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  1. I am certain that this is a cock up from car firm, as the DVLA register new keepers etc for new cars week in week out. I have informed the DVLA and I have a case number in case I am ever stopped, and they are supposedly going to send me a new log book, though I just got a letter today asking who I sold my car to? Which is insane because I bought it?
  2. Does anyone have any advice for me?
  3. I purchased a car at a well known reputable car firm known all around the country At the time of purchase there wasn’t a second key, which was to be delivered within a 2weeks, there also wasn’t a log book. After much deliberation on the day of purchase where NEITHER where brought to my attention I went ahead with the purchase. Issue Number 1: After not hearing anything for two weeks regarding my spare key I contacted said car firm who said that the key actually hadn’t even been ordered yet and that it had been ordered now and will be delivered in two weeks (15th September). At this
  4. Yeah, I guess we thought things would be actually worse than they are. Thanks once more
  5. Tried to get a receipt off the person, didn't get one. He got no money and I informed the insurance. Feels better to do that to be fair. We've applied for the CCTV from the Garage, and I've got a friend who is a witness. And we can pay back whatever is shelled out and protect the no claims.
  6. He just phoned before. Apparently I caused more damage, then what was seen and it will cost 80 to repair a part which is 'bent'. I challenged him, saying I can get the repair done for far cheaper if he can give me the part number etc. He seemed okay with it.
  7. Even better advice. As I said, I'll give it a days grace, and give them a call. Cheers for all the advice people.
  8. I'm going to wait until the person contacts me. Give it a few days, and then inform my insurance company. The damage was minute, he drove off without a problem, was just a crack to the registration plate. Obviously it could be worse, but it's been over 3 hours since the incident, and I've had no call as of yet as to what he wants to do. I've done a quick google, and it will cost 10 Pound to replace and equip a new plate at Halfords. Now obviously it's not up to me where he goes to repair it. But needless to say I would like to discuss any options with him and pay for a
  9. It's more the worry that my insurance will no doubt go higher, if the person decides to claim. I mean, where will I stand on the argument? That can be fixed for a tenner, and it's my fault? Even if I don't claim on my insurance, will it affect my premium?
  10. ...Right I just reversed into a car, and cracked the license plate of the car. I apologised, and the damage is minimal, I am expecting a call soon, he was very understanding and it seems we are keeping it to ourselves. HOWEVER if he decided to claim on the insurance, where do I stand? The damage to the car is a crack to the registration plate, and it the license plate can be repaired and replaced for a 10er. The bad part is, and I'm expecting stick, is that I've just passed my test. The damage was minimal, and I can prove this by the fact there is no mark on the rear
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