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  1. i am not.. .a bailiff lover ...just a 59 yr old woman who fell on hard times because of health. ..i ignored council tax reminders, thinking i could sort. ..but i couldnt.. .ended up with dukes ...this is my fault ,,i owe the money had a visit and thought i would have a heart attack.. .then phoned bailiff.. ...my hubbie is quite violent sometimes..so .....l waited outside until i got rid of him. ..then when he came in my five yre old grandaughter was there so he said he was there to check the heating. ..put me on an instalment plan which is less than it should
  2. when i commented i was not trying to be obnoxious....the poster stated her case, said she had 3 kids one which was 4 months old and the sword of damaclees hanging over her head.....i lost my home twenty years ago, and believe me good manners are quite low on the agenda. you cant even think straight....just paralysed with fear of the unknown....she did say in her original post any advice greatly appreciated..... obviously this is not enought to feed some egos....hey ho. this site is invaluable to thousands of people....some remeber at the beginning to thanks, some at the end...does it matter
  3. Lea how rude are you!!!!!this forum is for help....not grovelling thanks.....the sender said help was very much appreciated.....what more??????? Makes the site look wary!!!shame on you
  4. hi tawnyowl its marie who has the butty van...sooo glad to hear you have turned a corner....the north west is still grim...so many being laid off etc.etc. and it seems to be getting worse.... most days its not worth me turning out, but i do cos thats what we have to do. people are spooked at the moment, but everyone, without exception, is becoming more and more angry with this government and the way this country is being run. the working class shafted yet again. take carexxxxx
  5. hi guys have just received demanding letter from these. also a text to my mobile??????to ring them. re united utilities.........anyone any knowledge of these creeps? many thanks
  6. sorry you deserved what you got.....demeaning a work mate under the guise of "a joke" is appalling. i have worked with enough chefs to know they think they are special.....quite simply theyre not.....i hope you learn a lesson from this
  7. hi guys sorry but my family and friends seem to think im as knowledgeable as ell en because i like this site. simply, a friend of mine had arrears with a housing assoc. got a hearing for possession date but cleared the arrears, the final paymant made in cash the date before the hearing....she phoned the assoc. saying that she had paid outstanding balance, had the receipt saying paid in cash and would post a copy of the receipt to them....they still attended court the next day however and got a suspended eviction notice on condition the balance was paid and also rent due....she wants to know w
  8. have had a pre enforecement letter pushed through for 800 council tax. have cancelled a savings policy which will credit my acc.on 3rd dec.when can be paid in full. are they likely to accept this or will i get grief until that date.....or should i give post dated to the council. many thanks:?:
  9. so sorry to sub but i have been getting letters from phillips saying they are coming to remove goods on a debt that is eighteen years old.....have no clue who sold them this debt but where do i stand
  10. im sorry im VERY confused.....i read this thread, but then read a thread whereby you are aquiring horses....or am i on the wrong thread??????
  11. have just heard of a bloke in my area......29yrs old house taken last year...married with 4 yr old girl and another on the way....obv.harassed to death and the final nail in the coffin was his car was clamped the other day because of a bounced cheque....BY LUNCHTIME HE HAD HUNG HIMSELF..........dont you just love living in britain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BAILIFFS AND DEBT COLLECTORS MUST KEEP HORLICKS IN BUSINESS!
  12. a car is a load of metal....let it go...i know of a lad where ilive, 29 yrs old. one 4 year old and a baby on the way....car clamped the other day, prob the end of a long line of harrassment....by lunchtime the lad had hung himself............BAILIFFS MUST BE SOOOOO PROUD OF THEMSELVES
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