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  1. I have today spoken with these people re acting for me with unenforceacble CCA. I asked the woman I spoke to about any charges etc, she said that only the £45 wasto be paid by me. Any other monies that need to be paid would be paid by the other side if it went to court. She advised that they will not go to court unless they feel that they have a very strong case. I told her that I was sceptical and had read some stuff about having to pay more, her reply was, just £45 and you will get that in writing? She said that if there wasnt a strong case they would advise to
  2. Thank you for your reply cerberusalert, but I am still rather confused where they have wrote about the cancellation notices and copies of documents regulations 1983.:-| I have been trying to read some stuff on this but I am afraid it is going right over my head:) This is the part that confuses me? However, credit card companies usually send a copy of the application form (often without a signature) and a copy of current Terms and Conditions, which fully complies with the 1983 regulations. Where it says FULLY COMPLIES Does this mean they have done what is asked or am I bark
  3. Hi all, Sent off CCA requests to creditors and have recieved just one reply so far from Barclaycard. This used to be a Morgan Stanley card who went to Goldfish and now its Barclaycard. I have seen a couple of threads from people in the same boat but most just seem to end with no outcome although I have seen one that won. I would love to hear from any one who is further down the line with Morgan Stanley/Barclaycard. I cant scan the letter unfortunatley just yet ( hubby away and I am useless with techy stuff ) But It says Ref section 78 of the consumer Credit act 1974 I write f
  4. Gosh, thank you all sooo very much, your kind words made me cry so much:) I am going to be here for quite some time I think, it is so heart warming to know that all you people out there who I dont even know can be so kind and supportive. I will keep you all informed with events, they have alreadt started, had a default notice yesterday!
  5. What the heck, Im gona do it, Thanks Tonycee, cant get any worse can it lol:)
  6. Thank you all so much for your kind replies, I am trying hard to gather myself together to see this through and am dealing with it a day at a time at the moment. Last night I got everything together and rang Payplan this morning who are sorting out a repayment programme for us, I will just have to see if it gets accepted and if not... well I will have to deal with that when it happens. I might even find the courage to send off for the original agreements yet
  7. My partner and I are in a financial mess, we are in rented accomodation and have £30,000 worth of debt on credit cards and loans. My husband was made redundant last year and has had to take a job with a lot less pay. After struggling over the winter making minimum re payments we have decided to contact Payplan. That is in the early stages, they are now writing to our creditors with a payment plan. We have £300 left to pay them each month. However despite having made a move to sort all this out I actually feel worse:( I am constantly worrying about what is going to happen next, I am waiting f
  8. Shalaz I am just entering a debt management programme and have been feeling ill with worry, I didnt think anything could make me laugh at the minute but a big thank you because I am sat here laughing my head off:D
  9. Just a quick one if someone out there knows and can spare a min, I am now looking at Payplan but am wondering if Tenants can have a DMP? Also self employed?
  10. Thank you so much, I am gona get the letters done today and take it from there, no doubt I will be back
  11. I am new to this forum ans searching for help myself but I am sat here with tears streaming down my face Well done I am so pleased for you, gives me hope, go and get ready for you party
  12. I am new to all this, I have been reading various pasts for about a week now esp the ones with the no original agreement. Both my hubby and I have been in debt for years now with various credit cards and can see no end to it all. I just pay the minimum every month but even that is hard, leaving us with next to nothing to live on. I have a few questions and would be so grateful if someone could give some advise. 1.I am thinking of asking the cc companys to accept a lower payment and freeze interest - What is the worst that could happen? We rent our home so cant be repossessed. Would bailiffs
  13. Hi Tommow, I also have a Morgan Stanley, now Barclaycard,just wondering how you are progressing with this. Any info appreciated
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