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  1. thanks for the replys. gotta wonder what their playing at is all to strange so think im gonna politely tell them where to shove it.
  2. We fight any claim say I can claim PPI from a lone I had in mid to late 80's. they say that even they I didnt have PPI it was still built in to the interest on the loan, is this right and if so can still claim it back after all this time. seems a bit odd to me so gotta wonder if theirs a catch.
  3. thanks for all the help/feedbak, been trawling about tinternet and my wallet is not happy with me. when he finaly passes his test i should be well informed enough not to bankrupt myself. if id know twenty years ago what I know now, i'd have had the snip. life would be a lot quieter and a damb site cheaper. thanks again
  4. thanks for the replys didnt know the parkers guide still existed..... been many moons since I last bought a car or id proably have thought of it. thanks for the memory jog. ill go their when Ive washed the pots... I think he'd gor for a beatle its just finding one thats old enough for classic insurance thats in our price range.
  5. which car cheepist to insure for an 18yr old. my lad is goingto do his car test and could do to know what type of car to look for. I know some of his mates have bought cars and are paying over £3000 insurance on cars that cost £1500 to buy. any advice welcome Thanks
  6. these vehicles are restricted to a maximum speed of 56 mph. some will only do 53 and they have a legal right to overtake. they are not lane hogging their making a living by moving all that stuff that we all rely on at some point in our live's.
  7. a transit van is less than 7.5 tonnes maximum laden weight which means it is subject to the same national speed limits as a car. see here. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Roadsafetyadvice/DG_178867
  8. has their been any change in the situation
  9. its happened to me 3 or 4 times, it usualy happens when their busy and behind schedual, they start rushing and dont click on everything they should before closing your screen. always best to make sure youve signed that pice of paper other wise your screwed.
  10. these people should think on the fact that one day they may be sighning on. do un to others ect no job is secure not even theirs.
  11. no fixed penalty was from the police. to get away from that we would have had to go to court and the wifes nerves would not stand that.
  12. DWP will have told council tax department that your jsa has stopped but not why, council tax department may have assumed your jsa had stopped because youve started work. best contact council tax department asap and find out why they stopped your tax benifit and tell them what your current situation is.
  13. At the end of July I was made to go on a 4 week compulsory training course. it was a basic construction course. This was 4 days a week. 2 days health and safety, 6 days bricklaying, 4 days site joinery and 4 days plastering. All totally pointless as anyone who knows can tell you 4 weeks on either one of these sections doesn’t even touch the subject. The joinery was the most pointless as I learnt more at school (left 1978). I’ve built rabbit hutches with more skill and ability than they taught on the course. The best thing is my back is screwed and has been since an accident in 1991, the accident resulted in me been retired on a small (very small) pension from the council. I also found out from the specialist at that time that I had a narrowing of the spine which would eventually collapse and leave me in a wheelchair, he gave me a time period of about 10 yrs, that was 19 yrs ago and I’m still upright but the pain is increasing. I’m not supposed to do heavy manual work and was living on pain killers doing the bricklaying. Since 1991 I’ve been in and out of work as a driver my longest period in work was 6 years. I’ve asked the job centre for help with training, I could do with my Hiab certificate or my ADR but they don’t have the funds. They sent me to the outside agency that’s supposed to help me back in to work and told me they would provide any training I need… LOL …I started their in February. And the 4 weeks compulsory was all the training I’ve been given. I had to do it or lose my dole money all £19.98 of it. This I could live without but apparently my housing and council tax benefits would stop as well. So these people are quite happy to try and cripple me and threaten to basically make me and my family homeless if I don’t comply, while wasting money on a course that is totally useless to me instead of spending the money on a course that would give me a realistic chance of employment. They also suggested I should apply for disability and sign on sick, I pointed out that things aren’t the bad I can still work, they suggested I should do like the rest and play up on my problems and put it on worse than it is. Apparently I’m a bit of an anomaly, I want a job. The whole systems screwed up.
  14. 3 times I got caught speeding this way. they removed a national speed limit sign afectively reducing it to the 40 mph so I got done for 48 in what I thougjht was a national speed limit. the van was there twice a week for 3 months they caught over 6500 speeders in that time. couldnt manage to put up a sign to tell us they change the speed limit but could put up a sign to tell us how many they caught out. then got done on a dual carrige way, again they took the 40 sign down. I got done for 34 mph in a 30 zone. I had to go to a speed seminar. got lectured on the hazards of speeding through housing estates. the fool asked me if it made me feel like a man driving at speed in a built up area, i told him I never speed in a built up area so he sneered at me why are you here then. "because you people change the speed limits by removing signs and not telling any body and catching people like me who have used the road for over 25 years and know what the speed limit is" apparently I was been complacent by relying on my memory and not checking the signs every time I drive down a road. so you should check every sign every where you go every time you go their, after all its your complacency that wrong, its not them trying to catch you out and make money. let face it they would never do any thing sneaky like that.
  15. I think even as young as your kids are it would still be classed as over crowding.
  16. practicallity and comon sence seem to be lacking in these people. the young ones and those that started from school and have been their 20 yrs seem to lack the experience in the real world, these are the ones that lack the people skills. those that came to the job latter in life seem to have more about them and know how to deal with people. best advisor I had had been a bus driver until his diabeties progrest to the point were he needed insulin. couldnt fault the man we always let on if we see each other in the JC, god I wish they were all like that.
  17. I was 9.15 am in hull city centre for a while, I explained it cost me 3 times as much in petrol in rush hour trafic and it took 50 mins as aposed to 15 - 20 min later in the day. her answer: take the bus. I pointed out that bus stop 15 min walk from our house and not capeable of the walk when back and hip playing up and busses jar the hell ut of my back on the potholes that pass for roads round here. her answer: are you registered disabled - no. her answer sign on sick (they signed me of fit for non pysical work) or be on time. if your late twice in a row we'll stop your money. then a few months latter a was moved to rob (yes this one had a name) first signing with him I asked if I could change signing times and explained why, next signing 11.15am no fuss.
  18. as Ive said in other threads DWP staff are human and as such falable. the ref to the nazis is a valid ref and used a lot because of this. it is history and any people that dont learn from history are doomed to make the same mistakes. when you give people numbers then you run the risk of losing sight of the person. adolf and his mates gave people numbers to deliberately dehumanise them. we use NI num for administration reasons and run the risk of accidently dehumanising people. The NI num is a good and useful tool but unfortunately like all tools it can be misused and abused. DWP staff are human and as such come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Ive had advisors who have been fantastic and bent over backward to help me, they get as frustrated as I do with the limitation of the DWP, others cant even make eye contact and cant even prononce your name right. I did get one to make eye contact with me after a couple of months when at the top of my voice (very very loud) I told him how to pronounce my name and explained that it is an old name English name dating back to the fifth or sixth century, and is derived from the old english/anglo saxon word for oak. im not an arab so theirs no need for all the flem when pronouncing it. he didnt get it wrong again. after that he always talked to me not his pc screen, some times you have to make them see you. the trouble is some people dont see the person. They can find a plenty of reasons not to help but very few reasons to help.
  19. and some claimants are dead head scroungers, whats wrong is to tar us all with the same brush. I dont think all JC staff are pricks some of them are very nice helpful people who treat me like a person, they should all be like that.
  20. when your sat on the other side of the desk youll find out. youll be suprised out how many of your colleagues look at their computer screens, the paper work in front of them, their key boards and even their desk but never in your face. when you deal with people you look them in the face and make eye contact. when you reduce people to a number you stop thinkin of them as people, you stop talking to the person and just go through the motions. I found that no matter how many times I tell the current prick that signs me on he always forgets how to pronounce my name he never makes eye contact and I know what hes gonna say before he says it. strangly those that do make eye contact never get my name wrong.
  21. ye I was on JSA or something simaler I had been abroad and the brother in law told us we shouldnt have when we got back, he works for DWP. he didnt say anything at work which suprised me. this was back in the 90's so didnt know what the situation was now. dont talk to the brother inlaw so cant ask him.
  22. trouble is everyting that you do with DWP involves your NI number. you cant talk to any one on the phone without they ask it, when you sign on they put the NI num in the computer not your name. when you reduce people to numbers its easy to forget that your dealing with people and when you tell people their screwed by letter you dont see the dispur you cause.
  23. Hi my friend is going to spain this summer for 2 weeks she will be staying at her boyfriends mums apartment when their. shes a single mum with 2 kids, shes only takeing the youngest as the boy friend is her father. Ive been told in the past that if I leave the country my benifits would be stopped and id have to make a new claim. dose this still apply or cant you take foreign holidays when on benifits, shes a single mum and on income support.
  24. I suggest you read this thread and see just what they can leave you without http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/benefits-tax-credits-minimum/263195-benefits-stopped-because-i.html
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