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  1. Thank you to everyone who has replied, your replies have pursuaded me to stay firm. Without them I think I would have paid it.
  2. GOt another letter saying that they will send someone round after 72 hours, Is this a standard threat or are they getting serious. If they do come round, what powers do I/They have? Shall I ring them and tell them I'm disputing it?
  3. Update: New letter received from CSS asking to pay by 22nd, before intended court action. Is this a standard letter? Shall I still ignore or tell them it's in dispute.
  4. I've just googles ccscollect and it seems that they are proper debt collectors They have been contacting peopleto pay fore more then PCNs. If they ring me. Shall I tell them the ticket is being disputed. Will they then leave me alone?
  5. Sorry the letter was asking for £148. I didn't have the figures so just ?? Shall I still ignore?
  6. Guys you've been a great help so far. Hope you can help more. This week I received another letter. It's from ccs collect sept collectors, they are asking for £1?? Within 7 days before intended court action. It then goes on about what happens if court action is taken. It then says the problem will not go away and that they intend to recover the whole amount. This company has an address in Surrey and there is a giro slip at the bottom of the letter. What do I do? I read somewhere that if they invoice you, you can't ignore it. I look forward to
  7. Yes, its got the council logo on the ticket
  8. Hi, Someone I know has got a PCN for parking in a residents only area. In this street there are some areas where lines have been painted on the road (like a bay). There are signs as you enter the street on both sides and some on posts, on the pavements, however where this guy parked, there was no painted white lines on the road or signs on the post. There was only two signs at the begining of the block. This guy told me that originally he was going to park in the marked bay, but saw the signs and then ended up parking further on, where there was no marked bays/signs.
  9. So a 'formal' notice arrived today asking for £125 i think, to be paid within 28 days before court action. If not it said there will be further charges & administration costs. Do I still ignore?
  10. Can someone direct me to a thread, where someone has ignored the company successfully.
  11. Haha! Right, so your saying: Ignore this NOTICE and any other subsequent letters they send. Never Respond to them ever and they will eventually forget?
  12. Hi, Right I've read some of the previous threads and I understand that this is what you should do. 1 - Ignore Fine - Do NOT contact them, Wait for them to contact you. - If they contact you, send them a letter saying you acknowledge their letter but could they contact the driver instead. What happens next? In my case, I've just received a fine today for abused patron parking. It was a free park. I left the park and did not shop at any of the stores. Is it best for me just to pay £60 or use the procedure above?
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