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  1. Thank you very much Animalmagic
  2. Hi all im hoping someone can help me...im trying to find a letter template for a request for CCA........... i just cant seem to find it! Many thanks
  3. Thanks 42man i will be sending that letter today recorded post! Many thanks Summer
  4. I sent capone a cca request and recieved a letter back saying that they couldnt action my request as i havent signed the letter... after reading many posts on here i was under the asumption that i didnt have to sign it!!!!!!! Do i now send them a letter saying thast they have now run out of the time ie 12days and the account is now in dispute?? Many thanks Summer
  5. Thank you so much Cerberusalert ur an angel!!! xx
  6. Thanks for that Cerberusalert.... My problem is that i have recieved 2 CCA's one from a catalogue and another from a store card... but they both say that UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE UNABLE TO LOCATE A COPY OF AN EXECUTED AGREEMENT.. then go on to say that they have sent me a copy of the current agreement which applies to my type of acount.... the copies that they have sent me have everything on it except my signature!!!!! What can i do now? Many thanks Summer
  7. Can someone please tell me how and what an unenforceable CCA must have on it or missing from it!!! I have read so many threads im getting confused! Many thanks
  8. Hi Spiritgirl Thanks for the reply !!! I have had a good read on the Forum and seen what they have tried!! Lets just say this time they have picked on the wrong person.....So bring it on LOWELL
  9. Thanks for the advise!!! I will be sending them yet another letter!! I will let you know how i get on!!!! Once again thanks!!!!!
  10. Hi everyone.. Just a quick note ....has anyone had any dealings with LOWELL FINANCIAL??? I have sent them a letter stating that the debt they want payment for isnt mine!!! To which they ignored!!!!! I then recieved another letter from the stating that if i didnt pay or ring them within 7 days they will send out a baliff........I have since written yet another letter to them saying that the debt isnt mine and today i recieved this letter...... Dear *** ***** We thank you for your letter dated 30th march and apologise for the delay in our response. Your coments have been
  11. Can anyone help me !!!! ,....... Can u tell me where i can find a CCA letter template! I need to send a few off as i can no longer afford to pay the miminum payment... any help would be gratefully recieved.........
  12. Thanks so much for ur help! i will be sending this letter on in the morning!!! Again a big thank you! summer
  13. thnks for the reply 42man but the debt is for a catalogue not a bank! It looks like i will have to send them another letter stating that it cant be mine as i was in Australia at the time! Im sick of this! Why should i have to prove myself all the time for a debt which isnt mine!!!!
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