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  1. hi katie, we have just gone bankrupt in may and just sent the keys back in july, best thing i have ever done. just make sure you include the house in the bankruptcy or you may end up paying if there is a shortfull. if you need a hand with the bankruptcy forms just feel free to email me on here. the cca said my forms where the best they have ever sin, just had to go and have them checked to make sure i had done everything write, funny thing they asked me if i wanted a job lol!! i wish you and your husband all the best, we are just waiting to be rehoused with the council as we are in tem
  2. hi again, i have rang up the br and they have said because the house was included in with the br, the shortfall will be in with the br thank god!! so going to send the signed form bk then i will send the keys back the day after!! ( by recorded delivery). Also as the house has already been repossessed the council are still going to give us a house, so should only be in temp housing for a bit longer (i hope) !!! HERE COMES TO A NEW START!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED ME IN THE PAST ABOUT DEBTS, BANKRUPTCY, REPOSSESSED X X X
  3. hi everyone thank you for the messages, i have spoken to the br and they have told me that the secure loans will be paid out of the sale from house, but if there is not enough money left then the loans will be unsecure and be written off with the br. the house is already been repossessed but just waiting for the evicion notice, but want to send the keys bk voluntary, but have been asked by the mortgage firm to sign the paper work before i send the keys bk, it does state that we will have to pay them if there is a shortfall in the mortgage (but we wont to have to pay this will we) as we we
  4. hello all, i really could do with some help, no one can really answer my question. we had gone bankrupt on the 27thmay, on the 5th june we also had to go to court for an order for possession on our house, the judge gave us 42 days, so we moved out on the 23 july into temp housing, as we thought the eviction letter would be 7 days after. we are still waiting for the eviction notice, i have rang g e money up wednesday and they have said its going to be another 5-6 weeks before they start to get a bailiff warrent, then it could be another 3-6 weeks after that for the appointment. my qu
  5. hello, we have done this we offerd £250 but they have said its £400 or they will come and collect it after the 21 days.
  6. Hello All, we went bankrupt last month, We have had a phone interview that went ok, the only problem we have is that we have a car and a van, the car was £900. last year and the van was £500 last year, both of them are in my husbands name, they have know said they want one of them, my husband said he needs hes van for when he finds a job and i need one to take my son to school and to go shopping, and for holidays, and if i go back to work part time. We are both not working we are trying to claim income based (just waiting to hear bk). They have said if my husband wants to keep the va
  7. Hello Glen Thank you for the message, i have sent you a private message!! Hope you are ok chat again very soon. take care heidi.
  8. Hi JNJL, Im on the bottom of the hosing list at the moment as we still have a roof over your heads, the council will not do a homeless form untill 28 days before u have to leave. im really pleased that u have somewhere to live, the only thing about private rent its so expensive round here, we are looking at 700.00 -750.00 amonth, if we had to do this then i might as well stay here and claim housing benefit. the good thing is the council will find you somewhere to live and its only from 350.00 amonth to 400.00 amonth, so you will be saving around 300.00 amonth just by going with the council and
  9. Hi mike, you can go bankrupt when ever you want, if the house gets repo you can do the bankruptcy after or before it dont really matter, we done it before the repo, that way you can add everything onto the bankruptcy, including all house hold bills like gas, electric, water, even family tax credit if they have over payed you. i would not pay anything else to the mortgage or bills or debt save money up to make your self and your wife bankrupt, you will get to stay in the house till the house gets repo, mine has only really been going since march and we have got to move out now the 16 july on my
  10. hi rachebabe1971 thank you for the message, i have spoken to the council today, i have got an appointment the 23 june to do a homeless form, she did say to me that they could not do a homeless form untill 28 days before i have to move out. but i will do what you have said about the local councillor and see if he/she can help us. because my husband did not sign on two weeks ago because he was bad, they have now sent him hes p45, he is still out of work and im also out of work, so looks like we are going to have to do a new claim again, iv got enough to deal with without them adding to it. iv lo
  11. hi there i would say go bankrupt, thats really the same as us, it will clear everything that you owe, you will come out of it owing nothing. but the bankruptcy costs £360.00, £150 court costs unless you are on low income, or benefits. you will also get other help on here, i would also say go and see your citizens advice they will help you. all the best and good luck.
  12. thank you for the posts, this is what i was told that the short fall from selling the house would be included in the bankruptcy. But i will also make sure that i do not sign anything from the mortgage, thank you for that info. just cannot wait to move and start a new life for our selfs, and be glad when its all over and done with. we are also really sad having to give our house up as this is our family home for the last 8 years, but can start living a new life and a new start, be happy, no more worries. just hope the council can hurry up and find us some where else to live.
  13. hi i dont think it really matters, i went bankrupt the 27 may, then repossession on the 5 june. But i do think it will be better to do it after, only because if you want to rent private then they see you have gone bankrupt they will not allow you to rent the property. i have gone with the council, just waiting for them to find me some where to live now. ( plus council is a lot cheaper than private). there will be people on here who will be able to help you better. all the best !!!
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