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  1. thanks hallowitch, The liability order is £1337 and have been paying it for around a year and a half maybe longer. I was paying £30 per month via the online payment system and they charge £3.80 per payment. I still have the walking possesion agreement which i didn't sign as i told the bailiff at the time i didn't have to sign it,and the only things listed were things by the front door as i refused to let them in.
  2. thanks kelcou, i have spoke to the council to see if they would take the debt back, and they were not interested at all. I have also spoken to the bailiff company again and she told me i have to talk with the bailiff himself,i also said as iam living on jobseekers and child tax credit i should be classed as vunerable. It seems im fighting a loosing battle now,and dont know what else to do
  3. the goods levied were : 1 metal shoe rack, 3 walking sticks, i plastic washing basket that was used for jackets ect and two concrete planters which were at the fornt door. The total amount outstanding is £1337.53
  4. hello, i am looking for some advice please, i have missed a payment with my monthly arrangement with rossendales due to struggling as i have been unemployed for some time.The bailiff left a letter through the door saying he would come back with a van to remove my goods. The original walking possession order was never signed as i refused to let them in at the beginning and the only thing that is l isted were the thinbgs in my porch as i didnt let them in. Where do i stand with them as i have tried to sort this out with him to as you know these men are never very nice and just says well i wi
  5. Hello, I started a claim against capital one last month,i wrote to them aking for all the default charges back, ( this amounted to approx £350) i got a letter back from they, this is what they said: "Thank you for taking the time to write to us about the default sums we've added to your account.I understand you think these are unlawful and i'm sorry you feel we've treated you unfairly. We added overlimit default sums if your balance went over your agreed credit limit,which was £200. When we opened your account in March 2006,we sent you a credit agreement which stated th
  6. The bailiff that was due to come to my house didn't turn up on the friday he said he would, so i phoned him and said the things that were on the wpa were in the back garden for him to take. He says he's too busy that days and to call him back on the monday morning, so i did..... he then tells me that i don't have enough goods to cover the outstanding 1100 debt so he is now going to send it for commital proceedings,so this has now started me to panic again.! This morning i got an email from rossendales saying this guy will still be coming for the outstanding money. In the middle of all of
  7. hello scatz1972, i have checked to make sure his certificate is valid and it was. there was only a few items on the original wpa and these were: a pacific tv sanyo video recorder coffee table wall mirror microwave 2 piece suite. when he said he will take my car i didn't know what to do.! If they return tomorrow like he said he would i'm going to leave their things in the garden that way they have no reason to enter the house, i hope.!
  8. thanks chris600uk, so he is unable to take the car as it is not on the original wpa.? are they allowed to take anything else that is not on the original wpa.? thanks
  9. thanks chris600uk, so he is unable to take the car as it is not on the original wpa.? thanks
  10. thanks chris600uk, so he is unable to take the car as it is not on the original wpa.? thanks
  11. hello, iam new to this site and wondering if anyone can give me some advice, to cut a long story short last year jan 08 a bailiff from rossendales came to my home and stupidly let him in, i signed a walking possession agreement and now i have fallen behind with my payments. yesterday they called and said they are removing my goods,i said i was not going to let them in,and they said they will return friday to remove my goods.He said that if i refused to let him in they will return with a locksmith to gain entry. my questions are,on the original wpa he listed 6 items, but yesterdady he sai
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