lower. I sent the form off around 2 week
  9. Hi Levirocks, I sent them a message via the secure online messaging thing asking for a refund of late payment charges, they offered me the same amount. I sent another message asking them for a break down of their costs incurred when a customer is late with a payment, they came back with an offer around £180, which is all late charges plus interest paid going back 6 years.
  10. Hi dx, many thanks, not only for the explanation, but also for your previous help. I thought they had to pay 8% interest on the whole amount, which must have changed with the test case, it's all too confusing. Just have to wait for them to pay out. Thanks again
  11. Hey dx100uk, thanks for the reply. It's excellent; I didn’t think it was ever go to end. I’ve just noticed I didn’t ask the question I wanted to ask. I don’t understand the £28.91. The £3092.58 is the premiums and the interest I paid, but what period is the £28.91 from, is it the date I raised the compliant to the payout? The credit card account is still open and I don’t think it was ever in credit, which is why I’m confused.
  12. Hey dx100uk, you are a star! As stated I submitted a new PPI complaint in December and I received a letter in January saying they had taken another look at the previous complaint + findings, but they could not over turn the decision. I’m not entirely sure if this was in relation to the new claim or the letter I sent them before I found out the first had been closed. I sent them a further letter saying the decision was unacceptable. In Feb I received another letter thanking me for my complaint and I’d have a decision within 8 weeks. Today I received a letter sayin
  13. Hi dx100uk, Thanks for your reply! I've just phoned the PPI helpline again to see if a new complaint could be submitted. The person I spoke to didn't really seem to know much and had a thick Indian accent, so it was a little difficult to understand her. She’s filled in a complaint form which I’ll soon receive acknowledgement of and a reply within 12 weeks I think she said, so we’ll see. They may come back and say they can’t accept it, but it’s worth a try and something I didn’t think of, so thank you! I’m not sure what threads you’re referring to but I’ll take a good look around and
  14. Hi all, I had PPI on my Lloyds TSB credit card, which was taken out in 2002. I didn’t know I had it but in 2009 Lloyds sent me a booklet that stated people on Incapacity Benefit weren’t covered by the policy (I’ve been on it since before the card was taken out). I submitted a complaint to Lloyds and they refused to repay the premiums, but at the time I also took them to court under the DPA as they didn’t supply all the info I requested. As I was dealing with that I forgot to submit a complaint to the FOS so I can’t take it to them now. I’m just preparing my POC to take them to cour
  15. Hi all, Thanks Cyberprog, I’ll look into it. On the 18th we came to an agreement whereby the Defendant would pay part of my costs and I would drop the case. They had until the 1st August to pay and said they’d do a bank transfer, as it would be quicker. So far I haven’t had anything from them, so it looks like the case is going to continue. The hearing date is late October; I’ll try and get all the paperwork sorted in the next couple of weeks so I'm ready. Can anyone tell me whether the hearing fee can be sent through the post or would I have to go to the Court to pay it?
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