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  1. Is there anyway of finding out if debt is statue barred and what steps i need to take to clean up/remove them from my credit file. 3 out of the 4 creditors have failed to supply me with a cca which I asked for and the one that did took 6 weeks in doing so. Any advice would be handy Thanks
  2. is there a way of finding out when i last paid without claiming knowledge of debt. Thanks
  3. I recieved a letter from Westcot saying I owed 3800 from an MBNA card, i asked for a CCA and they have come back with a computer print out of my details and a photocopy of the signature slip. The last time I paid was June 2003. Do they need to supply me with more than that? Whats my next step?
  4. so after 6 years, if I went to get a mortgage, the adverse credit would not hinder my chances?
  5. so after the 6 years, does the debt get wiped from my credit file or does the black mark remain?
  6. From what date is a debt considered statute barred? Is it 6 years from the date you took out the loan or 6 years from when you last acknowledged the debt. Thanks
  7. what if they can provide me with the details from the CCA request. What do I do next?
  8. Should I email them my intent and tell them to keep all contact in writing?
  9. they said it was egg, so maybe a credit card
  10. I had a call from these people yesterday saying that I owed them £2057 and has got me worried. I fell onto hard times and couldnt afford to pay the debt. I last made a payment in 2003/4. The guy on the phone said if I dont come to an agreement they will start bankcruptcy proceedings against me on friday. What can I do?
  11. thanks for your advice. much appreciated. what happened when you requested the CCA?
  12. I will send it recorded too, but if I send them an email detailing my intent of requesting a CCA via post and not to call me again, would that help? That way it gives me proof that I have called them today as requested and also that I have played ball?
  13. I will do it recorded, but if I email them of my intent to request a CCA via post and the fact I called them today as requested then I have proof that I have played ball
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