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  1. Hi im a new user and i want to post about fredpay.com as they to are claiming that i owe money to Royal Bank of scotland please can you tell me how i can post a topic on the main foroum board concerning fredpay? I have only had bank account with Natwest and barclays not with royal bank of scotland. please let me know how i can post asap thanks
  2. this is there wesbite Moorcroft Debt Recovery send a a complaint letter to the cheif executive.
  3. To summer24 hi there next time they phone you say that you are going to get the police involved and your solicitor and tell them that your recording the telephone calls for harrasment i did that when i had a similar situation with ebay i told the agency to f**Ck of and to delete my number cus ebay were chatting b*****t since then nobody has botherd me just make sure to record telephone calls and to write the name of the person who you speak to because you may need this.
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