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  1. Here's how it looked like: I went to the High Court with all my forms. I though I can only hand out my documents and wait for their reply about a week or something like that. There was one very friendly lady, she looked at my form and said: "ok, you have a hearing in 20 minutes" I went in to a nice room where the judge was siting behind the desk. He spent about 5 minutes going through my documents. On two occasions he looked at the docs saying "oh please, this is ridiculous!". I have never been scared like that before. I really thought he was saying that about my application
  2. Everything was done yesterday. I really want to pay that 150 but haven't got their account details. I requested it yesterday by email but haven't received any reply yet. I have an email confirmation that somebody from their solicitors have opened and read my email. What kind of game they are playing? That clearly proves they dont want the money, it was all about the revenge. BTW I really had no chance to win with their solicitor at the ET, Im sure he could be able to prove that even a bad weather is only my fault.
  3. CHECK THIS OUT! Im not sure if this is over now. I emailed claimant and asked for their account details to make a payment - havent received any reply yet. Is it possible they want to appeal? wonkeydonkey - thank you so much for your help, I wouldnt make it without your help! BIG THANKS to everyone!
  4. ok, thanks to your huge help - especially Wonkeydonkey - everything is ready and im going to visit a High Court in Strand tomorrow
  5. wonkeydonkey - email sent Ill keep everyone updated so other ppl can use this thread for help in future
  6. @wonkeydonkey I really need some help with the stay of execution please
  7. I called ET twice today and on both occassions have been told they cannot answer any of my questions and I need to speak with a High Court so thats what I did. Same answer from High Court! They cannot advice or comment and I need to speak with a legal aid. WTF is wrong with this system???
  8. Hope I dont get banned for mentioning a company name.... it is NEWLYN High Court Enforcement Limited. By saying set aside I ment that I want to pay that 150 without any funny charges - im sorry the whole thing really confuses me. I spoke with advisors from 'busines debtline', HCEO Association, CAB and no one can help me. Everyone says it's a strange case and I need to seek a legal advice from a solicitor. I wish I could do that but cannot afford to pay £120 per hour
  9. ok, here we go: Unfortunately I had to take my previous employer to the Employment Tribunal. They spent over 20k just on a solicitor and I have to admit he was really good so I had no chance to win. They tried to claim that money from me but thanks God the judge decided as follows: "The Claimant is ordered to pay £150 to the Respondent towards the Respondent's costs." "In setting the amount I have taken into account what the Claimant tells me about her financial situation at the moment. That said she is, through the help of her husband, managing to cover rent and living expenses
  10. BIG SURPISE !!! " Hello, Roman! Sadly I have to tell you that the Directors of ICM Electrical Ltd, under advice from a Business Recovery Company, have decided to put the company into Voluntary Liquidation. This is because the liabilities of the Company outweigh the assets and we see no possibility of redressing this situation in the foreseeable future. This means that, with effect from today, you are no longer employed byICM Electrical Ltd. " Can someone tell what is better in that sistuation? - Claim PPI refund and try to finish this crappy contract or
  11. ok, I've just received all docs from WF, but what should I do now? I have all paperwork inc PPI. Can I send a letter that you can see in my first post? PLS I really need help with this matter
  12. thx, but I want to send this letter ASAP Im not sure what I should put instead of "I am requesting a full refund of all my insurance payments, plus interest, which total £ ????????." I want them to delete this crap from my contract and refund all PPI payments I've made already
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