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  1. hi sorry yes it is this years 2013 2014, its 1,403.33 for the whole year, i dont know what to do really, i cant afford 60.00 a week, and my son is suffering from mental health issues, and has done so for the last ten years, if i dont pay the weely amount, the bailiffs will probably take my car as its all i have of any value, and i need it for work.
  2. it is the most recent council tax, i have been working short hours as i have a son in long term hospital and have spent my time with him, so it is council tax for 2012/to 2013
  3. hi all, i owe 1400 council tax, this debt went to the bailiff, who said i should pay 74.00 weekly, i then phoned council who said they would tell bristow and sutor that i could pay 60.00 a week instead. The woman i dealt with from council insisted this was what i had to pay, even though i kept saying i could not manage it. I am now in a state with mortgage and other things and dont have enough to live on, is there anything i can do to reduce this, any advice will be very welcome,
  4. Today i had a notice thru door saying that marstons bailiff is returning witjh a locksmith and has the power under'schedule 4a magistrates court act 1980 and they can come in by force. I dont know what to do the only thing of value i have is car, i have to pay 626.00 for an 80.00 fine, i can pay 20.00 a week to pay fine off, but i know once they are in , they wont agree to this, please please can anyone advise me, desperately worried, i am long term anti depressants for severe depression and cant cope .
  5. I think you are right, late on a Friday, not a good time to call, I will do that first thing Monday, thanks for your help.
  6. Court has said there is nothing they can do and I need to contact marstons, I am really worried now. Can any one tell me what the bailiffs will do, will they just take my stuff, or will they allow me to pay off over a time, thanks
  7. hi , yes it says hmcs so is a court one, it was for driving over a closed bridge, never saw sign. So will I just have to let them in and take my things? I don't have much worth anything in my house, only thing is my car, which I needto drive 15 miles daily to work ,and three times a week to visit my son , in long term hospital, is there nothing I can do to pay it off a bit at a time, any help really appreciated .
  8. Hi all, I had an 100 fine for motoring offence, unfortunately I have been away from my house for months caring for a terminally ill relative, I got home today and there were two bailiffs letters , saying they were coming to take my stuff and debt now owed is 683.00, im at wits end, can I make an arrangement to pay a manageable amount, or will they say I have to pay all, any one got any advice I am worried sick, thanls for any help
  9. hi everyone , probably in wrong place ,but i desperately need help with bailiff coming, i have offered to pay £20.00 weekly to bailiff for 1500 council tax arrears, they say they need to come and do walking possession thing, i'm really scared ,as i have heard once in house they won't agree to what i ca afford and will take my things, i suffer from severe depression and have a son in long term mental health hospital, and just dont know what to do, i need my goods for when my boy comes home for two days a week, any advice please.
  10. hi , thank you for your reply , i feel much better knowing that there are kind people out there like you, that listens to your problems, i am going to bite the bullet and ring tomorrow, thanks once again
  11. thanks for replying, but i feel worse now as it says , that if someone is overpaid through fraud, they will be prosecuted. i don't know whether to contact them and admit what i have done or , it might make hings worse...
  12. Can anyone give me some advice, i feel suicidal and have no one to turn to, i am guiltyof claiming wtc still when my husband came back home for the last year, I have a son in long term hospital and suffer from severe depression myself, most days i don't know if i am coming or going, but have still managed to keep working. i had aletter from wtc saying they knew my husband was living with me, and i had 30 days to prove otherwise. i am at my wits end, do i do nothing , or just tell them that i have made a bad mistake and own up, will i be definitely prosecuted , will i go to prison, i don't know what i should do. i have claimesd about 2100, overpayment , please can anyone give me some help..
  13. hi, not to be honest not really sure what type of discrimination. there is no history with the new deputy, she has bought in a lot of new staff, and just seems to have a problem with me . i had never met her before she came to work here.
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