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  1. I appreciate your comments, but .... there would have been a financial settlement at the time of the divorce in 2005. We are now 9 years on from the divorce and considering the OP's comments about her ex husbands infidelity (not relevant) his long haul holidays (not relevant), how secretive she thinks he is (its his business and not hers after all) I am just guessing that the OP is thinking I will have some of that. The ex husband would seem to have paid his maintenence regularly (otherwise the Op would have mentioned it). I feel quite sorry for the ex husband actually. Regards
  2. With your history I would keep quiet if I were you, stones and glasshouses etc Regards
  3. Like I care, abuse will be met with abuse. Regards
  4. Just out at work, you might remember that concept ? Regards
  5. Nice offensive post, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
  6. It doesn't seem fair and £38 appears excessive. However, the Banks rely on people being forgetful and or blase concerning their accounts. By keeping a close eye on your balances most if not all charges can be forgotten about. I am not a supporter of the Banks at all. If you all want to hurt the Banks then manage your accounts effectively and deprive them of 2.4 Billion pounds of income per year. Regards
  7. Crapstone this isn't a troll at all. Using unauthorised overdraft charges as an example please explain to me why I am wrong ? Regards
  8. Well said, they were fined 28 million pounds, if you take advantage of an unauthorised overdraft you too will pay a penalty, if they write to you telling you so you will pay for their letter. However, if you stuck to the terms and conditions of the Bank you won't pay any penalties, simple really.
  9. It's pretty simple really, don't break the rules and there aren't any penalty charges. What is it with you people ?
  10. I have experience with Provident insurance, a complete bunch of (Edit) and (Edit). My daughters car was stolen and it took two months to receive an offer of £1700 , I rejected the offer as I valued the car at £3500. I asked that they simply replace the car with a similar make, model and year and gave them two weeks to confirm that this was acceptable. They ignored my request and I issued a summons for £3500, they called to say that they would now negotiate a settlement. I stood by my demand for £3500 and they gave in and paid up. They explained that it was too expensive to defend my
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