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  1. hello guys well letter was sent a while ago now not heard a thing yet no phone calls no letters since that last one .... its gone quiet for now cancelled direct debit as i forgot about that opps .... just watch give it till the first and then they will start agains
  2. thanks shawn for ur support and advice its been very helpful and made me see things in a better light and for the rest of u guys thankyou to u all ..i will update ya when i get the responce from them x
  3. yea thats true i laughed when i got that letter today there clutching at straws ... a settlement offer pmsl sad gits im not so stupid
  4. once i cancel my D/Ds they do not give any money out until i set it up again they are good that way
  5. oh and im sat and relaxed and im a fighter trust me ...i have had alot worse than these people are throwing at me and im gonna do what u have said and like u say what happens happens and we will cross that bridge but for now im gonna kick there bums in a nice way because thats me lol moment of weakness they got me ... im gonna try and not let these low lifes have me sad and upset again ...if they have something that is legal and the paper work they have is legal then i will pay the sum but till this they can just have me saying sorry i dont want any telephone calls from u please send it in a l
  6. they was other companys before these people i ignored the lot ... until i started work last year i thought im gonna sort these out as the letters was doing my head in tbh was scared about being took to court etc... i still did not do anything i hid the letters from new b/f found them and told me to sort it so i think it was last december i rang them as he was not happy with me hiding the letters ... i never payed anything before this i i dont think i ever rang these people
  7. yea im better i know what to do now ...was just asking a question about this unbarred thing thats all ...because i made them payments i know they cannot be unbarred so all is good
  8. its ok im only checking thats all ... i understand ...just making sure because i payed them some money that it cannot be unbarred
  9. just sending the harassment one and sending the cca one ... just got post they sent me a settlement letter lol
  10. okies thanks i have a direct debit set up for the 250 and have payed them 60 pounds 2 months worth ..the other 554 pounds i have not payed a penny ... i started to pay this .. in december 2008 i think
  11. Hi again ... just been reading a thread on statute barred and what it means ... i guess i might have a problem due to the fact that i agreed to pay them this money when i rang them up after these threatening letters that they was gonna take me to court ... and said i would pay them because i did not want to get into trouble . what i would like to know is because i said i would pay does that mean there unbarred and i will have to pay these nasty people ?
  12. oh dear reorete please listen to these guys they know there stuff ...i only joined yesterday and im feeling a little better since i talked about this ... i know how u feel but stay strong listen to these guys and they can help u ...they have been though this like we are now
  13. i will tell them on the phone please dont ring me if u have anything to say please write a letter to me like i say the only thing thats bothering me is them contacting my work and me getting took to the mangers office because of it .. thats what is upsetting me the most at the moment .. as my boss thinks im a good worker and really good at my job ... and i dont want to have to tell them who these people are and why they have rang me at my works ...
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