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  1. Just wondering now if trying to get my charges back will b e a bit cheeky! Think I'll attempt that once the debt is signed off. Don't want them going back on their word...
  2. Thanks Jim and Landy. I'll follow your progress with interest. Good luck to you all. I'm sure you'll get there eventually. Keep up the fight and don't let our friends at MBNA win. x
  3. Thank the lord. We've reached an agreement of £4500. A little more than I hoped but at least I can draw a line under the whole saga within two months. Have to pay £135.12 & £139.68 on the 28th of Aug and then the outstanding within 60days. Have also had confirmation that I won't be chased for the remaining debt by them or a third party. Thanks god and thank you all for your help advice and support. Now I hope to be able to give something back. If I wasn't so skint I'd buy you all a drink!
  4. MBNA Europe Bank ltd Customer Assistance Department PO Box 30 Chester Business Park Chester CH4 9FD But the address should be on your statements, or I'm sure they would be on their websites... Good luck!
  5. Hi Talbot, they're asking for 34% so I guess there is room to haggle. They've given me until Friday to decide and to get the funds to them which isn't very long considering it's Wednesday! I've gone back and offered them 28%. My first offer was 25% so we'll see. Fingers crossed!
  6. Hi Talbot. Thanks for your input. I'll give that a go. What I have offered is all I can afford. The only other option is to say I can give them a bit more (not what they are asking but a bit more), but only if it's stretched over a few months...
  7. *bump* sorry, got a stress on now! 28th August??? HOW is that possible???!!! Gah!!!!!!!! I need a lay down...
  8. Ok... Have received an email reply offering me a settlement: "I have spoken to the Director with regards to your accounts, and the lowest amount that we are prepared to accept as a short settlement is £5500.00 across both of your accounts. This would need to be paid as follows: Account ending XXXX would need a debt/credit card payment of £135.12 to be paid by the 28th August at the latest, and the remainder of £2188.27 to be sent by Cheque immediately. Account ending XXXX would need a debt/credit card payment of £139.68 to be paid by the 28th August at the latest and the remainder of £3036.93 to be sent by Cheque immediately. On the basis that this goes ahead we will register a partial settlement with the Credit Reference agencies for six years and you will no longer be liable to pay the remainder of the balance. Neither MBNA EBL nor any of its subsidiary companies or collection agents will ever pursue you for the remaining balance." I can only afford to offer £4100 and that's what I'm borrowing from my partner. And there is no way I can magic up the extra £1400 in 3days. Not sure how next to proceed. Even if I didn't pay any rent or bills this month and didn't eat my salary wouldn't cover the extra. That's more than I get paid! Any ideas???!
  9. Latest email states I should have a decision by the end of the day... It's going to be a long afternoon!
  10. Thanks landy. I've got my fingers and my toes and my legs crossed!
  11. Have sent over details of my other debts, which thankfully are minimal in comparison. But I know they won't budge unless I give it to them. Just hoping they will still go for my offer. I'm starting to think they won't now...
  12. They have provided me with an 'agreement'. Not that I'm 100% it's enforcable but if it ever did reach court the judge would probably pass it. The account did end up in dispute but the threats etc. continued regardless of course! Think I will just have to give them what they want and hope for the best.
  13. Reply via email... Any thoughts before I send one back? When discussing options of Short Settlements we need to know the total amount of Credits to whom you owe money too. If I do not receive this information I can not move forward with the request of your offer for short settling this account, which would need to be agreed by my Director. Thanks!
  14. Thanks to Jim, Mister V and Talbot for your posts. Made for some interesting reading. I'm just waiting to hear back from MBNA now and am hoping they will except my offer. It's no less than they would get if they sold the debt on so it's probably in their favour to settle with me. I'll keep you all posted.
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