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  1. Hi, thanks for responding, after reading that now feeling a bit better. I will have to trawl through all the paperwork to see when we last made any payment. With regards to the defaults there are two accounts, HSBC put the default on one and I'm almost certain Marlin have put a default on the other account most recently and it would seem you are saying they have no right to? In the case of these accounts being statute barred, if we prove this I guess we just write to this effect and hope for the best?
  2. Hi, thanks for responding. I have a file of correspondence with HSBC, I don't think we ever admitted owing the money as our argument was the amounts equated to 6 years of charges which my husband had tried to sort out on several occasions but HSBC were never interested. I have all bank statements but could not say when we last paid anything. I know we were paying a token gesture of £5 every month on each account and then all of a sudden the payments started getting returned. We've had several debt collectors write to us but the only one who says HSBC has now sold the debt to them are Ma
  3. Received a letter today threatening a CCJ if we don't contact or pay up by 24 May. A brief overview : My husband had 2 overdrafts with HSBC built up on bank charges. We tried claiming but got pipped at the post by the High Court decision. It didn't take long before the debt collector letters started rolling in, piles of them from various companies. Unfortunately we responded at first both with HSBC & the debt collectors so no chance of statute bar. HSBC were very unhelpful and have never sent us any paperwork we requested, i.e. SAR. This has been going on for 4-5 years now - I see
  4. Hi, this has now gone a few steps further and I need your advice yet again. After refusing their offers of instalment plan, they wrote back referring me back to a letter of theirs, which when read by a friend who works for RBS is full of contradictions, mistakes and promises that they haven't dealt with. On her advice I wrote to all that have written to me saying I was now passing my complaint to the FOS. I have now received letters and a trillion phone calls from Moorcroft Debt Recovery - they sound like a nice bunch of people lol Rang the Court today to see the status of my claim
  5. Hi, they've now written to us with a repayment plan of instalments, which is for the full amount without any charges or interest and only £20ish per month. Do we accept this and be done with it or do we keep fighting? Would really appreciate some advice on this.......
  6. Hi guys this case is still trundling on. We are now receiving letters from Central Debt Recovery Unit, which I know from research on here they are also another part of HSBC. Their letters are terrible and apparently not compliant to FSA rules at all. Over the last few months they have sent us a few offers reducing the amount we owe. Have ignored the first few - stating we are taking advice - we have now received a further offer threatening "if we don't pay by 2.2.11 they will be sending debt collectors to our door"!!!!! Thought they were debt collectors first comes to my mind. My
  7. I'm still trundling on with the taccy letters from debt collectors who are all associated with HSBC. Just keep writing back "as you are part of HSBC take a look at my file". Have been offered if I pay in full they will deduct £500. A friend who works for another bank has taken a look at some of the letters and said they are worthless as most of them don't have the right details on them. My 18 month year old could write better lol. Still have one account stayed in Court and have never heard a thing.
  8. I know how you feel mate, we have been fighting HSBC since 2007 and they have now threatened to take us to court. We haven't been told our own court case has been struck out though:confused: I trolled through 4 years of very disjointed paperwork last night and I'm not sure what to do now. Our claim amounts to the total in charges 2 accounts about £7,000. I actually work for a lawyer so when I see the rubbish from DG it makes me really stubborn about carrying on but I'm just not sure if I can anymore. Do we stand a better chance in court?????
  9. Ok I wrote back to HSBC with copies to the other morons (I think) loosing track now. As usual it took them forever to write back with their blurp of not being responsible etc etc and they don't have to provide us with anything. Received nothing from MCS/DG with regards to their "pay within 24hrs" until last week one from DG saying: "HSBC have now told them to take us to Court to get the money and they have given another 14 days to pay in full. or ring them to make other arrangements (payment plan)". This is on the account which is in Court already. Could someone please advi
  10. Ok I sent letters to HSBC, DG, & MCS basically telling them I would not be making repayment proposals until they had dealt with my complaints (all listed), explained to me why both accounts were being dealt with differently and by different departments and to treat me like an individual. I have now received letters from MCS stating I have failed to make payment as requested (this was never requested) and they want it within 24 hours or I'll get County Court blah blah, bailiffs, attachment to earnings etc. Also received a letter from DG funnily dated the same date just saying "URG
  11. Hi, as you are aware we are in dispute over two accounts with HSBC. We have been doing fine dealing with them so far. Today we have received a letter re each account from each of the above asking us to make proposals for repayment. We are still making a payment on one of the accounts which gets returned every month. They would like a reply within 14 days, it has taken 6 days for the letters to arrive (dated the same date, arrived the same day). I will write them holding letters putting them off for the time being. Has anyone received these letters and what is the best way
  12. Hi thank you for the response. The CRA are aware of the dispute and did put a marker on the OHs file to say it is in dispute. As for the finance company(s) two were tried, we were advised if we had one more failed attempt it would be 3 months before we could apply again so fortunately I was able to go to the bank of Mum & Dad who took a loan for us. That's funny too, we bank at the same branch who wouldn't give me a loan but allow me to pay the loan my Mum took lol So back to responding to HSBC I have read Castlebest's post and am still a bit confused. I'm guessing I need to wr
  13. Thanks for that, I have browsed it and it confused me a bit - think I will leave that to one side for now as I am more bothered about HSBC and what to do next. Please any advice on my next shot at them appreciated.
  14. Just an update the credit agency wrote back saying they couldn't remove the markers as the bank say they are in the right - there's a surprise! We have since written to the bank asking them to send copies of their letters and the default notices. Surprisingly they responded within 14 days. Apparently their letter which states they may send our details to CRAs is a Demand Notice (?). They also say that in the Demand Letter they say it will be passed to MCS if we do not repay (they also admit MCS being a subsidiary). I'm sure it had already been passed to MCS. They also say the
  15. Hi, just a little update, The credit reference agency are contacting HSBC to ask them to take the defaults off, and within the next 7 days will put a marker on our history to say the defaults are disputed. I have also just spoken to my own bank who say they should have given us 28 days notice before sending us a default notice. I am guessing we will have to put something in writing ourselves.
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