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  1. Just out of interest can you appeal if you have paid judgement.
  2. Really sorry but it got paid today £13k by my dad, I thank you all for supporting me and still offering me advice now. Like I said previously this court case has taken a lot out of me and I really need to concentrate on work and my family as these get effected by the constant stress this has had. Many thanks again, but need to sleep again instead of sleepless nights, lucky enough I have a payment plan with my dad which I can afford and no CCJ Kind regards Johno
  3. Thanks for all your help, I am going to settle the payment in two weeks as I have the means to do it. The default drops off my credit file and I do not want damage to my credit report as the default drops off in September. This process has taken a lot out of me and need to move on with my life.
  4. Appeal? Not sure it will get me anywhere unless I could include other stuff, like credit agreement unreadable, two default notices different wording same date! Would probably need some hel in court as feel deflated with the system at the moment
  5. Yes seems to be Ford, make no sense but the judge would not budge. The default notice was the cause of action. Look I am gutted but sometimes that's what life throws at you!
  6. I know hard to take, I had no chance of winning today, the only saving grace is my dad wanted to come and he is paying the 13k in 14 days so I do not get a CCJ. thank you to everyone that has helped me, I feel exhausted from reg whole experience, they were going for 18.5k with costs and interest so it is the best it can get for me in this situation. Kind regards Johno
  7. Yes I tried everything, but he kept saying the cause of action is the default, but took in to account what I said. He did refuse them all the interest and costs as he said it is there fault for taking too long to issue proceedings. Johno
  8. The Judge went with the cause of action as the default notice. Would not move on the fact that a creditor can dictate the limitation act by waiting 8 months to issue a default notice. Gutted
  9. Lost in Court SJ given, will provide details later
  10. Thanks Andy for all your help, feel a lot better and more confident, keep it small and sweet. Am I going for a full hearing or for it to be thrown out?
  11. Do I hand this out as soon as I enter the court room or before
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