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  1. Hello Bazooka Boo, yes I have a file for each creditor and have cca'd next which came back with a lame photocopy of T&C's and sent the account in dispute letter before I sent the one I posted in post 17 will send the harassment one of today. With regards to Snatander should I thank them for the letter dated as my Termination notice?? thanks again a very stressed mum!
  2. ok bazooka Boo, thankyou for helping me to be honest i am getting myself into a bit of a state this is not a strong point hubby is working stupid hours to pay the mortgage and feed the kids and I'm doing my best to understand all of this!! I've also got the Lewis group/ Howards cohen giving me greif and phoning me everyday because of a Next account that has no cca all i got was a poxy photo copy of T&C!! Right I've had a scout about so I understand this Unlawful rescission and found this which I understand what do you think? "Failure of a Default or Termination Notice to be accurate
  3. Hello, aftter a search on here I sent them this letter to which they did not respond Dear Sir/Madam, With reference to your letter dated 15/05.2010 You state that you have been instructed by Santander to collect on the above reference number, however I have not been notified of any such action by Santander, and have some doubts as to your legitimate authority in this matter. Further, I also do not recognise the above client reference number as an Santander account number and do not know to what you are referring. I am completely unaware of Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited a
  4. Subbing be good to see how you get on, I'm having dealing with moorcrap too they are lowlifes
  5. So what do you think my next step should be?? I only set up a payment agreement with Santander because I thought the cca was correct do you think I am best paying Moorcroft the £10 a month? Thanks for your advice
  6. Right I have deleted them thought I'd got rid of everything can't see for looking! It the arrears the amount on the default notice, I am getting a little confused this is not an area I am very strong in so I apologise, now what do you mean about accepting their unlawful recission in writing?? The arrears is still a large amount anyway which at present we cannot afford to pay.
  7. http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o181/ag04ldg/ALcca1.jpg Right hope I've deleted everything now!! So what should my next move be then as moorcroft wont have any idea about the default notice.
  8. Had to get my diary out then Donkey I was getting confused!! So what should my next step be obviously dont want them to know I have a dodgy dn what do you think of the cca Donkey and Cerberusalert?? x
  9. http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o181/ag04ldg/ALDefault.jpg Right redone the default notice and the front of cca. So basically they are in the wrong for terminating the account as they did the letter was'nt sent by first class post as it's just normally tnt mail so probably second class.
  10. crap thanks Donkey head up bottom!!! Will delete and put back on was it just on cca
  11. Right sorry about the delay here goes! http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o181/ag04ldg/ALTermination.jpg
  12. Yep will do go and scan them now Thanks cerberusalert!!
  13. Hello all I was hoping someone could give me a little advice. I have been doing so well upto now with my other debts but now have come a little unstuck!! My husband has a loan with A&L which then changed to Santander after lots of letters I got them to agree to £10 a month which ended last november when it ended we still paid the £10 and they took it!! it then went to Wescot credit services which we paid the £10 too. I have had a letter this morning from Moorcroft asking for the full amount £4437.30:eek: or they will issue court proceedings. I have had dealing with these idiots b
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