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  1. hi can someone advice me how to copy and paste my bank documents and other debt issues to cag site from my scanned documents how do I attache my documents. Please urgent advise sort.
  2. I only have N1 form from bennetts it says at the top claim form sticker saying seal. The next form I have is Notice of issue of warrant of execution in northampton county court the recent form is order suspending warrant determination in doncaster county court. Are these forms mentioned ccj form if not no other forms has been posted to me.
  3. sorry it was for fishing tackle from a mail order cataloge bennetts of sheffield from their internet website? the bailiffs was sent in from northampton cc 18th January 2010 thats who bennetts deal with I assume not sure but doncaster cc bailiffs took over March time 2010.
  4. Hi to all I need help fast I was issued a warrant of ex a month ago for a non payment to a creditor the creditor had their own dca handling this at the time but dca told crerditor I was avoiding contact It was nothing like that I stopped payment to robbers way when I came across various scams they pull off Apart from phoning me up at unsociable hours asking for more money then I agreed to pay I kept putting the phone down and they must of informed original creditor I was avoiding contact. This small debt is from 1998 87.32 my last payment to robbers way was 31.01.09 of *** a month
  5. lawt32


    cheers slick. if you could or someone tell me how to copy and past my letters and ppi agreements from bank It would give you a incline what I am disputing as you could read the added interests. Please urgently need to know how to copy and paste to forum. Thanxs again.
  6. lawt32


    First off all thank you for this great site and all Q&As brill? I hav a loan I took out 2008 I was paying xxxx money monthly payments with th dreadered ppi added. After all phone calls letters no positive response from barcs got fos involved barc have made me a offer loan still outstanding barcs only offering me my x13 months premium plus my 8% interest. My query is my loan was only for 4.000 with all interests added and ppi added My loan states 6.000 they offered me 500.00 and need to reschedule the loan, what about all the other money i paid not happy so have not signed an
  7. recently lost my phone paid full insurance reported to police like i was told to do in shop they put claim through in shop said i had to pay another excess payment of 19.00 and they would replace phone. Asked if they would give me a new up to date phone they said not they could only replace to the same model lost are they in their rights to do this even if i pay another excess amout.
  8. HI needsome you say your wife has been claiming IB for 2 yrs was she sending in sick notes from her gp and have you recieved a letter from dwp saying she does not have to send in any more sick notes if so your wife is officially medical exempt but, dwp will say you have to go for a med examination they will write to you when this is dont worry it shouldn't happen. Meanwhile try going to dhss and claim an hardship payment this would put you by until no doubt you will win your appeal. Now go to cab and get some help filling out your letters and also take as much evidence the dwp has se
  9. I have tried to sought things out as regards my ppi I contacted citizens advice can't get appointment until the next 2 weeks I have not cancelled ppi yet as need to talk to citizens advice. They say that their unidated on this issue alone time is dragging on I need to act fast any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Barclays have now taken my due monthly payment yesterday 172.83 my bank account is now going rock bottom they have almost drained it. I am very worried about this. What do I claim back in charges etc to give me some insight when I see citizens advice.
  10. high everyone. Thats great news connie. Could you please tell me how far hfc go back to reclaim ppi and other insurance mine was way back 11 years to be precise but they didn't chase me for money. Until hfc sold my debt to robbers way I was paying right up till xmas 08 and stopped payments due to the fact 6 yrs had gone way by I had a phone call of rude women from robbers way eplained to her about 6yrs stat bar she said it dosn't apply to me because I was paying payments and acknowledged their letters. They are still harassing me with phone calls 1,2,3,4,5, day they wont sp
  11. I too my have been mis sold ppi from hfc or some other name they use to disguise ppi taken loan out late 1990s for 3000.50 at the time i was working but had to give up work as a medical condition stopped me from working and I couldnt afford to pay hfc after I finished work I had to resort to family to help me out I was paying monthly installments of 30 pounds from a paying in book they kindly gave me lol. After yrs of struggler I gave up all the letters of threats from diff dcs went in bin, then suddenly they must of sold my debt to another dc and then to robbers way. Been paying rob
  12. Hi me again can anyone advise me on claiming my fathers industrial diseases against nat coal board and other firms he worked for as bricklayer in contact with dust and other fibres working under pit boilers and renavating houses. On his death cert it states 3 diseases all dust related from the enviroment and conditions he worked in. I have had 3 tele coversations with diff sols and they say there is a time limit and also was he aware of his diseases before time of death answer no he wasn't. The time limit quest he applied for this claim in 1991 so he was def in time the solic he
  13. hi can anyone advise me why can't you get a budgeting loan from dwp when your claiming ib esa as now called. Those on other benefits can get one no probs
  14. I have thought this one through what if you dont claim ppi and you went to legal dept do you think they could clear your debt it could be worth a try yes.
  15. Hi everyone. I have a question about ppi I took out a loan with barclay last year the loan and ppi payment is 173.82 month for 5yrs paid 2073.84 still paying on it I am struggling to pay but just about managing for how long don't no ppi is supposed to help customers not put them in more debt true. When I took out the loan with the ppi they asked me a few quest before blar blar pre- med con yes do you have any more insurers no. I cant see very well special small print so i put all barc bank papers in folder i got my policy through 4 days after I have been in the bank but reading
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