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  1. Thanks for this i think i will use it as partial defence how much interest should i add to calculator some statements say 1.941 per month for cash some slightly less also does this carry on accruing to present day thanks again
  2. its a egg credit card there doesn't seem to be much in charges would any interest be calculated to present day? thanks for advice
  3. hi i have posted before but it was a long time ago we had been paying £20 a month but couldn't maintain this so they have sent summons i fear im going to get a ccj however i feel as this i have not yet had a ppi refund plus interest the debt should not have been sold on as the amount is in dispute. i know im probably wrong but feel that all issues with debt should have been resolved prior to litigation. rant over thanks for your advice D
  4. Hi All i want to reclaim ppi miss sold to me by egg many years ago i have all my statements and have the figures however i cant find what interest was charged although i have just found "merchandise interest at 1.385 per month" should i use this (im not sure if it would be more if treated as cash) could anyone point me to a ppi calculator (spreadsheet) also would i have a case for excessive charges or has that boat sailed thanks in advance for any advice D
  5. Hi All i have had a court summons for a credit card from 2005. i was miss sold ppi from the outset can i use ppi miss selling as a deffence i think the debt was sold on to Marlin as it was ann egg card i have had a copy of CCA and had all statements thanks in advance for any advice D
  6. hi thanks in advance for any further advice D
  7. Thanks for this i am already have poor credit and am not really concerned about the CCJ i just thought it would save me the hassle and extra costs the other thing im not sure of is how i put my financial details on the form. do i include my wifes income as this debt is in my name this is not going to make much difference as her income is barely enough to cover the mortgage and arrears our main income is from foster care, which is largely none taxable however due to the nature of our business our income changes considerably dependant on the number of children we care for
  8. Hi All I have received a court claim pack for me to fill out a defence etc. I have a few issues so here goes. It’s from Bryan carter solicitors regarding a debt that Lowell have purchased The amount on the claim is £7952.90 + (8% interest) £590.91 + court fee and solicitor costs £290 total £8833.81 When i received the pack i called Lowell. they were very helpful and did give me some options I made an offer to pay £50 per month towards the debt but I also made it clear that I was going to be claiming for miss sold ppi. they told me th
  9. hi the 1st vist and second visit fees are on different days to the levy fee but basicaly the day that the enforcement officer came other charges were added that day levy fee £39 release fee £22.50 i asked about this and they said its to release the levy ( although they did not take possesion ) and enforcement officer attendance fee the 1st, 2nd visit fees are the same as the local authority as is the £39 levy fee but everthing else is different. thanks D
  10. this was december 2011 there were no advertaising fees as my car was never taken nor did they enquire with dvla to find that it was registered to me at my address the £110 enforcement officer fee they say is standard even though the councils own baliff says they are not and i should complain thanks
  11. hi all i wonder if anyone can help me i recently had to pay jacobs baliffs for council tax and charges they attended my property and placed a levy on the car outside my home i did not sign anything nor did they enter my home the debt is now paid. however when i had deallings with a local authority baliff i noticed significant differences in charges, the council baliff sugested i complain about these cahrges the local authority charges were £720 council tax £22.50 first visit £16.50 second visit £44 levy fee £11 possesion fee this debt was secured on my car which i a
  12. Hi all i wonder if anyone could give me some advice our situation is quite complex but here goes we are foster carers ( however this income is tax free ) so it is not taken into account for tax credits council tax benefit etc my wife works in our local primary as a 1 to 1 classroom assistant she works 25 hours a week and brings home around £6000 a year ( of course this income is counted towards benefits we receive child tax credit ,working tax credits and have just applied for council tax benefit, when i asked about the mortgage interest help we were told that as my
  13. hi all just wondered if anybody has any ideas re my last post?? thanks for any advice DH
  14. hi all anybody got any ideas re my last post??? thanks in advance for any advice DH
  15. hi all i am sending Cap 1 a letter regarding the sar asking for more info, teh missing month's statment and a copy of the cca ( are they alowed to send the same cca for a sar that they send for CCA Request? ) or does it have to be a copy of the actual cca?? also i want to reply to their last letter about th cca they are saying account is not in dispute etc also they are refusing to stop processing my data (s10) is this correct? im going to tell them again that the account is in dispute not only because of the lack of a correct CCA but i will also be claiming unfair
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