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  1. Hi, I moved 2 weeks ago from a property I'd rented for just over 2 years & have been contacted today by the old lettings agents regarding the deposit being returned to me. Apparently the LL has visited the property (not sure when) and has decided that he wants to make a deduction of at least £140 for the following: 1) Oven handle broken. 2) Cupboard door handle broken. 3) Fridge freezer has crack in bottom of fridge 4) Carpet in 2nd bedroom moved/raised. Now, I advised the lettings management when the door handle for the oven broke, they were meant to send so
  2. I actually found the PPI reclaim quite easy to do. I wrote to them the beginning of September, they said they would reply by 30th October, then two weeks ago got the letter saying they would be making an offer & this week the offer arrived. I think it probably depends on what you say your reason is for them mis-selling. Good luck with it though, the offer they made to me was just over £2,600 (which is why I'm so disappointed not to get the cash )
  3. Hi, I decided to try to do a PPI reclaim on my Halifax credit card. I got the card back in 2003 & they added the PPI in without explaining it was optional etc, so I was pretty certain it would be classed as mis-selling. Heard back from them a couple of weeks ago & while they weren't admitting liability, they said as I was a "valued customer" that they would be making me an offer. It did state in the letter that if I was over my agreed credit limit, their policy was any redress would be used to repay the overpayment, and then I would get the remainder of the money by cheque. T
  4. Well I wrote to A&L at the beginning of the month about my PPI claim and have received a reply today. They say that they "have not been able to establish whether you were provided with sufficient details to allow you to make an informed decision when the policy was taken out" but have offered me a refund of £681.71 (£582.66 monthly premiums & £99.05 interest to 31/08/09) Quite suprised to hear from them so quickly! Just got to sign & return a form to them so they can send me a cheque.
  5. I took out a loan with Alliance & Leicester back in 2006. It was for £4,500 over 18 months and is fully repaid. When I originally applied for the loan I selected that I didn't want the PPI, but I am 99% sure that when I sent the paperwork back to them they wrote back saying I had to accept the PPI or they couldn't process the loan - as I needed the money quickly I agreed to it. Now, I don't have much paperwork left from this loan, just a confirmation letter, one showing I received £10 as an "annual moneyback payment for protecting my personal loan repayment", and one confirming that the lo
  6. Hi, just got a quick question. My partner has been trying to claim back 2 charges from Alliance & Leicester. We are currently on benefits & the only money that goes into his account is JSA. He went over his authorised overdraft by less than £5 & got charged, putting him further over the overdraft & we couldn't clear it immediately, so got charged for that too. he wrote claiming financial hardship & they wrote back asking him to complete an income/expenditure form which he did. They've now written again saying that they want to see proof of 3 months income (payslips) or
  7. I seem to hear from all the DCA's at the same time, this is my second thread I'm updating! So, finally got a response from 1st Credit: "Dear *** Thank you for your letter of the 29th May 2009. On investingation of your comments we find as follows: Persuant to your written request, received on 23rd February 2009, we contacted Goldfish for a copy of your agreement. On 8th April 2009 your request was complied with and a copy forwarded to yourself. For ease of reference I have enclosed a further copy. On inspection of the agreement we can cofirm the relevant
  8. Just a little update! I now will be having the pleasure of dealing with Westcot Credit Services Ltd (anyone heard of them?) , who wrote me a lovely letter to tell me that they are dealing with the debt now on behalf of Halifax. Lots of red lettering & things in bold to try & make them look scary, plus the information about legal proceedings & debt collectors blah blah blah. The best bit is the little section for instructions which has 2 sections; "Yes all details are correct and you intend to pay call ***" and "NO you have a genuine reason not to pay this debt call ***" the numbers
  9. Ah ok, guess that makes sense! Got a letter from Moorcroft today: "We write in reference to your recently received letter and regret to advise that we are unable to comply with your request as we are no longer dealing with this account. For the avoidance of doubt you should resubmit your request to the client." So I am guessing that the debt has gone back to Halifax now, wonder how long before I hear from them! I was never 100% sure if Moorcroft had bought the debt, or were just acting for Halifax anyway. If I do hear from Halifax should I CCA them, even though I know they don'
  10. Well, I've had no reply to the letter I sent, and the phonecalls stopped after about a week (when I think they realised I wouldn't speak to them)! Just have a little question though. I checked my credit report today, and Halifax (who this debt was originally with) are down as one of my creditors & have it marked as defaulted in Dec 2008, but there is no mention of Moorcroft on here at all, which I am a bit confused about. Is this normal? They did receive a couple of payments through my DMP before I decided to do the CCA request, so I would have expected them to be on the report. Or is
  11. I've had no further letters, just my statement which shows I've not paid them anything & they haven't added any charges, which seems very odd to me! I'm probably jinxing it all now though & will get millions of phonecalls & letters next week!
  12. I've still not had any calls... I'm beginning to wonder if they have lost my number! Not that I am complaining of course
  13. I received a letter from 1st Credit today offering me the chance to make a reduced full & final payment on the account. They even left it completely up to me how much I wanted to offer them... was so tempted to say I'll give you £5, lol!
  14. Nope, it seems that Ellie doesn't want to be my friend, lol! Amazingly I haven't had any phonecalls from them yet... but I am expecting them to start soon!
  15. I guess it's worth trying one last time, but I'm sure I will get the same letter back! They don't seem to distinguish between CCA / CPR. Either way I'm pretty sure there isn't an enforcable agreement. I guess a SAR is another option... but I'd rather keep the £10 to myself, lol!
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