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  1. I have an old debt which was originlly to to barclays bank for a current account with an overdraft. I was paying a norminal sum but stopped over six years ago due to financial difficulties. They sold the debt on to Hillesden Securities and I'm still being chased by direct & legal collections for this money and have received a notice of Sums in Arrears today. Can anyone advise on how to stop this harrassment please?
  2. Sorry to sound a bit dumb, but what statue barred letter should I send?
  3. I have a debt which was originally from 02 and goes back just over six years, (as far as I can remember it was a bill for around Oct/Nov 2004) Lowell Financial having been chasing on and off for this debt. I have never acknowledged this debt and been been unable to pay it due to long term illness and being on benefit. Today I have received a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors saying it will be referrred for court proceedings in 10 days if I do not pay by the 7th March.2011. I realise that it is probably statute barred by now, so cannnot understand why they are saying it will go to court. Can anyone adivse on how to deal with this in a letter as I don't want to risk doing the wrong thing? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. I have been thinking of ingoring this letter until the end of the year when im sure it will be statute barred as on checking my records I know no payments were maid in 2005. Any advice would be appreciated as Im going out of my mind with worry, I had thought this was one debt I had heard the last of.
  5. Sorry for sounding thick but I dont quite understand what that means! Does that mean they can still chase me for payment even though the last payment was made around six years ago. Surely it must be statued barred or will be very soon:???: I have no credit and are they able to see everything that is paid out of my bank account?
  6. I have just checked old bank statements and no payments were made in 2005, so the last payment was definately in 2004 sometime
  7. I sent a prove it letter and another letter saying the £1 was a CCA request and should not have been used as a payment. I have now received a letter from Hillesden Securities saying the account was passed to them in November 2006 and they have enclosed copies of bank statements, the account was closed in July 03. They have not said when the last payment was made but im sure it was before the end of 2004. They have also said they have referred to the orignial lender for comfirmation of any payment terms on the account and will update me accordingly. They finish by asking me the contact them to arrange payment. Can anyone advise on what to do next please.
  8. I sent a prove it letter to direct Legal & Collections and another letter saying the £1 was a CCA request and should not have been used as a payment. I have now recieved a letter from Hilesden Securities saying the account was passed to them in November 2006 and enclosing copies of my bank statements. The account was closed in July 03, but they have'nt sent any details of payments I made. Im sure the last payment was made before the end of 2004 but cannot be one hundred per cent sure. They have also said that they have referred the orginial lender for confirmation of any payment terms and will update me accordingly. They finish the letter by asking me to contact them to make payment. Can anyone adivse on what to do now please.
  9. Just before I post prove it letter to them Im wondering if that is the correct letter as I have found a statement clearly stating that they credited the account with £1 in Feb 2009, they have used the £1 I sent with the CCA request to Ruthbridge. I do not have their address so cannot contact them and think it would probably be ignored anyway. Im totally confused now!!!!
  10. I have sent prove it letter to dlc and have found statement from them stating a credit of £1 was made to a called Ruthbridge in Feb 2009. This was a CCA request and they have credited as a payment. I do not have the address of Ruthbridge any more, not sure what to do about this can anyone help please, Im worried they will use this as a payment
  11. I have just found the address for philips (specialist bailiff and debt recovery agents), they are based in Darlington and they started harrassing me in May and June, that was the reason for me sending the letter to prove I owed the debt to them, and as previously stated i never heard anything back from them!!
  12. Thanks for that I have already written a letter asking them to prove i owe the debt in July this year. I sent it to a company to Phillips who got involved somewhere but have since lost their address. I heard nothing back from them. Should I send another prove it letter to dlc? i'm totally confused by all of this and the same as the CCA request I cannot remember who I actually sent it to but it was'nt dlc.
  13. I had a current account with an agreed overdfraft with Barclays and it was closed in 02 due to me being in debt. I was paying a DCA a nomimal amount monthly but stopped approx. 6 years ago as I could not afford the payments. In the meantime the debt was passed to a company called Hillesden Securities and several DCA's have been chasing me ever since. A company called direct legal & collections are now dealing with this and I sent them a CCA request to which they never replied but deducted the £1 postal order from the outstanding amount. In May I sent a letter asking them to prove I owed the debt, this was also ignored. I'm not sure when the last payment was made on this debt but it has got to be around six years ago so I'm not sure if it will be statued barred, and the fact they deducted £1 from the debt, will this count as a payment? A letter arrived today saying they are passing the account to their debt surveillance programme and they will make regular reviews into my financial circumstances to assess my suitability for litigation action and they will continue to report my detault to credit reference agencies. I have been unable to work for the past six years due to ill health and live on income support. I am totally confused where I stand legally now and dont know what to do next. Can anyone help please?
  14. Thanks for all the adivse, just one last query, I do not have Arrow's bank details to set up a standing order. Should I ask for this when I write and do they have to give them to me?
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