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  1. Postggj, no horizontal lines of blue dots on the front and nothing on the back except a number: 500153, which I assume is just an envelope batch number. 1MansQuest
  2. Thank you. There's a black Barcode next to the UKML number and two orange Barcodes underneath.
  3. Thanks for that. There's no actual date on the envelope, its a bar code and some text (UKML 525035220). How do I determine the posting date from this?
  4. Received my copy of the agreement from Halifax, identical to everyone else. As there's no consensus on the validity of this type of agreement, I'm relying upon the default notice which was dated 7 days before I actually received it! I kept the envelope and it's electronically stamped, but how do I prove the actual posting date? 1MansQuest
  5. Well done zhan. Its been hard work and you've done incredibly well on your own. Returning your experience back to the forum in such detail is both admirable and vital to the rest of us, thank you. Back in earlier posts, I commented on electronic signatures because I'm fighting the same case, so its particularly important for me to know the final outcome. Fingers crossed for you! 1MansQuest
  6. It all depends on your original motives. Why did you CCA them and then claim a dispute? Do you want to find an unenforceable agreement or no agreement, and then begin negotiations for a full and final settlement? Or do you want to stop paying them altogether? It's definitely easier to continue paying if you can afford it, or you could negotiate a substantially reduced monthly payment until your finances are in better shape. Either way, you do need to contact the DCA. But before you do this, determine exactly what you really want from this whole process and lay the law down accordin
  7. It's odd that you've received no communication from Egg over that time. It maybe because they mixed up your contact details and sent correspondence to an old address. Your lack of response would then cause them to sell the debt to Fredrickson Int. who have now caught up with you. You could begin negotiations for a full and final settlement or require them to supply you with a copy of your agreement, and take it from there. I would certainly check my credit rating to see if you've been defaulted, and you may want to contact Egg to find out what's happened in the last three months. 1Ma
  8. The most important aspect is whether they supplied you with a copy of your original signed agreement or not, and I suspect not. Although they shouldn't sell your account on whilst in dispute, if they do, it usually means they can't find the agreement and the cheapest alternative is to sell your debt to a DCA. It doesn't really matter who now owns the debt, because they too must provide you with a copy of the original agreement in order to prove the debt exists and that it conforms to the CCA regulations. Keep your nerves and hang-in there. 1MansQuest
  9. You can complain to both and to trading standards, but the reality is they won't stop. They use automated calling to dial you; if you answer its passed to a human being, if you don't answer, it just goes through a cycle of other calls until your number comes up again. Make your complaints, but have another strategy for dealing with nuisance calls. Try a challenge answerphone like 'trueCall'. It's a godsend if you're dealing with more than one bank, although you still have to contend with mobile calls. Sorry if that's unwelcome news, but its better to be forewarned. 1MansQuest
  10. Thanks Elsa. They didn't give a remedy date, just stated 17 days from the day after the date of notice. The notice was dated the 20th April, I received it 22nd April. Counting from 21st April, I should have responded by 8th May. The termination letter was dated 11th May. This seems OK, even if I count from the date I received the default notice, which was 2 days later, making 10th May. The termination notice is then just one day in their favour, being dated 11th May. Or have I missunderstood something? 1MansQuest
  11. Can someone please clarify the date issues surrounding default and termination notices. I have a default notice dated 20th April which I received 22nd April, followed by a termination notice dated 11th May received 15th May. How does this work in terms of the post and weekends? Are these notices fair? 1Mansquest
  12. Brachers response in Paragraphs 14 and 15 regarding the IP address is ludicrous. Exactly what is the point in having The Electronic Communications Act 2000 (ECA) and The Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002 (ESR) if the formal identification of a person applying electronically for a service is of no legal significance or value? When Brachers say that IP address verification is of no value, they are saying the law is of no value, and that it doesn’t matter who applied for the service, it only matters who used the service. But what if a fraudster with your personal details went
  13. Yes, the original agreement stands, but were you to ask BC for a copy of the original agreement, they would have to provide the original Morgan Stanley agreement. 1MansQuest
  14. yeh, thanks uptoneck. I suspected something like that. Strange they seem unable to connect the old account details to the new however, that's why I was pondering if there was any benefit to me. Anyway, I'm still awaiting their response to my SAR.
  15. Davey77, thanks for the reply. I've sent them a SAR and await their response.
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