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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I have been having a problem with a letting agent regarding repairs. I sent a letter to the over 6 months ago with a list of repairs that need to be carried out, but no matter how many times i call or visit the office to ask, it always seems to fall on deaf ears. Any ideas on how to proceed....
  3. I've got the same thing with Robbers/ MKDP/ Welcome. 2 accounts, both statute barred im going to just sit on them for a while longer before i break the bad news to them. t-star
  4. Received a letter today to say that this has now been cancelled. Thanks to all who replied. t-star
  5. Well we recieved a reply that they would cancel if we provide a copy of the death certificate..... Do i or dont i send them this t-star
  6. Thanks. I'll let you all know the result.
  7. Letter has been sent by Recorded Delivery . Ill let everybody know the outcome.
  8. Adjusted Thanks t-star
  9. Here is a redacted copy of the PCN.
  10. Issued Date: 18/11/2015 Event: 14/11/2015 Delivered: 20/11/2015
  11. I have found a few other issues, such as non signs that dont display the IPC logo. As they are members of the IPC the signs should comply with their standard, but they are using BPA signage. No, notice to driver was supplied they went straight for the keeper details from the DVLA and issued it by post (in breach of the IPC COP). I'll post up a redacted copy in the morning. t-star
  12. My sis in law has just received a PCN in the post. The cahrge is the usual £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. At the bottom of the letter it has the IPC logo but on the signs they still display the BPA logo. The signage in the piece of land where she parked consists of 3 A0 sized signs fixed to the wall of the building in front, there is no entrance sign. The other potential problem is that the PCN is addressed to her late husband who has only recently been buried. Does anybody have any suggestions of where to go from here..... Than
  13. Found this on the East Coast website..... Why are Parking Penalty Notices issued? East Coast Main Line Company Ltd operates a parking penalty scheme in order to discourage indiscriminate parking and parking without payment. The parking tickets that East Coast issue are called Parking Penalty Notices (PPN). They are issued in accordance with Section 14 of the Railway Byelaws (see below). They require you to pay a penalty, do not result in points on a driving licence, however, may result in a criminal record if the case is subsequently heard in the Magistrate’s Court or a judgment agai
  14. East Coast do not own Durham station they manage it on behalf of Network Rail. Most of the national rail stations in the UK are either owned by Network Rail but managed by the train operating company that uses it or owned and operated by Network Rail (usually main terminal stations).
  15. Tanks for the reply slick... They have already stated to me that they will be charging the admin fee and will not enter in to any further correspondence regarding it. this is their final wording.... "We believe we have made our position clear regarding the administration charges, and will not enter into any further correspondence regarding this matter." So i dont think that sending a further letter willl make any difference. I will get Ms t-star to ask at the gym today as to whether she can make manual payments directly instead. t-star
  16. Miss t-star does want to remain a member of the gym and they are going to take the admin charge by direct debit with the next payment. It does seem like they are digging their heels in on this one. any ideas how i can make their heels slip..... t-star
  17. So just an update. Harlands are insisting that the charge stands and are not willing to discuss it further. I know its only £25 but I think there is a principle involved. Any thoughts on where to go fro here.....
  18. Thanks for the replies i will be formulating a reply to them tomorrow
  19. Mrs and Ms t-star took out a gym membership recently. Ms t-stars direct debit was returned (Her fault). we recieved a letter from Harlands to tell her she is being charged £25 as an admin fee. We sent an e-mail to them and here is part of their respose.... £25.00 is the amount deemed by our directors as representative of our costs in dealing with the administration involved with a missed or returned payment. When we submit for a payment by Direct Debit which is then returned, we are charged by the bank. This amount does not amount to £25.00, however, and we understand th
  20. Looks like Islington Council are in bed with Wing Parking http://www.islington.gov.uk/services/parking-roads/parking/estate-parking/Pages/default.aspx
  21. I have received a letter today regarding my outstanding council tax liability order. We have so far had 2 Bailiff visits but neither one has gained entry or levy'ed against any goods. Word for word Removal Notification Outstanding Amount: £$$$$$$$ Due to the Court Order dated 00 *** )))) not being paid or a suitable short term arrangement being made, we have no option under current legislation and as a directive of the Court, to attend your premises and remove goods and assetts to sell these at public auction to clear the outstanding Liability Order. Removal has bee
  22. Just for reference purposes i am posting my list so far of the many numbers that Vanquis bank and Impact collections use. These are in dialing code groupings and not numerically listed. These numbers have either been gathered from personal calls or from other available resources. Leeds 1. 01133180409 2. 01133180412 3. 01133188647 4. 01133188657 5. 01133188659 6. 01133453256 Sheffield 7. 01143272136 Nottingham 8. 01158370836 Leicester 9. 01163192126 10. 01163192129 Bristol 11. 01172398197 12. 01172399005 13. 01173294446 14. 01172398914 15. 011723
  23. Then followed this one from Trading Standards Dear Sir/Madam Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act) Complaint Against: COURT PROCEEDINGS LIMITED Licence No: Unlicenced The OFT has received a complaint about the above mentioned trader. Please see the attached correspondence which gives further details about this. Traders who are engaged in activities relating to consumer credit or hire, the collection of consumer debt, or commercial debt management need a consumer credit licence. However, according to our records, this trader does not hold a current consumer credit licence.
  24. Well just a quick update. I got a reply to my e-mail to the OFT regarding Court Proceedings Ltd. Below is the body of the text Dear t-star Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act) Complaint Against: COURT PROCEEDINGS LIMITED Licence No: Unlicenced Thank you for your email received on . Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, if a business wishes to be involved in activities relating to consumer credit or hire, including debt collection and debt management, they must have a consumer credit licence. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has duty to enforce the Act, along with local auth
  25. Does that mean that another member of the public hasn't been fleeced. I hope they claimed their costs as well. t-star
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