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  1. Something i can help with!! If you decide to go Bankrupt, its now £700 if you have to pay the full fee. Bankrupt for one year max, If you do have to pay anything back to your creditors its for a maximum of 3 years. (please feel free to correct me if i got anything wrong)
  2. Nipped home for some lunch today - knock on the door. didnt get there straight away as was on the mobile - went outside and matey boy from resolve was trying to knock next door. Came runing over to me all friendly, asked me who i was. i asked who he was - he introduced himself - i quickly replied something like You obvouisly do not/ cannot read get off my property now - do not call again I was very angry at this point he went quite quickly!! Forgot to make a not of his reg number though case he comes back
  3. OC is RBS. current acount gone deliquent. We moved about a year ago - should have gone BR now but still saving
  4. Good idea!! im saving to go bankrupt to be honest - i no the debts are probably enforceable its just no one has taken me to court ( probably get £1 a month or something). plus i believe any charges would stop? Tons of debts - more saving to do. Why do they make going bankrupt so expensive? if you cant pay your bills then saving £700 is a stretch!!
  5. You guys are awesome - thanks. couple years ago i would have been worried
  6. Hi, Wife came in from collecting the kids from school and a hand written envelope from Resolvecall was through the door. Think these monkeys will come back? I had sent an email and leter to them telling them i will not accept home visits. Not sure if the letter will be there in time? There first letter was recieved on the 12th May and "agent" knocked today. Polite if he comes back or give hime 5 seconds to get to the car? Thanks
  7. Many Thanks for the replies. We do intend to have an informal chat with our manager as a group or possibly our team leader may have a one to one with him. Our Team party was on Saturday and out of 23 members 5 turned up. Manager was a little embarrassed. I do understand that meetings are an important part of my job. Before the merger they were always done at the end of the day, maybe 16:30. New policy is to have 'breakfast' meetings that start at 8:00. My main problem is childcare as i have to leave home at 06:30 on that day. I do effectively work from home, all stock chec
  8. Hi, I have worked for my company for over three years, 2.5 of them quite happy. However following a merger between three other companies i have a new manager and things arent so good. We are forced to attend meetings 50 miles from home that start at 08:00, we are being pressured into the manager coming to our homes in the day for quarterly stock checks. (im a mobile engineer - printers) He also tries to get us to do overtime without pay but with time of in leu My contract says i work from 09:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday These are unreasonable demands arent they?
  9. Hi, Got a nice letter from Mr Carter telling me to pay up within 14 days or im off to court. Letter relates to a credit card from RBS. Im a couple of months away from declaring bankruptcy so is it worthwhile CCA'ing him to delay it. Does this guy go to court quite quickly? Thanks
  10. Thanks for both replies. The letter does say creit file will be searched. Would it be worth firing a letter of pointing out that a search would result in a complaint to the information commisioner?
  11. Had a letter this morning from Hamptons saying how disappointed they are that i have not contacted them. They say in the letter they are going to search my credit file to see if i own property in view to putting in place a chrarging order. Are they allowed to search my credit file without my agreement? The debt is in relation to a bank account. I do owe the money and i dont dispute it but im saving for bankruptcy so in a few months it wont matter.
  12. Hang on for a min as im not what the best course of action would be at the mo. Someone with a lot more experience than me will swoop in and point you in the right direction!! Just dont want to give you any wrong info. What you can do in the mean time is to write to them to insist on letters only communication. Also tell them that you are recording the phone call if they call you.
  13. Please bear with me as im still a newbie on this forum. A CCA request is a letter that you sent to your creditor to ask for proof that there is a debt. Not the application form that you filled in. When did you take out the card?
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