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  1. Hi, myself along with a number of other owners have experienced an issue with a firmware update for a Panasonic BTT290 BluRay Theatre System rendering the unit unusable to watch certain BluRay discs. There is a separate thread about this on a dedicated Audio Visual forum: http://www.avforums.com/threads/panasonic-sc-btt290-owners-thread.1726525/page-3 To cut a long story short, I along with others have had no issues with our players prior to this firmware update, however, since the update a number of BluRay discs that had previous played perfectly now refuse to play. I
  2. Hi, as a family we have 3 monthly mobile phone plans with Orange UK. Below are our current contracts: iPhone Extra 41 - Unlimited Texts, 600 Minutes, 1GB data - £41 per month - (taken out 27th Feb 2012 for 2 years) iPhone Extra 36 - Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Calls, 1GB data - £36 per month - (taken out 14th Sep 2012 for 2 years) Dolphin 7 - 500 Texts, 150 Minutes, 250MB data - £7 per month - (taken out 24th Sep 2012 for 1 year) Now Orange have sent a letter stating that because of the economic climate they have to raise the prices on their plans and ours have bee
  3. Hi ims, should we be at all concerned by the variation in the figures? why have we only noticed this with Barclayloans and never on other lenders? Kind regards..,
  4. Hi Slick, thanks for responding, we have already sent an LBA to Barclays, my post above shows their reply to it. We have another issue that we could do with some help on though. When working out the monthly PPI amount that is part of the monthly repayment of a loan we have always used in the past, this equation: (PPI / (AMOUNT BORROWED + PPI)) * 100 = PERCENTAGE OF MONTHLY REPAYMENT so for example: Amount borrowed = £500 Insurance amount = £73.92 Monthly repayment = £23.78 this works out to be: (73.92 / 573.92) * 100 = 12.88% In the case of this lo
  5. Well we got a letter back from Barclays after sending the Letter Before Action, this is what it says: -------------------- Dear Mr ***** Subject Access Request We write in reference to your recent letter dated 3rd December 2012. Regrettably, we are unable to provide you with Barclaycard statements as requested. We cannot locate you on the Barclaycard system as the account is too old (over 6 years). With regards to your barclayloan, we have provided you with all the information we can locate. The right of access under the Data Protection Act covers information h
  6. As a side note, my husband has held an account with Barclays from 1985 up until he closed it in 2004 and during that time he had various loans. Are Barclays required to send all the remaining statements of his account prior to January 1998, which is only what they have sent so far? If they are required to send all the remaining information I can add this to the non-compliance letter at the same time as requesting the other stuff. Kind regards..,
  7. Thanks again slick, I will be sending them the Template 2 letter, this should cover me to get all the remaining information. Regards..,
  8. Hi Slick, thanks for replying. So I need to contact them again and request the transaction history of the credit card? Should they also be able to supply me with the missing first 5 months of the loan statements given that they have stated the loan stated in the July but only sent me statements starting the December following this? Yes, the PPI would have lasted the life of the card but because the last 2 digits of the ending year are missing on the printout, I cannot see the ending year and given that it was a number of years ago, I cannot remember. Regards..,
  9. Hi, finally both myself and my husband have got our respective SARs from Barclays and now we are trawling through the mass of paperwork trying to collate things as we both originally had individual accounts with them when we first met and then amalgamated into one joint account. So far we have a couple of issues with my husbands paperwork. In amongst it, as with mine, there is a section headed Pre-Qual - PPI which lists all accounts, loans and credit cards etc... Now, on my husband's sheet it states: BARCLAYLOAN PROTECTED - 01/07/1997 to 19/11/2002 but a PPI Flag of U
  10. Hi All Wrote seperate letters from each of us requesting our details and records. Sent each with its own £10 cheque which to date still haven't been cashed. The letters were posted 16th Oct by recorded signed for. I have checked RM and they have been signed for at there end. I am lost now as to why they aren't cashing the cheques and also why they haven't even responded to say they can't access or have not got any of our records/info. please advise the next best course of action as i know this will drag on if left any longer! Kind regards DHB I have heard about a let
  11. Hi all, let me try to explain everything in as much detail as I can and in chronological order. When my wife and I met we both had individual Barclays accounts and then when we married we, as most people do combined to a sole Barclays joint account. We no longer hold a Barclays account as we closed it in June 2004. Now skip forward a number of years where we decided to make a PPI claim with Barclays. Not really thinking it would be a problem, we sent a joint SAR request enclosing the standard £10 cheque. About a week later Barclays sent back a letter stating that
  12. Just wondering would my course for redress be through Trading Standards or a Solicitor?
  13. I absolutely agree Conniff, but the problem is the garage say they have done the requested jobs that a) got the car thru MOT (track rod end!) b) tyre balance and c) 4 wheel laser alignment The mechanic told me outright that the steering rack is extra and that this could go into the £100's, why didn't they mention this previously!! I am now going to hand this job over to my hubby and see if after a visit from him they still sing the same song!! Regards DHB
  14. OK, well i have gone into the garage who performed the MOT and was informed it was the tyre guys who must have done the damage, also they said the play in the N/S track rod is in fact not the track rod but the rack and that isn't an MOT failure!!! As for the 'mullered' locking nuts these can't be replaced as they are part of the rack!! Do they think i am stupid or the tyre guys as they are the ones who said they could do it! They also now informed me that they didn't take it for re-track (i already knew they hadn't as i know the tyre manager well who told me they hadn't) i said "why did y
  15. Hi, I took my car for MOT 2 weeks ago (19th June) and unfortunately it failed due to play on the nearside track rod end, which would need replacing and a broken clip on a CV boot. I told them that I would have to discuss this with my husband, who usually does most of the mechanical work on our cars when he has time. Unfortunately due to timing and my husbands working commitments, he was unable to do this job himself. The following day I called the garage to book the car in to have the work done and the MOT retest. I also asked them to check the front wheel balancing an
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