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  1. I've been long term sick since jan 2009. When I asked my employer for holiday pay I was told that I wasn't entitled to it because I worked term time. Does anyone know if this is correct. I work in a school and knew I wouldn't be entitled to all school holidays but thought I would get four weeks.
  2. Thanks for all your help. Will phone ombudsman and have sent letters asking for all charges applied to my account to be returned.
  3. Thanks for advice.They passed it on straight away can't remember getting default. Just a letter saying that they were closing my account. I will try the bank charges reclaim as I know there were lots of charges on account.
  4. I had an overdraft with Rbs.They closed the account and as I couldn't pay overdraught off they passed it on to Triton. The amount was £1,400 and for the past year and half I've been paying £30 per month. Recently I got a letter from them wanting a higher payment and the amount outstanding was higher than the original £1,400. I phoned them and they told me that my payments weren't enough to cover the charges every month. Is this right for them to do this? I receive incapacity benefit fortnightly and DLA this is my only income. I can bearly afford the £30 as I have other debts and these are also
  5. sorry last line should read "SHOULDN'T BE ASKED TO RUN"
  6. Thanks for all the advice. The reason this came about was that I was asked by headteacher ( who was aware of my disability) to look after a child who had a history of running away. He could have run out of playground onto busy road. I said that I couldn't, she didn't wait for explaination and reported it to H R. They then sent me to occ health who sent report saying that I could carry out my duties but should be asked to run and I had difficulty kneeling and using stairs. It was then that they told me I couldn't work in primary.
  7. I have been arguing with them about this. They kept pushing me to do the same job at secondary. Its the same job title but aspects of job are different I would be walking and on my feet more which aggrevates condition. I kept telling them that this wasn't the correct position because they would put me under strain. They kept insisting so I agreed (union rep agreed with employer)to give it a try. I was in constant pain and eventually the doctor signed me off with depression as the pain was wearing me down and affecting my family life as well. I found the union rep wasn't very supportive and lea
  8. They are going to look at re-deployment but they said because of finanacial problems theres not a lot of jobs going. I really enjoy my job and working with young children. I know my capabilities and at no time would I put a child at risk. H R said if a child ran out of school I couldn't chase after them.(which is the wrong thing to do) Apart from my disability I'm 54years old so chances of keeping up with a child are slim anyway. I feel this is unfair.
  9. I work as a pupil support assistant for local council. I have a disability which causes some restriction with my movements ( going upstairs, running kneeling). I have been told by H R that I can no linger work in a primary school because I would be a risk to the children in my care and to myself. My question is Can they do this? I know of other employees with the same condition and restricted movements that are still working in primary school. Could I question why they are being allowed to continue working in primary? I'm trying to put a case together as I enjoy my job. I have been employed b
  10. Thanks BankFodder your post was most helpful. Will go back tomorrow and will do this.keep you posted.
  11. My son bought a digital box costing £89 After a few months it broke and comet gave him a new one. Again after a while this has broke same thing again. Comet said that they couldn't do anything as it was out of guarantee. The Second box was only6months old. Comet said that the guarantee runs on from the first box that was purchased and not from when he was given the new one. Is This correct? Any advice would be helpful.
  12. Thanks for all the advice. This site is great.
  13. Thanks again Rory. This hasn't been in writing all on the phone. On your advice I have stressed that they do not speak to stirling Park on the phoneand everything has to be in writing. Will get girlfriend to do expenditure. appreciate your help.
  14. They have not had anything in writing about court date. She has told them that she can only pay £3 a week as she does not work as she has a small child. They told her that they had to pay £10 per week. I have advised them to write to them and ask for correspondance in writing only. They also phoned my son's work
  15. Thanks Rory, No they didn't put it in writing, they phoned him today and told him that they had to pay £10 before 5pm today to stop sherriff officers coming to their house.
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