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  1. In July 2010 a new system will be enforced called ISA which will take over CRB Check
  2. fairyprincess5

    Lcd Tv

    Actually they do have a right to take up to 6 weeks as this will cover time for getting in spare parts etc. If it takes longer than 6 weeks then you are entitled to a replacement!
  3. You do have a right to cancel your order as they have not performed to the contract (the date they said it would be in by)
  4. fairyprincess5

    Lcd Tv

    Generally it takes a company 6 weeks MOST to fix a problem if not they generally replace it!
  5. Retail is a hard industry to work in every company have their own methods on how to drive sales - I have only come across the odd one or two customers who shout or don't take my advice but most of them are happy with the way the situation has been dealt with. However I have used the DSGI group for buying products and I must say I hate the fact that as soon as you go in there its financial plans being offered straight away with warrenties I even had a sales assistant (not a manager) say they wouldn't serve me as I didn't want an extended warrenty. I had a problem with a laptop but the com
  6. You haven't got a Criminal Record as the police weren't involved. However stores who use RLP can check with them if you have been caught by other stores (theft, ticketing switching etc) as this will show if your dishonest! So if you apply for a job with a company who use them after being caught you might as well not even apply if you have been put on their data base. Also the will keep a copy of the Banning notice so they have proof that they have banned you from the store so if you go back into any of the companies stores then you are trespassing. You got £150 fees from RLP this is
  7. Argos will generally replace the product for the exact or similar model - as the exact model is in store still you should still recieve this one at no extra cost as there is a fault with it. Under SOGA they have to repair or replace it they do not have to honour a refund - but your lucky to even get offered a replacement - most companies who sell LCD Tv's prefers us to pay for the repairs rather than them repairing or replacing at their cost !
  8. Even though its a shops ex demo you still havethe right to refund it as faulty
  9. On ebay go to "my account" under "sold" you can cancel the transaction by clicking on the right hand side of where the item is said to be sold. However you will need to relist it but eay do not charge if under the ancel transaction bit you click on buyer bought by mistake they will have to accept this reason.
  10. They don't have to sell to you as prices change all the time - though promotions etc. You could go back and ask for them to refund and sell you it again at promo price, but they do not have to! its like asking for petrol prices back as one day it was one prices and then it goes down and ask for your last transaction to be cancelled and sold at the price it is today !
  11. There is a law with flashing or spinning blue lights which I shall find for you, this says that it is illegal to have them unless you are an emergency vehicle. However there is a loop hole in this law hence why boy races have blue lights that do not flash or rotate. It doesn't mention in the law that standalone blue lights that has no mechanism in it is not legal.
  12. From your point of view its not nice being in this situation, however human error does occur these days.
  13. Generally Batteries aren't covered after 3 months, how about you call Sony technical department and see what they say as its there product and they can offically tell you how long the warrenty on the Sony battery lasts, if it is a year then ask them to confirm via email or letter and speak to John Lewis with the evidence.
  14. You don't need to receipt to get a refund, they can trace sales with the Staff Discount Card it is only them being Lazy that they won't go out the back and get it up in the back office. Funny they know your sales and can easily pull you up with queries on purchases made though your card. This is between Tesco and Goodmans as the sellers and manufacturers you will have to have some proof that you have bought the TV from Tesco hence why they won't accept it as you paid cash, and have no receipt. Keep getting at them for the staff discount logs. There is no point in taking them to court as it is
  15. Chargers only have a 1 year warrenty and you have to use it as the manual says. i.e. not always have the charger plugged in all the time and only use charger when the battery is "dying" otherwise you will cook the battery (accidental damage) The battery pack usually breaks with not using it properly - tripping over it breaking the connection in the laptop, and powercuts etc. classed by these manufacturers as accidental damage as well.
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