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  1. Thanks - I have replied to them acknowledging their confirmation of agreement being unenforceable and informing them no further payments will be made. Have also reiterated the fact that I believe the interest charges are grossly excessive and compounded. Sent a current income and expenditure just for their info showing that there is still no disposable income should they manage to cobble together a cca and terms. Highly unlikely as I think the card was taken out in the 1980's if not earlier. Thanks again for your advice. Just need confirmation that I am doing things by the book - so to sa
  2. Have received response to letter I sent offering full and final settlement - just to get rid of it - of £38.70 being statement amount less interest charges from 3 years statements supplied and less amount of excess of payments over purchases for same 3 years. They responded refusing the offer as being insubstantial. They do however confirm that the agreement is currently unenforceable due to them being unable to supply copy cca and being unable to comply with section 78(1). They state that the agreement is not void and any obligations to make payments under the agreement remain.
  3. Update - still heard nothing from either LLoyds or BLS. Separate issue - NatWest have confirmed they cannot supply cca and returned payment. So since November have not made any payments and have put account in dispute telling them no more payments will be made. Am still receiving statements requesting minimum payment - this month has gone from agreed £4 to over £2000. Is there a template letter to respond or should I just ignore until they threaten further action? Correspondence going to my mother-in-law as her account and she is getting worried.
  4. I sent the £10 for sar by cheque which has cleared account but as BLS said they had supplied cca without payment I haven't sent any further.
  5. Update - Lloyds now over 40 days for sar with no response. BLS same - no response to letter requesting info on where they have sent cca by fax. Advice please on how to proceed now? Thanks
  6. BLS Collections on behalf of their client Lloyds TSB - will send letter to BLS re fax issue - as have they sent personal details to someone else?? and also sar to LLoyds TSB. Thanks - will keep updated as and when.
  7. After successfully having one of my mother-in-law's credit card accounts written off I am now tackling 2 of the remaining 3. 24th April I wrote to one requesting copy agreement and statements with no response. 18th November wrote again requesting same. 24th November they responsed with " a copy of the original application was sent by fax on 4th May 2010, we were unable to obtain any copy statements." I do not have a fax number so could not possibly have received anything. Where do I go from here as they cannot supply copy statements? I cannot chase interest charge refund a
  8. UPdate - After having no response from Creation since July/August 2009 I went down the route of Financial Ombudsman in Oct 2009. Unfortunately they said they couldn't help but directed me to Finance & Leasing Association. In Feb 2010 FLA took on the case and wrote to Creation in March 2010. With still no response I was surprised to see latest statement from Creation showing FULL refund of outstanding amount as 'Goodwill Compensation'. Must say this is a result! Still feel that Creation are total Shysters and probably owe us money but happy with the outcome as didn't really want to go
  9. Thanks for info. Going Jet2 so cheap and cheerful seems standard. £60 per person cheaper than Manchester so will overlook small issues. Anyone know how secure parking is?
  10. I am travelling from Blackpool airport in July this year and would like any info re checking in, parking, ADF, Baggage reclaim etc.
  11. Update on situation : Have now received cca which is a blank copy of standard agreement. general questions on you/your partner etc. Q4 home details would have been unfurnished tenant. Q11 employment details asks for source of income if neither you nor partner are in employment. This would have been filled in as state pension only. This to me is blatant irresponsible lending. Also received copy statements from Jun 02 to Jun 09 missing Mar 99 to May 02. Analysis of these statements show : Purchases 1614.55 Cash Advance 2029.32 Handling fees 33.42 Payments made 4256.00
  12. HI again! Well 12 +2 days for cca well and truly up now with no response and the 40 days for sar also passed on 21st April again no response. I am trying to write letter which combines their lack of response to both issues but unsure of court action which most templates threaten re sar. My opinion is that you have to be sure that you will go through with any action threatened and don't really know what is involved with getting court action for info. Any more info or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Today received statement showing agreed payment of £3 as minimum payment and thanking for payments made to account: £3 agreed £10 which was for SAR £1 which was for cca They have credited postal orders to account instead of using them as directed for SAR and cca ?
  14. I don't either but just niggled at back of mind Will wait and see if they respond before 21st April. thanks - m
  15. Have sent cca request with no response. Have sent SAR request with no response as yet but still within 40 day period. Am waiting for 40 day period up before putting into dispute but just wondered as I sent the letter on behalf of my mother in law, of which I do have written authority and they acknowledge this, do they still have to respond within these periods?
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