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  1. We gave our 2 months notice at the end of Feb to move out of our flat that we rent. Our landlady asked us not to speak to the agents until she spoke to her. A week went past and she came round to say she was maybe going to sell the flat as we had mentioned moving. She then said she would prefer to have someone in the flat until she sold and why were we moving? We said to save money so we could buy somewhere. So she said well how much were you wanting to pay - we said about half so she went off and then said that she would agree for us to stay until she sold it at almost half pric
  2. I have posted on here previously (thanks everyone for helping me to keep mildly sane...although I now have high blood pressure thanks to the stress!!) but thankfully have moved on from there... Previously the landlord tried to say they wouldn't protect the deposit - finally the agent protected it about 4 and a half months into the 6 month tenancy. We handed our notice in (went down like a lead balloon with landlord) but finally got checked out exactly 6 months after we moved in (if you could call it that - elderly dad came in looked around for 30 seconds and said ok) then we had to prove
  3. Still confused...after asking agent on Tuesday for deposit proof of protection - they said they had it and would be dug out of files and I would receive email of certificate maybe by Wednesday...have chased every day and then received a call this morning saying that again - it was protected - and i would receive a "Tenants Pack" by - get this - THE END OF NEXT WEEK - so almost two weeks since asking for it with proof of protection. Am I being a mug - was my landlord right to want us to sue the agent with him?? The agreement said that the deposit was to be held with the agent - but I do h
  4. Sorry - should have mentioned that our tenancy agreement says that the deposit is to be held with the letting agent, but then the landlord (with the dodgy letter he wanted us to sign) also sent a copy of an email showing their account with the agent saying that the deposit was with the agent, but then asking his sister who also deals with their properties to contact the agent to get the deposit back as the agent weren't supposed to be holding the deposit... This was from November about a week after we'd paid the deposit - so it does make me wonder why the landlord hasn't queried not havin
  5. Oh I've not done anything now...am waiting to see if Agents send proof of deposit being protected...although just chased them up as they said they would email it....(despite moneydeposits.co.uk who they claimed to have used having no record of my deposit being registered...). In terms of the extra fees etc...it is a bit daunting...so hoping that we get a certificate / proof that everything is in place!! But if we don't...I'm getting confused now...as I just read on another old thread that if the agent has been instructed to hold the deposit, then it is them we should be looking t
  6. Sorry...incidentally - if your claim is over £5000 - who would it go to? And would it be a N208 still?? Sorry - I feel like I'm asking a million questions - if I could send everyone cakes from the lovely bakery opposite my flat I would!!
  7. I've withdrawn the claim...as had made a mistake...the landlord has now just rang and said did I get the paperwork...I said yes but wasnt signing - he said fine...and put the phone down....then he rang again and said did I mention it to the agents - I hadn't specifically mentioned it to them but it's obvious he didn't want me to mention it....I sort of maybe did....now I'm feeling a bit ill....am going to fill in the N208 form (incidentally I queried which form to fill in with the courts and they said N1....?!?!) and take it in person tomorrow... God it gets worse as every minute goes on
  8. Oh dear...well I've jumped the gun and done it now and hope I've done it right....used moneyclaim website and filled in details...cost £210 in the end....hope it's the right thing?!!?
  9. Sorry - I meant that it would be more than £5000...and I read somewhere else that it's only for up to that amount...and can it be done online??
  10. Not entirely sure what we want...if we do file a claim where do we do it as the claim would be for £7200 (3x our £2400 deposit) - and is that all we claim for or do we add the deposit to that?? (Sorry - thanks for all the advice btw!)
  11. Just got the letter and docs from the landlord...and thought I would ring the LA to see what they had to say. What a surprise - they say the landlord was rubbish - landlord says agency were rubbish - both apparantly sacked each other depending on who you speak to. So I ask the LA where is my deposit - and they say - much to my relief - it's protected - and I said - where's my proof then? They say - oh we can email it to you... Oh great - can you email it straight away? No - it might not be today.... Hmm - why not? I really really need it - as if I can see it has been pro
  12. When I spoke to the agent on Friday, the Landlord told me he didn't want me to speak to the LA.... Today when I questioned it - he said I was being awkward and not one of his other tenants (I am a tenant of his brother who only has one flat which he used to live in - the brother has around 20 flats I believe) had questioned it in the way I have...and that he wasn't sure he wanted to represent me... So am I shooting myself in the foot by doing everything directly??
  13. Hi The landlord is saying that the agent was meant to protect the deposit and I have seen that in some cases - this is actually the case if that's what has been agreed between the landlord and the agent... So he's saying it's the agent's fault for not protecting the deposit...and that the agents must be using the money for their own cashflow... Now I don't know whether it is the landlord who is at fault or not...or whether to sign the letter. They re-confirmed the letter was to the agent and said that we wanted to know where our deposit was being held and if they couldn't p
  14. Thanks I really don't know what to do...if we tried taking the LL to court - do we have to tell him we're filling in and sending the form?? I think I could just about cope with this if he wasn't so overbearing and self-assured...makes me wonder whether we're right or wrong no matter what is said
  15. Thank you! I have since made an appointment to speak to a lawyer...at a cost of £120 for an hour...am hoping they tell me something I don't know!! Or maybe I should cancel it...I have no idea...am just so stressed The horrible thing is that I know about the 3x fee...but not sure if we have right to it if my partner signed a page saying he was happy that it would sit in the LL's account... Also - I'm worried the landlord would turn nasty if we filed this report...not sure what he could do - but I know they have keys etc... I've just looked up that form by googling it....is
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