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  1. Had my money back in my account 10 days after sending back the acceptance form. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?325048-HSBC-Personal-Loan-PPI-Check-please-***Refunded***
  2. Money received from HSBC in less than 10 days. Can move this to the success area. All done with HSBC now. Will transfer the money to my main Nationwide account and close it off I think. Many many thanks to everyone on this site who posts and is so helpful. The guides and templates were invaluable.
  3. Many thanks. Their offer is actually slightly higher than that so will just accept it. Christmas shopping once it clears I guess! Thanks to CAG for helping me get this back. Without this site I would not have known where to start!
  4. Premium paid - £1480 on 1/9/2005 Loan amount - £7000 on 1/9/2005 Total Loan - £8480 on 1/9/2005 Monthly payment - £166.18 37 Monthly payments paid. Settled loan - £3470.40 PPI rebate - £170.62 2 sheets I used are below. Interest Calc 1.xls Interest Calc 2.xls
  5. Hi Following the advice on this site gained by just reading other threads, I submitted a claim for PPI in July of this year. My claim has been upheld and HSBC have sent an offer but I am not sure whether to accept or not. Original PPI was for around £1500 and was taken out in Sept 2005. Using both of the spreadsheets from here I calculated that return due inclusive of stat interest on both original premium and the interest on payments made should be around £2600. HSBC offer is in the region of £2000. How likely am I to get a better offer if I reject? Should HSBC wish to defe
  6. Received car back last night. Fully fixed and no money to pay out. Satisfied with result and thankful for all of your help in getting it resolved. Obviously no need to reject vehicle as even though they dragged their heels they did fix it. Will now consider my options and if I have no faith in it after all this I will sell the car privately otherwise will keep it. Thanks again to all those who helped.
  7. Finance company have spoken to the dealer and have advised me to ring them to arrange repair. Dealer says that they have spoken to AA Warranty who will cover 50% of the cost and the dealer will cover the rest. Arranging to go in for Monday to be repaired at no cost to me. Will report back after Monday to say if this has all been sorted.
  8. I shall give up on the idea of rejection of the vehicle then. This was always my last resort as other than the wheel bearing I am happy otherwise. The car is perfect size for me and the family and is more than economical enough for my daily driving. I should be having a conversation with the finance co today as they initially agreed that the dealer should have repaired. They will be contacting him to discuss directly too. If there is no joy then letter goes out tomorrow as per your above. I didnt think I had dragged this out personally as it has been
  9. So the dealer has managed to avoid me being able to reject the car based on a fault which happened in the first 3 months by just ignoring me? How can I have accepted the vehicle if I have an outstanding dispute with the dealer which has not been resolved? My initial complaint started prior to the end of my 3rd month and this rejection would be a continuation of that action as the final action due to no contact and no offer of resolution. Will be gutted if this option has been taken away by him ignoring my complaint...
  10. I am still using it until the point where I reject the car. As I have been hoping for resolution to the problem I did not stop using it. As soon as I write a letter of rejection I will be recording the mileage in the letter and leaving it on my drive.
  11. I would prefer not to name the dealer yet as I am still hopeful for a resolution now that the finance co are involved. They are however based in Werrington and are a fairly new establishment using the site of a previous car dealer who no longer sell vehicle but do continue as a franchised main dealer for repairs. If I need to send the letter again Special Delivery then I will do. I only bought the car 4 months ago and as such still well within the 6 months deadline for reverse burden of proof. I do have the original call to AA warranty logged in the AA systems dated 23rd June s
  12. I did not put rejection into the letter at that point as I was still hoping for him to repair the vehicle. As per post #33 I handed the letter over with no specifics regarding action other than I would seek resolution through the courts. He obviously now has no intention to repair the vehicle. As such I would now like to reject it.
  13. Well deadline for 14 days is fast approaching and still not response from the dealer regarding any of my queries. I have spoken to the finance co again this week and they have now logged a formal complaint. They have asked for a copy of all correspondence sent to the dealer and a timeline of events (Good thing I kept records). This should be with the rep handling my complaint tomorrow. In my last letter to the dealer I stated that I would pursue court action in the event of no response by the 23rd July. As I want to reject the car for mis-sold contract due to the invalidity of the
  14. I handed in the letter today without any of the specifics for rejection at this time. Speaking with the new staff onsite they claim to have spoken to the AA again as they feel it should be covered and their rep agreed initially. I have said that should it be repaired within the 14 days then I will consider the repair a satisfactory solution to this issue. (Not acceptance of the vehicle as I reserve all my rights under SOGA etc) Once it is repaired I will be looking to sell privately to clear the finance and start again with a more reputable garage. I am not going to sell unless I
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