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  1. barrowby

    Barrowby -v- EGG

    Hi Dotty! I wish mine was 40% of the balance but alas it is a discount of 40%!!!! I am not sure if I should write back or send them a CCA request?
  2. barrowby

    Barrowby -v- EGG

    Well....after a period of calm....I have had a flurry of activity over the past month from ARC Europe Ltd and Tremor Munn Solicitors. Usual threats etc....but recent letter from ARC is offering a 40% discount for a partial settlement on my Credit File! Totally umprompted by me....end of the letter states that if I don't have the money then I had to ignore........if only I had the funds!!!! Have anyone else had the same sort of offer?......or any suggestions
  3. Thanks Dotty, I will send him a PM and see if he can help.
  4. Thanks TWTT, I did research the Royal Mail angle and only found out the information as posted above at #2 Thanks Dotty.....I have already looked at their site and this is the closest I can get to a mention of delivery timescales... http://www.ukmail.biz/UKDeliveries You can see they state that they do either 2 day or 3 day...but how do you tell?...and this is not a 4 day service!! I take you point about reading the posts...and boy have i read a few!!...but everyone makes statements like "it was sent UK mail so it was def 2nd class"...but how do i prove this. Yes, i have every e
  5. Sorry to be a pain...but does anyone have any comments to add? I have received a reply to my defence from to solicitors acting for the CC which states that MBNA send all their mail First Class....any pointers would be welcomed. Thanks
  6. Hi Dotty, meant to say...I had Aplins chasing me for another CC and i just wrote to them and pointed out that the A/C was in dispute and to revert to the CC Company....They seem to have given in and now passed to ARC (Europe) Ltd.....anyone have dealing with this shower?
  7. Ok, I think that is have managed to find some further information relating to the "S" on the postmark. It would appear that this is linked to the license that has to be issued by the post office to 3rd party operators (UK Mail, TNT etc) which allows them to supply a seperate service to companies (Egg, MBNA etc) and carry out mail collection and sorting with the final mail being delivered by Royal Mail. I just can't find out how you tell if the mail is sent 1st or 2nd Class. With so many people placing the importance of 2nd v 1st class mail (i.e in default notices etc) someone must ha
  8. Like Chalkitup says.....loads of these are sent out like Confetti!!.....I have just had an account passed to ARC (Europe) Ltd...says pretty much the same....and I guess just ignore until their next move. Keep your chin up Dotty!
  9. Hi, Does anyone have an accurate answer to what type of postal service an "S" is on an envelope? I have read many a thread staing that S means 2nd class and therefore 4 days postage applies....is this documented anywhere?... In my case i am referring to UK Mail but any information or thoughs would be welcome. Thanks Barrowby
  10. Hi Magirose....I think that I am just about to get a POC from Egg and will enter the same arena as you! Now let me start by saying that I am in no way as qualified as many posters on CAG....so hopefully someone more clued up will be along to help!! just like coledog has done so far. I would say that if Egg are listed as the claimant on the POC they are still the owners of the debt. I have had contact form all the companies that you sight and they all seem to be "acting" for Egg as opposed to "owning" the debt. Either way.....If you have a POC stating that Egg are demading t
  11. Hi citizenB No, I did receive a copy of the "agreement" and a DN...but the DN was a copy of something that I had never received before....the one that I got was dated 3 days earlier and this first i knew of this was when the POC mentioned it. I was thinking that I could ask for the claiment to prove that they sent this to me? Thanks
  12. Subbing...Can't wait for the next installment! Keep the faith series3!!
  13. barrowby

    Barrowby -v- EGG

    Hi, Without sounding too thick!!....how does this change the position re Prescribed Terms on Egg agreements? I was waiting for a reply to my Account In Dispute letter which i sent to Egg 6 weeks ago. Received a reply yesterday with ref to Slater v Egg and also Waksman. Can post the letter is it is of interest. Thanks
  14. Hi, Without sounding too thick!!....how does this change the position re Prescribed Terms on Egg agreements? I was waiting for a reply to my Account In Dispute letter which i sent to Egg 6 weeks ago. Received a reply yesterday with ref to Slater v Egg and also Waksman. Can post the letter is it is of interest. Thanks
  15. Bump!....for Chipmeisters sake....and mine! I have the same issue...hope someone on here can help. Thanks
  16. Hi, Not wanting to Hi-Jack your thread MBNAed!....merely try to canvas some of the knowledge that seems to be around this thread. How is a defective DN (i.e. days short to comply) coupled with the fact that the DN was registered on credit file (3 companies) before the date of the DN place a defence? As you might have guessed this is a position that i find myself in (along with a non complient agreement) Thanks in advance
  17. Thanks DX, Can you point me in the direction of a holding defense as i need to submit it very soon. I am unsure if i should pursue the route of unenforcible CCA or the fact that I have had 2 unlawful DN's issues and a Default registered on my CR before the first DN was even written. I am awaiting a reply to my SAR which is due in the next few days, but after the date the defense is due. Any help appreciated!
  18. Hi, JUst a quick question...which i hope someone can answer today! Am i write in thinking that a DN cannot contain penalty charges within the amount of arrears requested? I think that I have read so many posts on this site that I am getting bits and pieces mixed up. Thanks
  19. Subbing....think I might need some of the great advice on this thread!!
  20. Thanks DX, Not near a scanner this weekend....but here are the issues: 1. Initial DN issued short by 2 days 2. When I checked my Credit Records I found that the Default was registred on my file Before (5 days i think) the date of issue of the DN. I have checked all 3 main ones and the all show the same. 3. Now when I received the reply to my CPR 31.14 they have supplied me with a different DN with an issue date Later (about 5 days) that the original DN. Can they just change the DN's?........ Now I need to enter my defence in the next week and I am trying to figure out the best
  21. Can anyone help with my post above?...Thanks
  22. OK,...brief update...and a question to those learned ones out there......received my CPR 31.14 request back....same unenforcable agreement ect as per post #1....inc current T&C at my new address.....but.....the DN is dated differently from the original that I have. Can't be more specific at the moment as the docs are at work.....but wanted to know if anyone has come across this before??....or could point me in the direction of posts to read? Can they just re-date DN's to suit???....oh....of course they can...silly me!...they can do what they like!!! Thanks
  23. barrowby

    MBNA Thoughts

    Hi MancMonkey, I am not the most qualified on here to tell you what to do....but I would suggest sending another CCA request (only a £1) and seeing what the make up this time, if it is different you might be able to use this in the future. I would alos spend an evening (or 2!) reading the great threads on this site.....hopefully someone a little more experienced than I will be able to help. Perhaps you could post (less ALL identifying marks) your 2007 CCA responce and this could get the advice ball rolling.
  24. barrowby

    MBNA Thoughts

    Hi MancMonkey, I would suggest starting with a CCA...you are not harming anything by doing this and it will let you see what they have...or not. The advise that i have read re SAR's is to wait a little and see what the CCA turns up.....then if you do start down that road this information should start to add to your record and when the time is right you ask for a SAR and see what information is recorded (this sound confusing when you try to write it down!!) but basically if they try to say that they never recieved certain letters from you but the SAR shows them....then this is more power t
  25. Subbing....Great Thread and I am in a similar position so gleening what I can!
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