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  1. Notty this is mainly about me and my situation, All my debt is unsecure Please start a new thread, and more experienced forum user can give you help and advice
  2. But what if they get the charge against your house and what if the judge orders you to pay the full amount Not sure, My situation is not like that, you would need to start a thread up where someone on here could help you
  3. A bit tough, the only party I know with the balls to do something would be the Lib Dems, (nothing to lose) as the rest all have some kind of best mates club going on. Just imagine 50 - 60 Billion pounds of unsecured debt in the UK wiped out over some law bill. Oh recession over. Now for some sensible lending
  4. What i have posted on Channel 4 For more informed information about the debt business see the CAG Forum. Good insight by channel4 but was it enough? Why is every male victim in the program named Dave? GULP! Banks/credit cards lend you money (a BUSINESS RISK). If your debt is unsecure, offer a Pro rate payment and suspend all interest or else wait until they sue you for the money, at that point there can be no more interest and the court should only make you pay what you can afford. (Unsecured Debt Only) This is the only option as the banks and credit cards companies and
  5. Quote "its a bloody inconvenience" LOL, you know what you are talking about, That is why I give you a vote confidence:D
  6. Ok...Its a tough one. For me it is about being in control. If I were in your shoes I would sell. That is just what I would do. What would you like to happen? What do you fear may happen? I hope someone with more experience and advice will come along and post some helpful advice!
  7. Hi Loopyjuice, i am no expert, not by a long shot. If I was in your shoes and you own your house, with no mortgage, I would if I could afford the repayments take a mortgage out to cover all the loans/debt. If that is not an option, then I would also consider an IVA. Have you sought free advice from CAB or the Consumer Credit Counselling Service link: http://www.cccs.co.uk/ ??? Hope that helps!
  8. Possible, I cannot remember. Before this came through my door, I was sure that I had signed up for this card pre 2000. I'm feeling a little like Dot Cotton, a little confused...
  9. Ok i have just read Citzenb's brilliant post I think that my cca is from 2000, there is nothing like it from 2000 on citzenb's post, it is very close to a 2001 cca reply. from what they have sent me, they do have a signiture, but nothing links up, my gut feeling is they are bluffing, and that only a court action will decide if this is the case. What is my next move? Should I send a letter stating that I still think the account is in dispute?
  10. Hi 42man, thanks for that I will post it there.
  11. HI all they ignored me first. I stop payments and then sent account in dispute. a week later I got present terms and conditions, a filled in digital account application page with personal details on it. and two other odd looking pages need help working them out please. I have scanned and inserted onto a pdf: Could someone please explain what game if any they are playing. mbna cca1.pdf
  12. Looks like an application form. In places it is blurred.
  13. Hi Toxicdebt, has anyone commented on your cca yet, I have the originals Flexi loans cca and they look the same. So if we can assume that they are copies of the originals, Are they set out in a prescribed way and enforceable. PS Mbna have just failed to respond to my cca request 16/03/09. I am following a lot of your threads at the moment. Good luck from Moth
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