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  1. I can only guess at how difficult and stressfull it is for the people who have to attend and work in very difficult circumstances, when changing meters under a warrant for example. I have a great deal of respect for those people who like myself do genuinely care and want to help wherever possible. I like most people on here appreciate the help very much and I apologise if I caused offence by not making this clearer in my last post. I am and always will be extremely grateful for the help and advice I have had on these forums. Sometimes perhaps things are not conveyed as well in the written
  2. "Without wishing to hijack this thread" Your replies like others, who previously worked with the energy providers, may well have been posted on this thread with the best intention. However several of the responses lack any empathy for those of us who have had our property entered without any consultation or form of redress. I was honest enough to post and confirm that things were not as I had previously been led to believe. I made a comment about what I would very much like to do, knowing full well that it is against the law to tamper with a gas or electric meter. Tenants are generally a
  3. GK: I don't believe I mentioned anything about the neighbour seeing them off! If she had have done maybe I would not have needed to replace the front door and repair the damage caused to the floor by the glass landing on it. As it happens I was able to speak to the neighbour properly this afternoon and I asked her to confirm exactly what she had seen happen. Despite banging on the door and making a lot of noise for some considerable time, I'm sure GK will be chuffed to learn that the men who changed the meters did not break the glass. The glass was in fact broken by the tenant who was un
  4. Originally I assumed that the tenant had actually done just that, and it was only because I apologised to my neighbour for allowing a person like this to rent my flat, that she said; "I hardly ever saw him, much less heard him. The damage to the door was done by the men who came to change the meters. It must have taken them at least three hours to get in because in the end they had to wait for a locksmith" Yes that is pretty much word for word what she said, she has no reason to make it up. Whilst I understand that the utility suppliers had a court order to gain access, I'm sure
  5. My tenant owed me money so I went round to see him, when I got there the front door was in a mess and the glass panel had been replaced with some hardboard. The tenant hadn't been there for over a month judging by the mail that was on the floor. On the one hand I was fortunate as this enabled me to take possesion of my flat due to the property being insecure. What angered me the most was the neighbour telling me that the men who came to replace the gas & electric meters had first smashed the glass in the door, but found they couldn't open the mortice lock. Then tried kicking the door
  6. Hi and thanks for the help and advice. I did post the abandonment notice and the letting agent has heard from the tenant. There appear to have been some extenuating personal circumstances on his part which I won't go into, however had he handled things differently things wouldn't have got to the stage they have. As it stands the tenant has been very reasonable & given up the flat immediately, neither I nor the agents have pressured him in any way. He has apologised for the condition the flat was left in and according to the agent was genuinely remorseful about the situation. If only h
  7. My letting agents had a call from my tenants employer who advised them that because they hadn't seen or heard from him for a month they had terminated his employment. They had been paying his rent, although the tenancy is in the employees, not the companies, name. This means that the rent which had been due at the end of July has not been paid. The tenant has been renewing his assurred shorthold tenancy for about two years and up until now we have only had one late rent payment. My landlord has tried on several occasions to contact the tenant by telephone, however he has not answered or r
  8. Just to let everyone know. I managed to get a letter from the manager of a Hugo Boss shop confirming the original retail price of the suit in question and confirmation of a replacement cost. I sent this to the insurers who offered, and have now paid out £300 in compensation. Around £75 less than the suit would have cost. Thanks to all of those who gave me advice and the confidence to pursue my claim.
  9. Thanks again. I'll need to ask the dry cleaners for the return of the jacket, and then see about obtaining an estimate from the Hugo Boss shop. If I'm lucky they will do it over the telephone, because thats all I will have the time to do before I go away. I presume I'm not obligated to inform the insurers because I won't be able to contact them for at least 3 weeks due to my holiday. After I return and have got the estimate from Hugo Boss I can send it to the insurers along with a claim for the costs incurred in obtaining the estimate (if I have to drive to MK to get it) and the let
  10. Thanks again. I have always applied common sense when dealing with aspects of the law, however common sense and fair play are no substitute for knowledge. All of this helps considerably, I feel a lot more confident about the situation now. I was worrying that I was going to end up with next to nothing, which would be ridiculous under the circumstances. I'll need to ask to have the Jacket returned on Monday. I am going away for two weeks on Wednesday and since the nearest stockist is 35 miles away in Milton Keynes I will not be able to do anything about getting an estimate for the cost of
  11. I understand the concept of subrogation, normally this applies when an insurer is recovering the loss on behalf of the insured (premium payer), since I haven't paid them the concept is unfamiliar to me. I wonder if I can claim on the personal possesions cover on my contents insurance and let them argue with the cleaners insurers. If the cleaners can limit their liability when taking care of garments entrusted to them, and paid for in advance, simply by putting up a notice to that effect what is to prevent them denying all liability in the same way. I assume they will have a notice of thi
  12. Thanks for the replies. I don't recall seeing any notices up in the cleaners, however I'm sure a notice doesn't reduce their liability. I don't think it's possible to get this suit or the trousers now as they will have a design lifespan lasting a couple of seasons at most. If the jacket and trousers aren't cleaned together they will soon fail to match. The only way I won't lose out is if they replace the suit or give me the full value. I'll need to get the jacket from the cleaners, but what if they tell me they no longer have it? Either way I'll need to find a Hugo Boss stockist who
  13. In August last year (2008) I took four suits to a local dry cleaners, one of which I needed the following week for a friends wedding. They told me that the other three wouldn't be ready for another few days, I agreed and paid for all the suits up front. The suit I needed was ready on time and I arranged for my parents to collect the remaining three as I was away on holiday. When I returned my mother told me she had collected two of the suits but the cleaners had mislaid one and were trying to find it. The trousers to the suit were never found, however the jacket did turn up, the cleaners
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