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  1. Hi Had a loan from lloyds and defaulted on it on 27/06/07 leaving £3900 outstanding they agreed to stop all charges and interest. It was passed to debt managers and I've been paying them a nominal amount since then. Then I get a letter from Robinson telling me to contact them in regards to an outstanding debt of roughly £5500 and to be honest I ignored it and a few letters the same. Then I get a phone call asking me to set up payments I told them I was unaware the debt had been passed and still had a standing order set up for this debt with someone else rang DM and they confirme
  2. Ive recently applied to buy my council house and while I was at the council offices to pick up the application forms I mentioned that I had two broken windows and although I had reported them on a few occasions no one had been to repair them ( they have been broken since installation they're no fault of mine ). They checked the system and said the work order had been cancelled and seen as I was applying to buy no repairs would be done from when the paper work was submitted. Surely that can't be right they expect me to keep paying rent so surely their still responsible for maintainanc
  3. It has been marked settled with nothing owing, i'm using joslinrhodes they are certainly not cheap but i've avoided doing more damage to my credit because theres not been loads of searches as they do it all verbally first. They've been really quick and sorted all my insurances and the solicitor
  4. And i will soon have a mortgage at 3.7% can't believe it, never thought i would get it atleast not for an age. I was accepted by Abbey who said that as long as the default is settled its fine.
  5. Ok i gave him a ring and all though the default etc. will still be on my credit file in six months apparently its just a case of having a little bit of clearance between clearing the balance and being able to get a better rate mortgage, the mortage companies prefer it like that I hope that kind of makes sense. And now that its actually marked as settled on my file he's going to have another crack at finding me a mortgage, so with any luck
  6. Thats what i thought its not due to drop off until early 2013, so i don't understand the waiting 6 months thing, im gonna have to give him a call.
  7. Cabot just put their name where it said cap1, i've had replies back but im just getting the same thing about your file has been ammended it now says satisfied and ammount owed is nil but still the default and [8], My FA said its the [8] thats causing the problem with mortage companies and if i cant get them to take it off to wait six months but that [8] in the missed payments has been there for yrs so i don't understand what waiting will do.
  8. It wasn't a large sum at all but i wasn't in a position to do anything about it untill now (given full time hours and a promo at work) would i be able to go down the route of they shouldn't of defaulted me in the first place, they bought the account from capital one and i was already defaulted by them before i even missed a single payment to them, my financial advisor said to try and get the info removed or wait 6mth whats waiting six month going do? the default will still be there so will the [8] in the missed payments bit. I'm really sick it would save me so much money having a mor
  9. Well that was capital one, they defaulted me and it was with them i missed the payments. Then when cabot took over they just changed the name on the entry. I sent them a bit of a begging letter to try and get the negative info removed but i've not even had a reply guess they don't really care now. So exactly who do i complain to and what should i say? Thanks by the way Brig really grateful x
  10. Oh and capital one have already more than doubled my limit with them, its madness. (only had it 4mth)
  11. Ok a few letters have gone back n forth in each letter ive sent to cabot ive added the All negeative info should be removed, balance set as zero etc. which they have marked the file as satisfied and balance to zero but the default is still there and in missed payments the [8] is still there. Ive tried to get a mortgage and the only thing stopping me is the [8] as long as this is on my file only one company will offer me a mortgage at 11% which as you can imagine is out of the question. Is there anything i can do? im really desperate now Its a council house and the off
  12. Ok thats great thanks for the help, ill get that SAR sent off today hopefully.
  13. I've had a studio account for sometime and a few years ago i allowed my partner to order a PS3 at roughly £350 on agreement he makes the payments after sometime and getting sick of him missing them (he paid but they would be late) i took over and he pays me the money back. Now as well known the interest rate with studio is reeeediculous but i knew that, over the years i have ordered items and paid them off but from when my partner was in charge of the payments there was quite a few missed payment charges. Can i claim these back? Do i add interest? Do i claim back the interest th
  14. As far as i know there is no ppi, i wasn't working when i got the loan so it was no use. So should i send an SAR, i've sent for one of these before from barclaycard i couldn't make head nor tale of it, would someone be able to tell me exactly what im looking for. Sorry theres so long between posts im working alot of hours at the moment.
  15. I took out a loan from lloyds about 2006, in 2007 i defaulted on the loan and pay £1 a month as a gesture. The loan was for £4500 and on my experian report it says when i defaulted i owed £3960 now i contacted lloyds as i new i was going to default and they agreed to freeze the interest but my report now says i owe £5500, i don't want to claim as such but if possible i would like the charges taken off as i would like to make a full and final offer in the near future, would that be possible?
  16. Thanks Brig, i thought that would be the case. Does anyone know if there's a template for accepting these deals/offers, i really don't want to shoot myself in the foot.
  17. Hi bazaar, i see what your saying but could capital one do that as they no longer own the debt, the only reason i went for capital one is because i was 99% sure that i would be accepted i just buy stuff on it come home go on-line and pay it straight off. oh and a bit off topic but i've got a few catalogues that are almost clear i've had them for years now always been up to date no missed/late payments ones just raised my credit limit, should i close the accounts as i've read that having access to too much credit can be negative when a creditor looks at a CRA file. Its not loads o
  18. I dont really understand anything like that, i don't mind paying the £250 at all its still £80 less than the full balance which is a weeks rent for me. i was just really hoping that because i stated in my letter than my terms were that the default was removed etc. and that they agreed just they want more money that the default would be removed. I do just need a well worded letter along the the lines of, i agree to pay £250 as a full and final payment to settle my account and have any negative information removed from my credit file and for it to be marked as satisfied with no money o
  19. Thanks for that i do understand that i would be lucky to have the default removed but i have read other post on here where the default has been removed and marked as satisfied, i think what i need is a reply that if accepted will kinda seal the deal. Surely if they agree to my request that the default is removed and file marked as satisfied they have to do that, i just need a letter that covers all bases so that it cant come back to bite me later.
  20. Hi alfwithhair Its an old capital one c/c debt from about 2007 ive been paying £10 a month on and off for yrs but im now in the process of getting my debts sorted once and for all so i can get a morgage. The funny thing is ive just been accepted for another capital one c/c (for rebuilding credit rating) i did cca them a couple of yrs ago and all seemed above board, that was only because i was having problems with lowell for a barclaycard debt( which ended up being written off) so i cca'd all my creditors but like i said my focus at the time was lowell.
  21. I owe cabot about £340 i sent them this: Dear Sir/Madam Re: I write with reference to the money which you are claming on the above account. I am unable to offer to pay the money which I owe in full. However, I can raise £175 and I want to offer this as an ex-gratia payment in full and final settlement of the account. This offer is made on the clear understanding that, if accepted, neither you nor any associate company will take any other action to enforce or pursue this debt in any way whatsoever and that I will be released from any liability. I a
  22. I've just rang equifax and been told that having settled on an account is not negative, wish i'd just done that before haha.
  23. most of these accounts are from years before i had any financial issues, all paid on time, the full ammounts, no missed payments eg. the next account that i never used i only got a catalogue.
  24. Thankyou for that, most of these accounts i've never had any problems with so how do i get them to change it, is there a letter i can send.
  25. Is having settled on accounts a negative thing? i've read on here that it can be. When i've looked at my credit file with equifax alot of my accounts show as settled even accounts that i've never had any problems with ( old phone contracts, even a next catalogue that i've never used and one from avon when i used to be a rep) If this is a bad thing how do i apply to get them changed and why are they even there.
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