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  1. Hi everyone hope you can help. I have had a IVA for about 6 months now and haven't had any problems, all running smoothly uptil 2 months ago when I got a AOE added to my wages. It has taken a couple of months to nail down who it is and since then I have had two more lots of wages minus the money this company is taking. The thing is I included the company in my IVA but they decided to pass my case to some law firm. The IVA was all agreed and put into place but because the law firm didn't know about it (the company they are dealing with didn't bother to tell them) they still proceeded
  2. Hi I hope I am at the right place I need some advice on what to do next with regards to Welcome Finance. I brought a car from them 25th October 2008 a Vectra only problem it had was a dent in the side not major and something that can he bashed out. When I went through the finance I was given a agreement to pay £255 which was fine then after about a hour of dithering and keep asking if I had more deposit to give ( I only had £400 deposit and the wanted £750) . They took the deposit and even reduced my payments to £240 a month. I didn't say anything as I was saving money and when I got home
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