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  1. I am quite old this could be my last chance to win!
  2. Hi all Just heard back and we have won. Saying that the pay and display ticket provided has been accepted as sufficient grounds for the cancellation of the notice. They had this from the start. So I would like to thank you all for your help and a special thanks to jamberson x:) Agatha
  3. Hi all My husband is appealing and is taking Jamberson advice on the working. Thank you for all your advice. Will let you know what happens. Love Agatha
  4. Thank you everyone, were going to appeal. Any advice on wording? Agatha
  5. Hi all We took mortgage out in May 2005/repoed Oct 2008. Always paid to London Mortgage Company Got into areas, not sure for how much, but on 03//2005 said in SAR small areas letter to be sent. Then 07/2005 Unable to issue claim in court at his stage, due to an error on the part of sols who acted at the time, we do not have a legal charge. The bwrs completed a mortgage deed in favour of (blanked out) which was registered at Land Registry. They insisted we use their sol. 02/2006 saying they would not agree to payment change. We signed charge March 2006 to London
  6. Hi It started at £30, then £60, we never received notice of owner, they put it up to £90 after advice from this site, it has gone back to £60. Thanks Agatha
  7. This is not a replacement ticket, he paid for one but did not back to van in time, so was not displayed. No sign to say that he only had 2 mins, he had to go around to the busy high street, anyone would find it hard. Agatha c
  8. Hi The council have now sent back Notice to Owner dated 18/02/10 giving my husband 28 days to pay, the amount going back to £60.00 What grounds can we appeal to the parking adjudicator Had bought ticket and did not get back to his van on time, he had 2 minutes, yet he has been back to look and there are no signs saying you only have 2 mins. My husband would not have parked there as he has a bad back and and was taking medication for this from his doctor he did not know where the machine was, so would have known that he may not have got back to van in time. If someone with a bab
  9. Hi, enjoying the banter Fos looking into my case, but if companys go down, no redress for me, could post up a thread but if you look back after repossession, no one seems to know where to go, posts ignored. It's true. only supersluth, This could be you. I do not like being a victim, more should be said for the victims, I hate the time lapse that help is out there now, what about the familys that have lost their homes. If something is wrong then its wrong. LMC pushed us into losing my home. I have info, but would be identified. It can not be right to steel from a person who has
  10. Hi everyone Have received from council, they are saying that they did send Notice of owner, however, due to postal strike it is possible that the notice was not received, therefore on this occasion the authority will accept payment of £60 instead of £90.00 provided payment is made within 14 days. If you fail to pay full balace outstanding within 14 days the council will register the outstanding dept at the County Court. Northamton County Court will then direct the Council to issue the registered keeper of the vehicle with an Order of Recovery. The registered keeper of the v
  11. Hi everyone Any use goint to Lansbury Drive to see if still there and reading whats on windows? Agatha c
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