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  1. Labrat is correct 1st year ACER's are also repaired at Newark.
  2. Recovery is F11 on HP and Compaq Laptops. Older HP's and Compaqs do not have recovery partitions although Manufacturers Recovery Discs are supplied with those models.
  3. Sony are only authorised to deal with the warranty repairs on this laptop. PcWorld can only repair if you have an extended warranty agreement in place.
  4. PCW Offers a fixed rate repair service which costs £229.99. Any fault with the laptop will be fixed.
  5. I repair those laptops regularly for the WIFI issue. According to HP these machines are covered by a 2 year warranty if they have this problem.
  6. You must send all the information to Gary Perriment as written on the Rejection Report. The address is on there, The Picture you uploaded & the explanation you given I believe is sufficient. Goodluck
  7. Strangely enough a week or 2 ago i saw a laptop at the workshop that came in for the very reason stated in this post. The laptop was in 2 pieces & yes it was rejected under the grounds that the damage was inconsistent. There is an appeals process, but you can only do it by writing to the address on the report you recieved with you're laptop. I do agree with Forestchav, The callcentre do not log jobs properly, so it does cause problems with understanding what has been done to the laptops.
  8. No way will it be written off for that, even if it required a mainboard & LCD & DVDRW Drive & HDD - It would be repaired. The cost is actually minimal
  9. Yes but what if an independant engineer considers it not the fault of the manufacturer. You will be left to pay for the engineers report & still have a broken laptop. Judging by what you have said it sounds like the VGA chip/card is blown or the solder joints have become brittle due to the excessive heat they produce. When a VGA Chip goes on a laptop there isnt really anyway of proving if this is a manufacturing issue unless it is a known issue.
  10. Works ok here for me, was able to create an account & log in to it no problems. I got to the payment screen. I think it must have something to do with you're internet service provider
  11. H20-H20


    Yes they now investigate this kind of thing regularly now. They are starting to reject claims if they suspect malicious damage or misuse of a product. You have to be very careful not to tell them conflicting stories or they will consider it inconsistant damage & rufuse to repair/replace.
  12. H20-H20

    PC Performance?

    Its 28days for purchases from Currys & 6Weeks for items bought from PcWorld
  13. H20-H20


    The reason they wont budge here is because you didnt create any recovery discs, you have had 18 Months to create them, and they arent obliged to replace these discs either. fortunately they have ordered some for you. If the machine doesnt correctly run after the recovery, you will definately have the machine written off.
  14. Its the replacement parts ACER supply us to repair it. Its sometimes not uncommon to fit about 3 mainboards before coming across one that works properly.
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