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  1. Hi all, I'm having some problems with my very account. I opened a very account on 19/05/14 and placed an order for a television on 12 month bnpl. I'm due for a bonus in December so I would have no issue paying it back. Anyway: 19/05/14 TV ordered -10% discount for first credit order applied 12 months interest free. Delivery was set to 24th as I thought that was first day I was in. 20/05/14 Found out I was working from home on 21/05/14 contacted very to see if they could amend my order to standard next day delivery so I received the item sooner. They emailed back saying that they couldn't amend but could cancel and resubmit. I emailed back saying only if I could have the 10% discount reapplied. No response for a while so I called customer services who informed me they could resubmit order and submit a manual note to accounts team to have discount credited by next statement date. I agreed. 21/05/14 Took possession of TV. 27/05/14 Received statement from very. No discount code and no bnpl applied. Emailed Very today, received first email stating sent to special team. Just received a second very brief email stating 'unfortunately the offer is not available on the item orbetter and highlighting "sale items" as an exception to offer. No reference was made to the lack of bnpl. I sent a slightly short email back stating that if they actually looked at my account they would see that the TV had been valid for the 10% discount at date of purchase (as my cancelled order still shows) and that I still required bnpl. I'm a bit concerned about what to do next. Maybe they'll get in touch later and all will be great but if not then I'm getting towards my last day of distance selling returns. Does anyone have a suggestion? Am I likely to get anywhere with having the bnpl added to the order? I should have known better than to do anything over the phone. Is there a potential route to complain? Particularly if I show my email stating I wouldn't want to resubmit my order if it meant missing out on discount? Many thanks.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your advice. Would I be liable for his legal costs in that instance? I can't really see how the court could expect me to do much more. I offered to pay for the damages I just want to rest of the deposit back. What would his claim against me hinge on exactly? Considering I've records of me saying I'll accept deductions I just want the excess deposit back. I even have quotes from carpet retailers etc. Thanks
  3. Oh also, I've admitted the damage to the carpet (like I said in here I had no objection paying and even mentioned this to him) Would he be able to claim against me for damages?
  4. Thank you for your answer. I'm still waiting for a response. If there is no response in another 10 days is it a small claim I need to enter?
  5. I have no idea why I can't seem to save formatting and paragraphs in these posts. Sorry.
  6. Hello all, I'm having a bit of an issue getting my deposit back and just wanted to check my options. In January 2012 I signed a tenancy agreement direct with a landlord (the landlord knew my friend who would also be joint tenant). My share of the deposit paid in cash. I signed a copy of the inventory but the landlord didn't ever collect it. Tenancy proceeded fine and I didn't think anything about it. I didn't get notification of the tenancy being protected but I didn't read too much in to it. January 2013 and the landlord has decided to put the house up for sale so we were ending the tenancy. As I was moving my bed it snagged on the carpet and caused a noticeable tear. I was a bit bummed out but the landlord was due to come round the next day to do a final inspection so figured I could sort it out with him then. I also knew the carpet was dirt cheap stuff that the landlord had fitted himself to save cost before I moved in so I knew my deposit would more than cover it. Moving out day came but the landlord didn't come round, his wife just popped in to collect the keys as he was out on call. She took my number and said he'd go round later and have a look then give me a call. I didn't worry about it too much but when he hadn't called me 10 days later I asked my friend (and ex housemate) to get in touch with them and ask them to contact me about my deposit. The next day the landlord text me in a fairly friendly manner. He said he was returning some rent that I had overpaid but he was going to hang on to the deposit for a short while as there was a rip in the carpet. He said if no one mentioned it when selling the house he wouldn't do anything with it but if he needed to get it replaced he'd do it as cheaply as possible. I was happy enough with this so I agreed. I also just to cover my own back popped in to a local carpet shop with photo's of the carpet and the room measurement and got a quote for a similar quality carpet (not including fitting). After a month passed I figured the landlord had had long enough to make a decision so I text him (I got his number when he text me). Just asking how things were going and if there was any news. He text back that no one had mentioned the carpet he'd need to see if the place sold in the next couple weeks or he'd just replace it and that he'd be in touch. I mentioned I had a written quote so to contact me before replacing. It's now approaching a month since that last round of contact and he hasn't been in touch with me. I'm starting to get a bit annoyed as I think a decision should have been made by now. I'm also fairly sure that if someone had mentioned the carpet as a barrier to buying the property he'd have been straight on to me about getting it replaced. So I'm now considering my next steps. *Tenancy began January 12 Ended Jan 13 - I have a tenancy agreement. *I did cause some damage to the carpet and have been more than happy to have a deduction made to cover the costs. *The carpet was very cheap and the landlord laid it himself to save costs. *The landlord agreed he would replace the carpet if it became a barrier to selling the house. *The landlord has now had my deposit for over 2.5 months. *When I did some research it seems my deposit should be protected. I contacted the 3 deposit protection schemes on the gov.uk site and they have no record of a deposit. *I haven't asked the landlord if he has it saved somewhere else but I'm thinking he hasn't bothered. I want to be reasonable but I think it is also fair for me to get a resolution to this in one way or another now. I just want to know where I stand. Should I now set the landlord a deadline to return my funds? Maybe say take the quote amount off my deposit and return the rest within 10 days? Where does he stand making deductions if he hasn't protected the deposit at all? If he refused to return my deposit or tried to make deductions that I thought unreasonable then what options would I have (I'm thinking trying to get amazing quality carpet professionally fitted rather than the standard of carpet actually in the room). Many thanks.
  7. For some reason I'm losing all formatting and paragraphs when this posts. I don't expect anyone to read through that so I'll try and amend it when I get to my home pc.
  8. Hi all, Had my final bill for £120 but it doesn't add up. To clarify I'm a dual fuel customer. Firstly it makes no mention of electricity at all. I've looked back and nor does my June bill (the last one on my account). The meter reads for both electricity and gas have now been updated. Secondly I was billed in June for £209. Up until Yesterday my account showed me £200 in credit with c£450 payments since my last bill. This information has now disappeared from my online account as the contract has now ended. I can't see reference to any payments before November... To clarify I've checked my online account and there are 2 bills on my account. One from June 12 and one from yesterday and yet on the bill I see: Your balance at your last bill was (2* Nov 12) £22.x cr Cancelled charges (excl. VAT) from 2* Feb 12 to 1* Nov 12 £175.x cr Payment x November 2012 - Thank you £59.x cr Payment x January 2013 - Thank you £29.x cr I have no idea why there are cancelled charges. There is no november bill. According to the site yesterday I was £200 in credit (I knew the bill had to be generated) not: Your charges for this bill Account balance before this bill £285. cr Your gas charges for this bill £425 I'm not sure why there are cancelled charges from feb when I didn't switch to them until March either? Regardless of all this I just wanted to check my rough calculation of my gas charges since the first date mentioned on the bill (it overlaps with my june bill and is my total usage since i switched across) This isn't completely accourate as since June my gas price went from 3.665 to 3.45p but I'm doing my calculation on the higher amount all the way through. Conversion factor and calorific value are taken directly from the bill (meter has m3 on it so assume it's metric)... First read 1650 Final read 2550 900 units total usage. 900 x 1.02264 = 920.376 920.376 x 39.2 = 36078.7392 /3.6 = 10021.872 10021.873 X 0.03665 £367.30 + £72.38 (standing charge) = 439.68 should be my total charge for gas for the year? So disregarding the overlapping bills, the missing bills, the missing electricity costs in their entirety, and the fact that my unit price actually dropped in August so it should come out lower. The fact that I have paid over £450 since my last real bill in June should mean by my calculations that the £122 they've asked for for my gas bill has come out of nowhere? I know this is a complicated mess but I can't decipher what they want :/
  9. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I certainly don't mind paying them if I owe it and if they won't be difficult about getting it over a few months then that'll be a great relief.
  10. Hey all, Quick question, I am moving home on Saturday and am a bit worried about my final bill through EDF. I'm on dual fuel with them I believe (I say that as since I switched to their blue price promise April 2014 I haven't been able to submit my electricity reads online and can't see anything about electricity on my last bill. I'm in a home where things are mainly electricity based (have used about 1000 units of gas in a year and almost 7000 units of electricity). I've paid my monthly amount as usual but have trouble understanding any bills (last one I got was for June 12 and I'm in credit since then). I've spoken to their cs reps a couple of times about being unable to submit my reads but they've just told me to just give a final read on the day I move out. Well as that day approaches A rough calculation of what the last estimated read shows and what I am in credit tells me I'll owe them about £400 on moving day. In itself that's ok but I'm a bit worried that I won't be able to pay it in one go. I could do with paying it over 3 or 4 months to be honest. Should this be possible? I don't want them taking £400 from my account by dd and would prefer to come to an arrangement with them. Likewise I wouldn't want the fact I could only pay £100 a month to negatively effect my credit file. I'd just like a bit of advice as to how energy companies treat people paying their final bill when moving home. Thanks.
  11. Hi, the account only got closed on Thursday, I was due some expenses and had to wait to receive them before I could close it. During that time I looked at my online banking every day and they tried to reinstate about 5 x between 3 and 13th.
  12. Hello, Thanks for the further advice! I have set up a new account and closed the old one so they have no access to my money now anyway. I was very surprised as well to be honest. I hadn't heard from them for 18 months + and then one morning I found they had taken £200 from my account by dd. They haven't written to me or tried to contact me since but before I closed my account they had attempted to reinstate my direct debit 5+ times. I do think a complaint may be in order as the method of debt colection seems very odd, no notification of the direct debit being claimed or the amount, no contact with me before or since and continual attempts to re setup the direct debit.
  13. Just to clarify, is your overdraft interest free and would it cover your pdl payments?
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