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  1. Decided to respond to the monthly (more or less) letters from Idem Servicing as the final outstanding disputed debt became statute barred according to my reckoning in March. Shocked to receive a confirmation letter of my complaint within a week and further confirmation that my complaint had been upheld within days and that they would not be contacting me again. Could be the end of the road with all of this for me at last. I say could be because I have seen that others have received ongoing correspondence out of the blue so you never know for sure. Anyway, fin
  2. Thanks for responding mikeymack2002. I haven't lived in the UK for more than 8 years so I have no credit file to check. A pity as it would be comforting to know that the debts have been statute barred for certain. Good luck with your battles. Exchange
  3. 7th anniversary since I registered with CAG only one debt left to become statute barred next month. I only learned recently that the statute barred clock starts ticking from the date of default notices. Nearly there and as ever phenomenally grateful to all those who contributed to help me when I needed support and advice. Exchange
  4. Letter today from Moorgate asking me to contact them re my account with an unrecognisable account number. Very funny, do they really think I'm going to call them! I am almost at the point where all disputed accounts are statute barred and I will be free of this nonsense thanks to the help and advice from this forum. Never give in to the sharks! Exchange
  5. Well, 6 years since I subscribed to CAG and all quiet at the moment. Daily calls from the last dca stopped about a month ago and I am getting ever closer to statute barred. The occasional letter shows up now but I guess that's because they can work out the 6 years is nearly here. It would be nice to know when debts have become statute barred but living outside the UK means I have no credit record in the UK anymore as there is no address to associate me with. I suppose I just take it that this has happened and ignore any further attempts at collection. Keep fighting all! Exchange
  6. Sunflower, I still follow older threads like yours and as I have just received a letter from Crapital One too after nothing for ages and ages. It occurs to me that perhaps they start putting the pressure on when statute barred time is approaching? I will ignore as I hope you will and wait in my case a few more months. All the best, Exchange
  7. Letter sent and calls have stopped. Magical! Thanks CAG. Exchange
  8. More than a month later and I am still getting a daily call and voice message left on my mobile from Arden. Doesn't bother me that much as they will never get to speak to me but I am sending the telephone harassment letter to them. The Data Protection letter in the library looks the best one. Hopefully it will work. Great that this resource is available. All power to CAG! Exchange
  9. Like it unclebulgaria67! Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Exchange
  10. Arden are the latest to start pestering calling my mobile. In my 6th year since disputing these debts and getting ever closer to statute barred land! I doubt the pestering will stop then either but at least I can continue to ignore these idiots. Seems they never get that I won't speak to them on the phone. Some satisfaction in that it costs them to call me as I am not in the UK. Exchange
  11. 5 years since my first posting and still getting the occasional letter and phone call from various DCA's which are filed and recorded but ignored. One more year to statute barring but will the pestering stop? I have my doubts. Good luck to all those fighting battles on here and never give up! Exchange
  12. Letters turned up dated the 21 November, postmarked 18 December and received today which I now recognise as being related to MBNA debts. The companies involved are based in Guernsey and Malta, no doubt to avoid UK laws and rules about debt collecting. Considering sending a sarcastic letter but I probably won't find the time! Exchange
  13. I am still getting daily calls on my mobile from Allied International Credit. I know that these idiots take a while to give up and I will never speak to them on the phone. I have sent texts telling them that their constant calls are harrasement and asking them to only contact me in writing by post but they have ignored this so far. I have decided to have some fun with them and I am now answering their calls but not speaking to them. I like this because I am not in the UK and it is costing them money while they attempt to talk to me. Hoping they will get the mes
  14. Hello to anyone who reads this. I haven't posted on here for ages but look at the website daily still to keep up with others battles. I am currently getting daily calls to my mobile from Allied Credit International (or Allied International Credit! - my listening skills go out of the window when any debt collectors hassle me!). Ignoring them of course but after nearly 5 years they certainly don't give up. No idea which debt they are calling about as they only quote a reference number. I'll never find out as I will never speak to them. Good luck to everyone. Exchange
  15. 4th anniversary since joining CAG and all quiet on the disputed debts other than a recent scare to do with identity theft involving a mobile phone company which has been resolved. So, a couple of years to go before these debts becme Statute Barred. Thanks to all those who have helped with more recent disputes and long live CAG! Exchange.
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