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  1. Have recently got £1500 from Halifax Bank for mis selling ppi. I have not had an account with them for 5 years. Obviously they were paying everyone the same amount which in some cases would be less than they were entitled to. I viewed it as money coming at the right time for me. It has changed my finances for the better.
  2. I have had dealings with \\Bryan Carter in the past. I was issued with a CCJ without warning. This was not for the whole amount just a small amount.
  3. I have a credit card from vanquis and have paid what they say is minimum payment. When I have paid slighly more than the minimum, the interest they add on took me over my limit and they hit me with extra charges. I have written to them complaining about this. They have not replied. They have been on the phone over the last few days demanding payment. I have been ill in bed for a week and as a pensioner I expect to be dealt with understanding. I have dealt with many customer service depts over my lifetime and vanquis are the worst. Any suggestions please?
  4. I have a granite card issued by vanquis. My problem has been they ask for a minimum payment and when I pay slightly more than the minimum The interest they put on takes me over my limit. I know of no other company who acts in this way and I am still waiting a reply to a letter I sent to them 2 weeks ago.
  5. I have a credit card from vanquis bank- granite. I have paid just slighltly more than the minimum required for the last 2 months. Quess what- when they add interest it takes me over my credit limit. I was expecting an increase in my limit. This is not going to happen. I feel as though I have been misled.
  6. A year figure of 6 years is put forward for statute barred. Is it the same yearly figure for a mortgage signed over a seal. Is a mortgage signed as above recognised in the same way if mortgage is sold to another company
  7. I am a pensioner 67years old who has debts bought by lowell and cabot. I have been paying both of them. However my food costs and utilitity costs have increased so much I have no spare cash to pay them. What action can I take?
  8. Acc used to offer mortgages in the uk. I think they sold there mortgage business to Citi Financial. How legal were these mortgages and how did transfer stack up.
  9. I took out a remortgage in the early 1990's with WBBS. It was a rollup mortgage which started life just over £200 and after the 3 years a low rate ended costing me nearly £500 (interest rate went to 15%). Thought I was covered by a policy bought at time of remortgage which I thought was to pay off mortgage if problems arose. I had to walk away from this house as I couldn't afford the high payments. This was after 9 months of WBBS failing to answer my questions as to help they could offer. They came after me 5 years later for the shortfall in mortgage. Today I pay
  10. Gothia contacted me some 2 weeks ago about an alledged debt to CIT (dell computers.) I informed them that I had settled this account and my credit file shows that this account is settled. No more from gothia until this morning when I got phone call. I stated again my credit file showed settlement. If they call again or write what should I do?
  11. I ditched BT over a year ago. Just received letter from BT saying I owe them money and if I didn't pay they would pass it on to a debt collector. I contacted BT to say I needed an itemised bill. This is what they would do. However Moorcroft have sent a letter saying I owe BT and have tagged their fee on it. Best course of action please
  12. I am a pensioner and receive pension credit. I am paying £100 a month to West Brom BS for a house reposessed many years ago. I was told this is not to be included in my application for pension credit as it was not a mortgage on my current property. Is this correct?
  13. I had a previous property repossessed in the 1990's. The building Society West Brom came after the money through the courts. I pay them £100 a month but the debt is rising and from around £35000 it is now over £55000. Interest rate is 8%. Any advice please?
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