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  1. Lowell's who purchased the debt from lloyds have recorded a debt this year on my wife's credit file. The original loan with lloyds was June 2006 and the last payment July 2008 when my wife lost her income with no warning from work. Should that be on her credit report and if so for how long?
  2. I have used the fos form for the ppi. Can the dca register a purchased debt as a new debt on your credit report which they have done this year? It makes the report look as if you have taken out a brand new loan.
  3. I have just come across this comment after returning to the forum. The independent legal advice wasn't wrong it went wrong from the start when the branch secretary of the pcs union never bothered to turn up for the hearing. The union rep also wrote a statement clearly showing that the senior management had lied on six different counts which they relied on in the hearing. Following the loss of the case there was very strong legal support verified by no less than three independent solicitors firms that a case could be brought against the union for negligence. At his point my wife who suffers w
  4. I have checked on the original file the info I requested from lloyds included two payments made onto the account logged as ccd rebate does anyone know what these are? Then according to the screen prints i requested from Lloyds there was a write off to clear the debt in early 2009? Not being familiar with their internal procedures I am not sure why this is recorded as such and then selling the debt this year nearly 4 years later. I have just downloaded the Lloyds ppi claim pack has anyone used this? The reason for asking as it looks like it is designed a
  5. With regards to the unclaimed ppi would lloyds have to pay back the full amount of the original ppi plus the interest or just the premiums paid during the term of the loan prior to default?
  6. I am sure there are more than a few default charges I will have to check. The loan has not had any ppi paid back as yet due to us not recognising the debt or putting in a claim for a refund to date. I will have to dig out the old files and dust them off for a recap. If I was a single guy I would have joined the freemans by now lol. Why would anyone pay a dca company in which a legal contract has never been entered into? Do banks initial signed agreements state that they are allowed to sell a debt if you default as part of there own terms and conditions? At wha
  7. The debt lowells have purchased has never had a ppi reclaim yet as we don't recognise the debt. The other agreements are still with Lloyds and the ppi has been paid against the outstanding debts which would never have been there had they even recognised a claim. When a claim was originally pursued we were fobbed off and left to claim against a third party insurer we had never heard of before? All the literature provided was lloyds for the insurance. Under the policy we had a legitimate claim on the policy following my wifes retirement to settle the whole debt thats why t
  8. We have received the 8% in the past on some products but the ppi charges some of which were over £6k were paid onto the debts that should never have been debts in the first place. The other one I am now looking at is clean and paid up in full which is due back in full which is another £5k plus interest I am looking at that now.
  9. They have sold 1 to lowell's and westcott and red are chasing another one all of which have been in dispute over the years with lloyds and the Fsa. The product sold to lowell's has not had the ppi repaid at all yet. The reason so far for not claiming it is lloyds could not provide an original signed copy of the agreement on request a couple of years ago. We didn't respond or claim due to us not recognising the original debt so being reasonable you can't have it both ways can you. Now they have tried pulling a swifty with selling a disputed debt to lowell's I
  10. Not been on for a while so hi to everyone Can someone advise me as to what happens when lloyds pay ppi towards an outstanding debt instead of us? The reason for asking is due to the fact that when my wife was forced into I'll health retirement by the dwp she worked for for 10 years we both had legitimate claims under the policy so we thought. What lloyds did was not only ignore the claim for my wife who is disabled they refunded the ppi and paid it onto the outstanding loan and then sent a demand for payment of the outstanding balance. In my case when I tried to
  11. My wife worked for the DWP and Jobcentre Plus for over 10 years and was a member of the PCS Union from the very start. My wife has a recognised disability of which there is no cure and requires permanent daily medication. Following a bout of absence that lasted over 6 weeks the department pushed for a return to work date threatening a review of my wife's position if she did not supply a date. This went on further with a recommendation for dismissal with compensation which was later changed to voluntary ill health retirement without my wife's consent I may add. The application for retireme
  12. Does anyone know what notification you get from your lender if a suspended order is not maintained? I know they apply back to the court for an order to be enforced. My question is are you notified by the court of the date and written to about the decision made with a date to vacate?
  13. This is a blast from the past I dealt with this company on a business level they went down the first time owing me over £3500 when I called my local rep who worked for the company he was facing losing his job he told me that the then directors were using business funds for investing in other projects that had failed. That is why all us retailers stopped being paid I still have a creditors list of companies who were owed money and there were some big names on there including Everton FC who were owed a lot of money. I wonder why the individuals responsible are never investigated for fraud wh
  14. It did come around quickly. I have cleared the decks and am now able to focus on any outstanding issues 100% so all good. The case was directed to a small claims route to reduce costs with mediation to take place using a third party between myself and Lloyds seeing as Lloyds have constantly ignored my letters and calls which the judge recognised. The judge was very helpful. I await the directions so on it goes.
  15. I have got to attend a directions hearing tomorrow regarding this case I will let you know how it goes.
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