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  1. Connaught have started writing to me about a debt that was Halifax and then 1st Credit. Basically I CCA'd 1st Credit back in january and they sent me an application form!?! Since then there has been various letters and demands etc etc. At the end of November I got a letter from Connaught?????? So i wrote to them explaining that I CCA'd 1st Credit and that the account was in dispute. Today I got another letter from Connaught Collections saying that 1st Credit supplied me with a copy of my credit agreement back in February and they have attached the 'application form' and a copy
  2. can somebody please advise me. I have been dealing with 1st Credit for just under 12 months. I CCA'd them back in January 2009 and I'm still waiting for them to send me the correct information. I have had many other letters/threats from them but nothing that I requested from them. Today I have received a letter from Connaught Collections demanding payment in full in the next 7 days. Are Connaught and 1st Credit connected and do I need to do anything?? Do I now need to write to 1st Credit or Connaught and if so what do I need to send them. Many Thanks.
  3. Hmmm I'm no expert but sounds as though they have no agreement therefore what further action can possibly taken?? Or have I got that completely wrong???
  4. hehe, will sit tight then and hope for the 100% discount letter hehe.
  5. Hello. Another update for y'all. got a letter yesterday from my friends in Reigate 1st Credit:) They have acknowledged that there is a credit crunch on and times are hard and therefore they have offered me up to 30% discount if I settle in full with them. 30% if I settle within 7 days. 20% if I settle within 14 days 10% if I settle within 21 days (I think that is correct I don't have the letter to hand unfortunately) xx I am still awaiting my CCA from them which was requested back in January. As nice as it is to be offered the discounts unfortunately I cannot gat
  6. so is there nothing we can say or do then?? xx pooh!
  7. It's a second charge on the property (mortgage being the 1st charge). To be honest I haven't approached them as just gone along with what they say. Not sure what you mean by securitised?? Am off to look at the interest clause on the agreement but I am guessing they are probably well within their rights to charge what they like seeing as they are not linked to the bank of England Grrrr.
  8. Hi all not sure if I am in the right place but back in 2003 we took out a secured loan for £20,000 over 10 years. Since 2003 the interest rate has gone up and up from when we first took out the loan which we were surprised at as for some naive reason we assumed that the interest rate would stay the same throughout the 10 year period! Anyway, as the interest rate with the B of E went up so did Paragon Finance's. But what we are now waiting for is for the letters to come thru the door reducing the interest seeing as the B of E interest rate is practically zero. I realise that the
  9. thanks Lily Very Interesting Reading!! xx great letter Vint1954 - will be winging its way to Reigate in the very near future.
  10. doh!!!! Must brush up my negotiating skills. xx Interesting reading thanks Nuke Em. I am just concerened about offering F&F to those I am fighting with for a CCA from them before they can enforce the debt coz surely if I go and offer them 10% I am therefore admitting the debt and they can then go and enforce it thru the courts????
  11. If we are fighting for a CCA with a DCA and therefore not admitting the debt, surely if we then go and offer 10% etc etc as a f&f are we not then accepting the debt and they can then march us all the way to the courts or have I got that wrong?????????????
  12. It's been a while so here is an update in the 1st Credit Soap opera!! Basically My parents offered to lend me some money to pay another Credit Card off which was only a small sum compared to the amount I owe 1st Credit. This was done in May and was obviously shown on my credit file. Lo and behold a week or so later I get a letter from 1st Credit saying that they have noticed my financial situ has improved and that I should call them immediately to discuss!!! They did however state that they may be in a position to offer me a substantial discount of the full amount should I call them
  13. Hiya Dotty, i did CCA them and heard nothing so maybe I jumped the gun with them but My dad offered to lend me 50% of the full amount to get them off my back and they accepted and I have to say they were really nice people to deal with. They wanted my incomings and outgoings which to be honest are dire at the moment so they prob thought they should grab what they can off me:) xx
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