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  1. Just off the phone to welcome customer services in Nottingham. I asked who phoned me yesterday with my personal details, and was told Welcome just updating records. I then said that I heard my loan was going to Progressive Financial Services, Aaron started stuttering and said I will pass you to your accounts manager at the local branch. Angela comes on and I asked her about Progressive Financial Services, she said your loan is still with Welcome, but we are all the one company, Progressive are part of Welcome. I asked about further borrowing and was told the branch aren't lending,
  2. No never took anything because I don't need it. Have a scheme through work
  3. I am!!!!!!!!!!! but I also want to know how they got personal details of me, when I have never dealt with them, and neither has anyone in the house.
  4. very strange I don't even have insurance with NU and never have, yet they have all my correct details.
  5. Can you explain what that means or is it hush hush just now;)
  6. It's all really strange, especially with Post confirming the number is Norwich Union:confused:
  7. Post, my son answered the phone and took number, then phoned me at work I phoned them and they answered welcome finance. As I said they had all my details and offered finance
  8. Post don't know if this means anything, but to-day a call came to the house stating they were welcome finance left a freephone number to call. I phoned and it was answered welcome finance, and a female stated they just wanted to check they had the correct details for me. Checked my name, address and where I worked, then said would you be interested in further finance which I said no. I was informed to hold onto the number and if I wanted further funding just to phone. I sent away for my CCA last Friday so don't know if this is just coincidence/
  9. No deal, will have to raise the stakes a bit higher, very general answers given for someone who has worked in a place for over 2 years.
  10. Thanks Rrory knew I could depend on you for great information
  11. I was reading another thread when rroy was speaking to someone about considering bankruptcy. My nephew is up to his eyes in debt and lives with my sister and brother in law in a bought house. If he considered bankruptcy how would this affect my sister and brother in law? Any help appreciated
  12. If they ask me what is wrong, I usually say to them are you medically qualified to diagnose, this usually shuts them up If you don't want to say that, all you have to say is I would rather discuss this with the doctor, it's a private matter. You are entitled to confidentiality you can always make a complaint to the Practice Manager.
  13. Andie I think I have spoken with you, I'm just new to all this sort of thing, Never had to ask for help on a forum before always managed myself, but found this forum and thought it was brilliant. Now I want to challenge everyone, and get my money back I know you have a lot going on yourself with welcome and hope you get it resolved. My post doesn't matter, I have sent away to-day for CCA and SAR, but out the blue I got a personal loan statement this morning, never had anything from them before. It was a paragraph at the bottom I just wanted someone to comment on about " Interest
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