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  1. Hi All After a very long fight with GE Money (well over 2 years and we've been at court for 18 months but keep revising dates as we have been in discussions about a settlement) they have finally made an offer thats in the same ballpark as my original figure. The figure they have come up with is for the original PPI amount of £1,024.89 plus a daily interest figure calculated at 35p a day for 2064 days. Obviously this is nothing like the FOS methodology, but neither is my original court submission (compound spreadsheet from here from ages ago). So a couple of considerations: 1. A
  2. Hi Guys OK - not sure how to go about the appeals process but will look around the forums. I'll also look into getting some legal advice. Probably won't be on again until, wednesday but again any advice appreciated. Thanks popeye
  3. Sorry I've not been around - away with work again and they monitor our internet usage so I can't log on (prob lose my job if they knew I was in debt becasue of security risk etc etc). Anyway, had to ask for an adjournment because I couldn't attend as I had to go to Southampton with work (job is very much to do with handling problems at clients premises, so we often need to go with very little notice). Obviously wouldn't have chosen not to attend - but the facts of the thing were so strong it's difficult to believe it didn't even get to court ! However, Restons true to form hav
  4. Hi All Just returned from a couple of weeks working away to find a letter from my local county court ordering that: 1) The defendants informal application for an adjournment be refused 2) The defendants informal application for leave to amend the defence be refused 3) Summary judgement is entered in favour of the claimant against the defendant for the sum of xxxxx together with interest in the sum of xxxxx and costs assessed in the sum of xxxxxx, a total of xxxxx. This sum shall be paid forthwith. Disappointed, shocked etc etc - but I suppose the thing now is what can
  5. Hi All Just to update Got the revised witness statement off yesterday - thanks to all for the input. The guidelines for how best to compile it and the advice on formatting etc were invaluable. Best Wishes Popeye
  6. Thanks Angel - good luck to you too If I can get this Summary judgement thing out of the way I think I'll be OK (this seems to be a standard thing for Restons if you read through the threads) Get 2 bites of the cherry that way. Anyway, loads of help on here - just don't leave it to the last minute as I've done with this one! Could be a long night for me i think So much seems to have gone on with this, i'm not sure what to take out and what to leave in.... But second draft on it's way soon. popeye
  7. Thanks PT I'm in the middle of my redraft now, but will use the template suggested. I've taken out pretty much all of the statute that was in the previous version, but added in the s61(1)(a) stuff... I'll post again when rewritten. Thanks again for your help with this, I know you've got tons of stuff on and I appreciate it ! popeye
  8. OK - I think I get what you are saying and I'll have a redraft asap!
  9. Sorry about the spelling - I think I've got PeterBard's keyboard No offence intended Peter !!
  10. Hi All This business of them sending different agreeements in response to differeent requests (posts 1379/1380/1381) - is part of the problem in my currelnt case with HFC. They sent me one 'true copy' of the original, however they sent something completely different whenI sent a CPR reques.Restons have now applied for a summary judgement and if we do end up at trial I wondering if there is anything to stop them producing a 3rd document as their first 2 probably aren't going to do the trick? Bet they wouldn't let me do it though..... Popeye
  11. Sorry about the 'readability' of this - it looked Ok when I previewed it. Should have added that the reason I've put all this stuff in is a) to try and show that they haven't complied with my SAR despite loads of requests b) to show that they have already sent 2 copies of the supposed T & Cs for this account, both of which are incorrect. Will they be able to supply yet another set of T & Cs when they see this (probably already seeing it LOL !!) - or do they have to stick with what they've sent to court this time round? :-|
  12. Hi All This is where I'm upto at the moment - but going to look at putting some more information in about the s65 legislation as this seems to carry more weight than anything else in here. Not sure if I'm clouding the issue with all of the other guff I've put in though? I've put the default issue in becasue I'm pretty sure I have the envelope and it was sent second class. But I'm not at home and don't have access to my files, so can't be certain. But I do tend to keep everything a la CAG advice! Anyway, here goes......I'm sorting out formatting, doc refs etc now. Witn
  13. If I can fend off the SJ, I'll probably look at getting some representation at the hearing, so the points can be argued correctly.
  14. Hi Guys Thanks for the interest ..... All very weird. My signature on the document is Oct 04 - they say Nov 04 (no date for their signature) The APRs on none of the documents they've sent match those on my first statement - and they don't match each other So 2 differnt agreements, 2 different APRs - neither match those on first statement. I've also a late charge of £ 25 applied to the account which directly contradicts the information on the first 'copy' they sent which suggested default charge of '£12' . I'm off to look at the thread PT suggested before trying t
  15. When they sent their response to my CPR request I received these...... http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac26/popeye2929/HFCApplication.jpg http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac26/popeye2929/TCsOverleaf.jpg And another copy of the pages in the link below (which I'd ignored !) However, I've got to compile a witness statement to contest an application for Summary Judgement and in addition to issues with the Defualt Notice etc, several thoughts come to mind: a) Clearly the document that HFC sent to me purporting to be a 'true copy' wasn't at all given the copy that
  16. And they also sent me this - which I pretty much ignored at the time .......mainly because I knew the form they sent me was nothing like the thing I'd actually signed. http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac26/popeye2929/BeneficialCopyofmyAgreementP1.jpg http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac26/popeye2929/MyAgreementP2.jpg
  17. Hopefully these links will work better...... http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac26/popeye2929/HFCCopyP2Application.jpg http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac26/popeye2929/HFCCopy1Agreement.jpg
  18. OK - thanks VJ Will post up now....but bear with me as not done this before !
  19. Also just noticed that the APR etc quoted in the blank agreement is different from that in the T & Cs in the stuff that turned up as a result of the CPR request. Also both are different from the APR eventually quoted on the statements - so much for a 'true copy' I was originally going to go down the particulars of claim must be within the 'four corners' argument, but having read the Carey judgement it seems that is now blown out of the water. The OC also make a point of saying that they only have a microfiche copy of the agreement, but again I'm assuming this won't help me
  20. Anyone any suggestions - I need to get my witness statement off on Monday.... Thanks Popeye
  21. Hi Guys Hope someone can point me in the right direction. I've been reading all the various threads on HFC/et al (including Humblemans which was very very scary) and I've seen some references to a specific piece of legislation which may help with my WS against the usual Summary Judgement request. Trouble is I can't find it now...... Several issues with 'agreement' (read application form), T & Cs and default notice but I think there may be more to add. HFC originally sent me someone elses agreement. They then sent me a blank application form following my complaint &
  22. Bump Revised POC due in tomorrow and just panicking a bit. Anyone any thoughts...... Popeye
  23. Popeye

    Egg 1 CC & 1 Loan

    Hi M & M Sorry for the delayed reply - very tempramental internet access! Card was taken out in 2002 and the top up loan in 2004. The card 'agreement' is the same as most of those posted on the ot a site and has all the faults PT has identified as being potential problems for egg. When I took out the top up loan they insisted I also has PPI - and again there are the usual problems with the loan documents. I've never completed any income & expenditure forms, just gone along with a payment agreement in order to try and get things paid off . I've got a reasonable day job an
  24. Popeye

    Egg 1 CC & 1 Loan

    Hi BSC Seems very similar - I've been paying this off to a much greater degree than I can actually afford. But I'm getting sick of their constant demands for even more cash so I've finally decided to try and fight back. Good luck to you too BSC x
  25. Popeye

    Egg 1 CC & 1 Loan

    Hi all Just starting a new thread for what I suspect may be a bit of a battle with EGG/Moorcroft. Currently on an exorbitant payment plan so sent off SAR - around 6 months later I've finally got a reply. Loan agreement is a microfiche copy onto their paper. This was a top up loan, and it seems they've added PPI (didn't want it, or ask for it). I'm thinking of going down the 'approved limit', multiple agreement etc etc route with my letter to them. But I'm not sur eof we are still using the multiple agreement argument in view of the SSPL v waker thing (apologies if I've got the wrong
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