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  1. The original letter from g24 states they are pursuing me the registered keeper. I missed the details of to protect my identity.
  2. Hello all I recently received a parking charge notice from G24. I had recently had one from parking eye where by browsing these forums I was not the driver on either occasion and was able to understand how to appeal to them at the stage I was at and was successful overturned within days. I made the mistake of thinking the same process would work this time and my appeal was rejected. I was invited to appeal to the IAS and conducted my appeal based on their code of practice. They seemed reputable and that the charge was groundless as there own code of practice was in my opinion not ad
  3. Hello it's been a while. I now have the names and addresses of the creditors claiming from my IVA after waiitng a while for a reply from my IVA company. Do I write to the original debt company or the addresses below? What do I write? any templates that are best to use? What responses should I expect and what are my next steps? The addresses are as follows, Max Recovery Limited (Barclaycard) PO Box 6302 Bournemouth Dorset BH1 9DY CapQuest Debt Recovery Ltd (Egg) Fleet 27 Rye Close Fleet Hampshire GU51 2QQ Royal Bank of Scotlan
  4. Thanks for the reply I'm pretty new to the forums although posted before months ago about a friend, this is the first time I've really enquired about my own situation. Do I write to the IVA company? or each of the creditors? Can anyone advise or post a link to th best thread on here that advises of the process to follow?.
  5. Hello Almost 2 years ago I entered an IVA with CCCS, The debt was made up of loans, credit cards, and an overdraft. Can I still challenge the debt i:e check if I was misold it with an unenforcebale credit agreement. Or am I now stuck because I entered the IVA, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply, I will send them a letter advising that I will not be sending in any information in regards to my mother. As for the overtime and bonuses it is not much anyway to pay to them, however they didn't give me any instructions on how to pay this money to them although it is in my t's and c's to pay it. I will advise them in the letter I don't have that cash to pay all in one go.
  7. Hi hopefully some one can help and advise with this. I have an IVA with the CSVA which is part of the CCCS. I sent in Jan copies of my last 3 payslips along with my outgoings. They have written back stating they can see that I have recieved a significant pay increase which is true. However although my income has increased so have my outgoings. All bills rent etc are in my mothers name but I have been paying them, just as I was last year. Because I had a significant pay increase my mother asked me to pay a more significant contribution towards these bills. The alternative would be
  8. Finally did some checking and my girlfriend has no ccj registered on her credit reports or anything. And no letters from a court only letters from CL finance the charging order has been logged at land registry but again no letter from a court just CL finance. The letters from CL finance says bradford county court did all this. Is there a special number for the court to check? and what type of information will they give over the phone? Anyone have any other advice?
  9. Thanks I'll start putting together a letter including what you reccomend to send them. The charging order does appear on the land registry but no official court letter has been recieved just a letter from the land registry and the entry shows on their official website so seems genuine. No letter at all from court about the ccj just one from them with a payment booklet which was the icanpayu.co.uk website logo on it. I'm still waiitng to find out about the ccj if it is genuine. Whether it is genuine or not will there be some way of fighting this?
  10. I should add that payments of all bills have been kept up to date apart from this overdraft as my girlfriend refuses to pay more than half, even though she probably shouldn't pay anything at all as it was not her who accrued it. Waiting for her to get back from work to find out baout this ccj. Anybody got any advise about this pre bailiff thing should it be ignored?
  11. My girlfriend has recieved no letter from the court re: a county court judgement but she did recieve a letter from these finance people saying a judgement had been entered against her with a payment book to pay to them. The restriction order is on the property and it is registered with the land registry. I am tryin to get my girlfriends credit report to see if there is a ccj there.
  12. Yes my girlfriend still lives at the property and is currently going through the courts to get it signed over to her she has recived a letter advising a CCJ has been applied for and a charging order has been put against the property and reads as follows: (09.07.2008) RESTRICTION: No disposition of the registered estate is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or his conveyancer that written notice of the disposition was given to CL Finance Limited at Howard Cohen & Co. P.O.Box 110.Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire BD19 4XT being the person with
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