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  1. So are they likely to return tommorow and take the cars? He said he would be back in 24 hours for payment
  2. Also, can they really take two cars witha joint value of about £10k for a £900 bill?
  3. Ive just got his surname. well if the car isnt here, he cant take it can he. so i'll leave it elsewhere unti the log book comes thru. As fot he broken down one, well he's kinda doing me a favour i guess cause its nailed! anyway, the notice i got was a 'notice of seizure and iventory of goods' is that basically a levy then?
  4. So if i draw up a recipet for the cars between me and my dad, then thats enough to prove it?
  5. Im not gonna get chance to do that now before they return though, ive told them the car isnt ours but they just seemed defiant
  6. I just called my dad, he said theyve not come back yet. damn dvla. so if i send this letter today are they likely to come back tomorrow and take the car? depending on the time they come ontly the broken down one will be here. What about if i take the number plates off it? how iwll they know its the right car to take?
  7. The broken down car is also in my dads name, neither are ours according to the DVLA. im nt sure if my dad has had the V5's back yet as it was only sorted out a few weeks or so back, the bailiff said he is coming back in 24hrs to take them so a letter wont reach them in time?
  8. I owe Brum Council for council tax, Equita have just turned up and taken details of my the two cars parked on my drive, niether of which are in the name of me or my wife. He said they would return in 24 hours to seize them. well one is broken down so not much we can do about that but the other one is needed for work and collectin kids etc, its been transferred into my dads name and he is genuiunely paying the loan for it. but it has a private plate with my initials on. What should i do? park it round the corner at my mums for a few days? up the road a bit? Will they take it even tho i hav
  9. Excellent thanks! He also mentioned a charge for an enforcement order. Another [problem]?
  10. Thank you so much for the advicem I feel a bit more calm now after a night with not much sleep. Couple of questions, an open door -is that just an unlocked door or a door that is actually open, ajar? We have a upvc front door that opens into the lounge so have no need for it to actually be locked usually. Secondly, the car. If I 'sell' it to my dad for instance, should I still park it away from the house? Or is it OK on the drive as its not mine anymore? Also, one more, the fees, the Bailiff told me so far they are £180, when I mentioned how can that be as he can only charged £2
  11. We got in to a bit of trouble recently with out council tax to B-ham Council, anyway we received a letter from equita saying they had been passed the debt and had a magistrate liability order to collect £1100. I called them as soon as I had the letter (November) and paid £40 and was told this payment would be taken every month. Unknown to me they did not take any more payments and today I returned home to find a letter stuck to my door sayng REMOVAL ORDER. I called Equita who refused to speak to me saying I had to speak to the Bailiff himself, he wouldn;t answer his phone. I cal
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